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Epcot Test Track Video

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to experience Epcot Test Track? This great video shows you exactly what to expect from this thrilling Epcot ride.

Of course, nothing can compare to actually experiencing it but this gives you a great idea of what Test Track is actually like.

This is a video that shows the complete Test Track ride so if you want anything to remain as a surprise don’t look!

But if you want to know exactly what the ride entails this is one of the best videos of the ride.

Test Track is one of the most popular rides in Epcot. On most days the lines will reach 60 minutes.

So how do you minimize the amount of time that you spend in line? You do have to do a little forward planning.

There are two very popular rides in Epcot. Soarin’ and Test Track.

The lines for Soarin’ tend to be even longer with waits between 60 to 120 minutes on most days.

The way to make sure that you can experience both rides without standing for hours in line is to make sure that you arrive as close to the park opening time as possible.

Remember that the parks generally open 30 to 45 minutes before published opening times so make sure that you arrive early.

As soon as Epcot opens walk quickly to either Soarin’ or Test Track and get a Fast Pass. Then go to the other ride and get in line.

The Fast Passes for Test Track do tend to run out in the afternoon on busy days so make sure that you get to the Fast Pass machine or get in line for the ride as soon as you arrive in the park.

Remember too that Test Track has a Single Rider line which is usually a short wait. You will not be seated with your party but if you don’t mind this then the Single Rider Line is a great option.

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