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Pixar Inside Out Movie To Debut in 2015

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The Pixar movie Inside Out will debut on June 19th 2015. For all of us who are sadly missing the usual annual Pixar movie release this year we can take some consolation in learning that there will be 2 Pixar movies set for release in 2015. Inside Out in June and The Good Dinosaur on November 25th 2015.

The idea for Pixar’s Inside Out is that the central character is an 11 year old girl named Riley. She reluctantly moves from the American Midwest to the unfamiliar city of San Francisco.

The story centers around her emotions which are given life in the characters of Joy (Amy Poehler), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling), and Sadness (Phyllis Smith). All these emotions live inside Riley’s head, or Headquarters as it is called for the movie.

Riley’s emotions are in conflict as she struggles to deal with the move to San Francisco.

Inside Out is directed by Pete Docter so we know that this Pixar movie is in very safe hands. He directed Up and Monster’s Inc. He has also been responsible for the story in what are arguably amongst the best of the Pixar movies – Toy Story, Up, and Wall-e.

The reason for the lack of Pixar movie for 2014 is that The Good Dinosaur has proved to be a difficult project. Originally set for release in 2014 the project has been put back for a release date for November 25th 2015. Time was needed to improve on the quality of the project. Bob Peterson has been removed as the director, but no single replacement has been named. We hear that John Lasseter has stepped in with Lee Unkrich, Peter Sohn, and Mark Andrews are now collaborating to improve the quality of the movie.

The pushing back of the date for The Good Dinosaur also means that we have to wait longer for the very much anticipated release of Finding Dory. This sequel to the beloved Finding Nemo is directed by Andrew Stanton and set for release some time in June 2016.

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