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Once Upon a Time Princess Merida

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We can look forward to another new character on Once Upon a Time – Princess Merida. The feisty Scots Princess Merida will make her debut in Season 5 of Once Upon A Time in The Fall.

Princess Merida will be played by Scottish actress Amy Manson who was previously seen in “Being Human” and “Torchwood”.

In this preview we get our first look at Princess Merida:

The new character was first revealed by creators of the series Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis dished on the character’s involvement in the new episodes whilst at Comic-Con.. Horowwitz explained that Merida will play a central role in Season 5 whcih will be dominated by Emma being the Dark One and her family trying to save her from that fate.

There had been a rumor that Merida would appear as Rumple’s mother but thankfully this is not true. The speculation was fueled by the obvious connection that Merida is Scottish as of course is Robert Carlyle the actor who brilliantly portrays the character of Rumple.

But one connection that doesn’t exist is the speculated mother-son relationship between her and Rumple. The former Dark One’s mother will appear in flashbacks in season 5 and is also Scottish, but Horowitz and Kitsis told Hypable that Merida isn’t her. Thank goodness that it is going to need more than a common Scottish heritage to link the characters. We really don’t want to see a Pixar Princess related to the Dark One!

Once Upon a Time Season 5 will premier on ABC this fall on Sunday, September 27 at 8 p.m. ET

Are you looking forward to watching Princess Merida on Season 5 of Once Upon a Time?