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How Much is Uber from Orlando Airport to Disney World [Updated 2023]

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If you are looking at ways to get from Orlando Airport to Walt Disney World, an Uber can be a great option.

Uber can be a good alternative to driving to the airport and paying for parking or renting a car.

Let’s explore the different options for getting from MCO to Walt Disney World to see which is the best for you and your family.

This article was updated in July 2023.

How Much is an Uber From Orlando Airport to Walt Disney World_

Can Uber Pick Up at Orlando Airport?

For a long time, Uber was not able to operate from Orlando International Airport.

However, since 2017 Uber has been allowed to pick up passengers on MCO Orlando International.

How to Call an Uber From Orlando International Airport

If you want to take an Uber then make sure you have collected all your bags and then request a vehicle on the App. Once you have done that you need to go to the exit on Level 2 Arrivals and wait for your vehicle to arrive.

Orlando International Airport uber

Always make sure that you check that the type of vehicle and the registration number of the car match with that shown on your app.

Can an Uber driver charge more for luggage? No, but always have in mind the amount of luggage that you have when you order your Uber.

You do not want to be crammed in the bag seat with your suitcases on your knee!

Always make sure that you order the Uber type of car that best suits your needs.

Different Types of Uber Vehicles

You have various different choices according to the type of Uber vehicle you want.

uber from orlando airport to walt disney world

UberX is the standard choice. The car will take up to 4 riders.

If you have up to six people then an UberXL is a good option. This will be an SUV or Van.

Comfort also takes up to 4 passengers but are newer vehicles with more legroom.

UberBLACK is the ultimate Uber. It is meant to compete with a town car type service. You will be transported in a black luxury vehicle and driven by a professional driver.

However, if you need a car seat to be provided in your Uber you can request this. However, if you are taking a Car Seat in your UberX or Uber XL there is an additional charge.

disney cruise florida discount

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Car Seats and Uber – What are the Options?

Florida State Law requires that all Children under 5 must be seated in a Federally approved car seat.

Always put safety first and be aware of the law.

I traveled for many years with young children and remember the pain of always having to decide whether to take your car seat on the airplane or rely on rental options when you got to your destination.

Mostly I found that the easiest option was bringing a car seat with me. You know that your child will be happy in it, and most importantly you know its history and safety.

However, if you just have to take an Uber from Orlando International Airport to your Disney World Hotel you might decide not to bring it.

You will have to select your journey and then scroll through the types of vehicles that are offered. Select the one of your choice which offers a car seat.

If you select an Uber car seat the rate will be charged for at least an Uber X with an additional $10 surcharge.

Cost of Uber From Orlando International Airport to Disney World

uberfrom orlandoairporttodisney

Here are the approximate costs which were shown in July 2023:

UberX $42

Connect $25

Comfort $50

Uber X Car Seat $60

Uber Pet $48

Uber XL $57

Uber XL Car Seat $67

Black $92

Black Car Seat $120

Black SUV Car Seat $120

Uber Green $45

Comfort Electric $57

These are approximate costs only.

They can vary a lot because of surge pricing. The more popular the service, the higher the price.

As Disney World is a huge place I picked a relatively central location of the Grand Floridian Hotel to get these estimates for.

However, you can Check Current Uber Rates Here so you have an idea of costs before you decide if this is the best option for your travel from Orlando Airport to Disney World.

If you are sailing on a Disney Cruise and need to get to the cruise port you should read Uber From Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral.

Lyft From Orlando International Airport to Disney World

The ride-sharing service Lyft also operates out of Orlando International Airport.

Here are approximate prices from Lyft:

Lyft $35-42

XL $42-49

Lux $60-70

Lux Black $90-105

Lux Black XL $120-140

Here you can estimate the price of your Lyft from MCO

Again, prices do vary according to the time of day and demand. Prices are comparable to Uber.

Is There a Free Shuttle From Orlando Airport to Disney World?

What about Disney’s Magical Express Service? This used to be a wonderful perk for Walt Disney World Resort guests who wanted to easily get from MCO to their Disney World Hotel.

The service was free and incredibly efficient. Disney’s Magical Express even handled your checked bags for you so that you didn’t have to go to luggage claim.

Orlando International Airport Shuttle to Disney World
Interior atrium of Orlando International Airport December 30. It is the second busiest airport in Florida after Miami International.

You simply checked your luggage at your departure airport and then Disney would magically do the rest. The next time you would see your luggage would be inside your Walt Disney World Hotel room!

A wonderful free system that many Disney Resort guests used.

However, Disney’s Magical Express Service came to an end on January 1st, 2022.

If you want an alternative bus transportation service from January 2022 you can book now at Mears Connect.

Mears actually operated the Magical Express for Disney, even though most guests never realized this.

The service is much the same – except of course you will have to pay for it!

There are two different levels of service available from the new Mears Connect.

The Standard Service is much like the Magical Express. It even advertises onboard entertainment and an arrival souvenir.

If you are booking now there is introductory pricing available:

Adults: $20.90 one-way and $39.90 for a round-trip

Children: $14.85 one-way and $28.35 for a round-trip

They do sometimes have a sale and right now have an offer of $15 single and $30 return for an adult, and $12 single and $24 return for a child.

Mears is guaranteeing that passengers will leave the Orlando International Airport within 20 minutes of arriving at the pickup area. On your return, you will be picked up 3 hours prior to your scheduled flight time.

Premium Service is a more personal service with a smaller vehicle and has minimal waiting. On your return, you will be picked up two hours before your flight time.

Introductory pricing for premium service for up to 4 guests is $250 for each round-trip (up to 4 people). It is $55 for each additional guest

Mears Connect advertises onboard entertainment and an arrival souvenir. I assume the entertainment will be the Mickey cartoons that currently play on the Magical Express.

The pick-up spot at MCO will be the same spot as the current Magical Express, B side Level 1.

Nothing much has really changed – apart from now, it will add more expense to your vacation. Sometimes you just don’t know how good a thing was until you don’t have it anymore!

Train from Orlando International Airport to Disney Springs?

The green windowed building at the right is the Intermodal Terminal, which will include the Brightline train station.

Photo Source

What a wonderful idea it would be to have a train going from Orlando International Airport to Disney Springs.

Well, this once looked like it would be a reality, but now Disney has pulled out of the project which would have had a station at Disney Springs.

The Brightline Train now carries passengers from Miami to Orlando with stops in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.

The journey from West Palm Beach to Orlando is approximately 2 hours, with trains traveling up to 125 miles per hour.

That’s the good news.

The not-so-good news is that construction shut down on the Disney Springs expansion as there was a dispute over the route and Disney left the project. It is thought that there will still be a station close to Disney World, but that it will not be on Disney land.

Have you taken an Uber from Orlando International Airport to Walt Disney World? Did you think this was a good option? Leave us a comment below.