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Magic Kingdom Dessert Party Review: Is It Worth the Splurge?

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Many Disney World Park guests have had the experience of building up anticipation and excitement during the day before the Happily Ever After firework show, only to be disappointed with an obstructed view!

With the crowds and positioning of the fireworks show, it seems nearly impossible to get a good view without needing to secure your spot hours beforehand. 

To solve this issue, Disney World offers the Magic Kingdom Dessert Party experience: a ticketed event that gives guests the best view in the park.

To give you an idea of whether this experience is right for you, we have broken down all the key information and reviewed the Dessert Party experience so you know whether it’s worth the splurge. Let’s get into it!

Overview of the Magic Kingdom Dessert Party

The Dessert Party Experience

The Magic Kingdom Dessert Party is a ticketed event that allows you to enjoy tasty offerings at the Tomorrowland Terrace restaurant before or after the  Happily Ever After fireworks show. 

The food on offer is dessert food (hence the name!). 

From chocolate-covered strawberries to all the pastries you could ever dream up, Disney provides it all in the buffet of tasty morsels Guests also get to enjoy a selection of cheeses (as well as alcoholic beverages for those who are old enough). 

There are three different Dessert Party options: both the Pre-Party and Seats and Sweets allow guests to eat before they watch the fireworks show, while the Post Party allows guests to enjoy their desserts after the 

Each option comes with special reserved standing or seating for the fireworks show to ensure an instructive and comprehensive view. 

It is a popular option with fireworks fanatics who want to end their day at Disney World with a sweet treat and a bang!

The Dessert Party Experience 

Magic Kingdom Dessert Party Review

Several aspects make up the overall Dessert Party experience and offer a good indication as to whether the experience is worth it:

Variety and Quality of Desserts Offered 

The food is a buffet of bite-sized dessert morsels, cheeses, and fruits.

The Tomorrowland Terrace restaurant pulls out all the stops for these parties, and while the desserts may be small, they are superb. 

Not only are they extremely pleasing to look at, but the chefs have worked hard to ensure everything tastes great! 

For those who don’t have a sweet tooth, fruits, and cheeses are also on offer to allow for a wider variety of available foods. 

This means that just about everyone’s tastes are catered for without compromising on quality. 

Beverage Selections 

Not only does the Dessert Party give you access to food, but beverages are also on offer. All the standard drinks such as juice, soda, and water are available. 

Additionally, those who are over 21 can also enjoy selected beer and wines as a part of their experience.

Atmosphere and Seating Arrangements 

Depending on which package you buy, you will either be standing in Plaza Garden during the show, or sitting on the Tomorrowland Terrace patio. 

The great thing about the Dessert Parties is that they are ticketed events, which means there are limited numbers available. 

The controlled crowd size makes for a great ambiance, as everyone has enough room to eat and enjoy the fireworks show.

View of Fireworks and Entertainment

While the food is great, the main reason people buy Dessert Party tickets is to secure the best view possible of the fireworks show. 

Oftentimes, park guests will either experience the fireworks or the castle projections but never both as the park gets very crowded and there is limited space. 

However, all Dessert Party options guarantee you a fantastic view of the fireworks show and the castle projections, giving you the best seats in the house!

Comparing Different Dessert Party Options 

There are currently three different Dessert Party options, each slightly varying from the next:


The pre-party option allows guests to enjoy dessert before the show, before gaining standing access to the Plaza Garden to watch the fireworks. 

The price ranges from  $119 to $129 (including tax) for those aged over 10 and $75 for children aged 3-9. 

Post Party

The post party is the slightly cheaper option, with prices ranging from $99 to $109 for adults, and $59 for children aged 3-9. 

The post-party has guests starting with standing access to the Plaza Garden during the firework show before then being invited into the Tomorrowland Terrace restaurant to enjoy their desserts. 

Seats and Sweets 

Seats and Sweets have the same pricing as the pre-party; however, the experience is slightly different. 

Guests start in the restaurant to enjoy their food and beverages, before being ushered to the restaurant’s patio seating to watch the fireworks show from there. 

Value for Money 

One of the most common questions people ask about the Dessert Party experience is whether it is good value for money. This entirely depends on your personal preferences!

For some, spending up to $120 per head for an experience that only lasts a few hours and does not include a main meal may be too pricey despite the access to the premium viewing locations. 

However, if you are someone who is dedicated to the magic of Disney and places real importance on the fireworks show, then paying the premium for the guaranteed viewing spots is likely worth it. 

Tips for Maximizing the Experience 

  • Arrive early: Arriving slightly earlier than your check-in time for your Dessert Party means you will experience a shorter line to get in. 
  • This means you can get inside quickly and start making the most of the dessert buffet
  • Go to the bathroom before heading to the Plaza Garden: If you have the pre or post-party packages, it is a good idea to make sure you and the family have gone to the bathroom before heading out to the Plaza Garden. 
  • This ensures you won’t lose your standing space later in the night, or miss a minute of the stunning fireworks show 
  • Keep in mind who is in your party: If you have children or adults who struggle to stay standing for extended periods, then the pre and post-party options which include standing in the Plaza Garden may not be the right choice. 
  • To maximize your experience, consider choosing the Seats and Sweets option instead.

Personal Experiences and Guest Reviews 

Reviews of the Dessert Party are extremely mixed, and this seems to come down to what people see as a priority at Disney World,

On the one hand, reviewers such as Dana from Somewhere Worthwhile acknowledge that the desserts do not justify the nearly $130 price tag per person, saying “If you are looking into a dessert party because you’re looking for epic desserts: skip it. The desserts at these parties are NOT worth $100.”

However, she still views it as a worthwhile experience as the fireworks show is something she loves about Disney World and never wants to miss! 

On the other hand, reviewers from over at Mouse Hacking do not think that the experience is worth it. 

While they said they had a great time at the Dessert Party, ultimately, “the hard offerings—food, beverage, and firework viewing—go some way toward justifying the cost, but they don’t get you there.” 

Final Verdict: Is It Worth It? 

Whether or not the Magic Kingdom Dessert Party is worth it will depend on what you want from your Disney World experience. 

If you’re someone who wants complete access to the fireworks and doesn’t mind paying extra to get the best view possible, then the experience is likely going to be worth it for you. 

However, if you don’t mind too much about having a perfect view of the fireworks and have other priorities in the park, then you should likely steer clear of the experience – as without the desire to secure fantastic fireworks viewing, the price tag is extremely hard to justify!

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