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Disney’s Aladdin A Musical Spectacular at California Adventure Park

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disney's aladdin a musical spectacular

One of the highlights of a visit to Disney’s California Adventure Park used to be the amazing Aladdin A Musical Spectacular show. This amazing Broadway-quality show was staged most days, several times a day, at the Hyperion Theater.

If you were visiting California Adventure the Disney’s Aladdin really ought to be on your must-see list. It is a Broadway-quality show which is suitable for all ages.

Unfortunately the show is no longer running.

The show was based upon the 1992 Disney Aladdin movie. Of course, there are shortcuts in the story but it is an excellent adaptation and works well as a self-contained show which lasts 45 minutes. It was in the California Adventure Park for many years.

The quality of the acting, singing, stage sets, costumes, and effects was spectacular. The star of the show was the Genie. No matter how many times you saw the show his performance is excellent and although everything else is scripted his topical jokes and asides add a fresh element to the show each time you see it.

Disney published some interesting facts on Disney parks blog. The Aladdin show had more than 100 performers in the show’s company and as many as 35 cast members perform in the show each day. There were 18 scene changes and 48 pieces of scenery needed for the show.

The Hyperion Theater houses more than 600 conventional light fixtures and 90 moving lights. Aladdin truly was a spectacular show.

You used to have to wait in line outside for the show. There are 2,000 seats in the theater but they are often filled to capacity. At busy times to get the best seats you would be wise to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the show starting.

In the summer it can be hot standing in line and although there is shade under the trees near the front of the line, the further back you get the less shade there is. So bring a hat! And remember that there are no restrooms in the theater so you needed to plan accordingly!

Where are the best seats in the theater? There really aren’t any bad seats as the theater is very cleverly designed to offer great views from most seats. I prefer to sit near the front of the Orchestra so that we can be up close but that is probably not the best seat if you are visiting for the first time.

I lost count of the number of times we saw the show. I preferred to be up close so I could see the finer details rather than the best view of the overall picture. Many would feel that the best view is in the middle, close to the front of the Mezzanine. You also used to get a great view from the balcony, particularly of the flying carpet.

To get to the Balcony and the Mezzanine there are a lot of steps, particularly to the balcony. The steps are outside and if you don’t like heights you aren’t going to like the balcony. And even when you get up there you will probably have to climb down some steep stairs to access your seats. The balcony and the mezzanine are the best places to see the flying carpet. Sitting in the Orchestra and looking up is not the best way to see this stunning effect.

If you have seen the show where is your favorite place to sit? Your favorite moment? Leave me a comment to let us know what your favorite part of Disney’s Aladdin A Musical Spectacular was!

The show has now been replaced by the Frozen show. However, this is currently not operating with no news of when it may resume as California Adventure Park closed in March due to the pandemic.

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Disney’s Aladdin A Musical Spectacular at California Adventure Park | DisneyDigest

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