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Disney’s Frozen Is Now The Highest Grossing Animated Movie Ever

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Disney Frozen

Disney’s Frozen is now the Highest Grossing Animated Movie Ever. Disney’s Frozen has earned $1,072.4 million worldwide. This huge box office success means that Frozen is now in the Top 10 Biggest Films of All Time too.

Frozen has now passed the billion dollar mark – a first for Walt Disney Animation Studios. This huge total is made up of $398.4 million in the US and $674 on the international market. And of course it isn’t finished yet so this total will reach even greater heights.

It is now the second largest grossing movie released in 2013. Conveniently for Disney, Iron Man 3 is number one.

Frozen is the biggest Disney or Pixar movie of all time in no less than 27 territories, including Russia, China, and Brazil. It has had huge success in Japan where it grossed $50.5 million over its first three weekends in theaters.

Frozen has so many accolades – one of the most impressive of course is the first Best Animated Feature Academy Award for Walt Disney Animation Studios. Let It Go won Best Original Song.

The Frozen movie is the fastest selling digital release of all time. It is likely that the Frozen will also be one of the best selling DVDs of all time too. On it’s release day it sold 3.2 million DVDs.

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