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Magic Candle Company Discount Deals

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Wanting to bring the Disney Magic home with you?

A huge part of the experience of a Disney Park or Disney ship is the smell.

Disney has very clever ways of using scents to evoke certain emotions. Or to motivate you to buy something!

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I discovered Magic Candle Company a few years ago and am a huge fan.

I have tried many of their products and now have a Subscription so that I can look forward to the box every month.

Any excuse to bring the Disney experience home! And they have Universal Studios Resorts fragrances too.

Whether you are looking for a Resort, Park, Food, or Attraction Fragrance, there is something in the Magic Candle Collection for you.

You can even get a Castaway Cay Candle!

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What is so Good About Magic Candle Products?

It isn’t just about the packaging and the names of the scents, although they do that very well, the products do smell like the things they say they do!

The company now makes themed fragrance products for companies such as Universal Studios Parks and Resorts.

The soy/paraffin wax combination they use is nontoxic and is rigorously tested so that you are not exposed to the chemicals that some fragrances use.

They have a range of options and most scents are available as a 7.25 oz. small candle or 13.25 oz. large candle, 4 oz. room spray, wax melt, 5ml fragrance oil, air freshener, foaming hand soap, bath salt, bath fizzy, shower melt, or mani/pedi kit.

Which are the Best Magic Candle Scents?

Of course, everyone is going to have their favorite. But these are the ones I have tried and tested.

I decided to gather together some of my Magic Candle products. Not sure I realized quite how many I have!

I have the Magic Candle Diffuser on my desk and have my favorite Fragrance Oils at hand so I can pick the one I want to use for the day.

A lot of my favorites are inspired by the Soarin’ attraction that you can experience in Disneyland and Epcot.

During the ride, certain scents are used and Magic Candle Company has done a very good job of replicating them closely.

If you have ever experienced Soarin’ then you will probably instantly be able to remember the smell of certain scenes.

Orange groves? The Taj Mahal scene? Or the part where the elephant throws sand in your face?

One of my favorite Magic Candle scents is Flying Over Fiji which smells exactly like that scene in the attraction.

I have the Candle, Fragrance Oil, and the mani-pedi kit.

I have even taken the mani-pedi kit with me on a Disney cruise and used the scrub in the Rainforest!

The Flying Over Orange Groves is also a great option. I particularly like the candle version of this scent.

Another one I use a lot is the Mouse Waffles Scent. It reminds me of many areas in Disney parks but probably most of all it makes me think of 1900 Park Fare for some reason!

As well as attractions some fragrances match up to Disney Hotel Resorts.

The Polynesian is another favorite and The Wilderness Resort is really good too.

Bakery on Main Street will create the fragrance of fresh-smelling baked goods in your home – what could be better to remind you of the fragrance of the parks?

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