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Epcot Illuminations:Reflections of Earth

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Epcot Illuminations Reflections of Earth celebrates it’s 25th year anniversary today. The spectacular fireworks, laser and pyrotechnics show debuted on 30th January 1988. Illuminations:Reflections of Earth is one of those ‘must see’ experiences at Walt Disney World. Weather permitting the show runs nightly at the Epcot World Showcase Lagoon.

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What is Illuminations:Reflections of Earth? IT is a little difficult to describe as it will be unlike anything you have ever seen before. More than just fireworks the 12 minute long show combines lot of different effects and an inspiring sound track to produce this amazing show.

Where is the Best Spot to View Epcot Illuminations:Reflections of Earth?

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Where is the best place to watch Illuminations? There are many good spots and only a few bad ones (make sure that a tree is not blocking your view). One of my favorite places is in the Rose and Crown restaurant. There you are very close to the side of the lagoon – it is noisy and can even get quite warm when the pyrotechnics really start! The timing of your reservation is important here. Try and snag a reservation at the Rose and Crown for around an hour before the start of the show. That should mean that you are just about starting the desserts when the show starts. Be aware though that you are not guaranteed a view. Even if you have a reservation you have to ask for a lagoon side table and these are of course the most popular.

Viewing is also possible from La Hacienda the restaurant in the Mexican Pavilion. There are some tables with a great view of the lagoon – but also many with not much of a view at all.

If you aren’t able to get a restaurant reservation then another fine spot is on the bridge between the United Kingdom and France. This also has the advantage of being close to the World Showcase exit if you are leaving to go to an Epcot or Disney Boardwalk location.

Another one of my personal favorites is on the platform of the Japan Pavilion. This has a good central location and of course also has the different perspective that height will give.

How far ahead do you need to stake out your viewing spot? At busy times this can be 2 hours before the show for a prime spot.

Another important thing to think about when picking a viewing spot is how important to you is it that you exit quickly out of the park when the show is over? This may seem like a strange point but remember that tens of thousands of people will be leaving the park at the same time as you are, and there are bottle necks created at certain points, and it is a long way back to the main entrance and parking lot! This can be a lot to deal with, particularly if you have young children with you. At very crowded times it can be better to wait just 5 or 10 minutes to let some of the crowds leave first.

If you want to plan a quick getaway then the viewing areas between Mexico and Canada are the best from this point of view. The bridge between the UK and France is a great choice too, particularly if you are leaving via the World Showcase Exit.

Epcot Illuminations Cruise

There is also a very special way to see Illuminations – on a boat! $325 plus tax for up to 10 guests.
You can hire a pontoon boat for up to 10 people for an Illuminations cruise and costs from $325 plus tax. Price includes pontoon boat, driver, water, soda and bagged snack. You can order private dining too for an additional charge.

.Getting a reservation for an Illuminations cruise does need planning well ahead. As you can imagine demand exceeds supply. To reserve call 407-WDW-PLAY, between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m EST up to 90 days in advance. You have to give a credit card guarantee and your card will be charged unless you cancel 24 hours in advance. You get an amazing view of the fireworks underneath the International Gateway Bridge and you will get an amazing view of Illuminations. If you want a unique special experience then this is one that most say is well worth it.

Where is your favorite viewing place for Epcot Illuminations:Reflections of Earth? Leave me a Comment!

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