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Planet Hollywood Disney Springs Menu: The Complete Food & Drink

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Are you planning a trip to Disney Springs and don’t know where to eat? It can be challenging to choose a restaurant when all of them are so popular and highly rated!

Don’t worry – we’re here to help! 

Today, we’re bringing you a comprehensive guide to Planet Hollywood. 

Located on the west side of the park, Planet Hollywood Disney Springs is an American food restaurant catering to everyone’s tastes! It’s perfect for everyone, from date nights to family dinners.

Read on to learn about:

  • The stand-out dishes on Planet Hollywood’s menu
  • What you can expect when dining there
  • Some tips for making the most of your experience

Let’s get into it!

Planet Hollywood Disney Springs Menu

Exploring the Menu at Planet Hollywood 

There’s something for everyone on the menu at Planet Hollywood! From classic appetizers and salads to Guy Fieri’s signature dishes and decadent desserts, you won’t be disappointed by the choices!

The food is very American, including plenty of fan favorites like pasta and grille specialties. 

Just don’t go into the pasta section expecting traditional Italian: the lasagna is deep-fried!

Something to keep in mind is that celebrity chef Guy Fieri has revamped some of the menu options including the burgers and sandwiches. These are delicious options you should definitely try! 

Also, don’t skip the desserts and appetizers! There are plenty of options for both, including sharing and single-serve options. 

They also offer plenty of milkshakes and other sweet drink choices if you’re not keen on checking out the extensive wine and cocktail list, which is another key highlight.

Top Picks from the Menu 

Signature Dishes to Try

There’s no shortage of celebrity food when it comes to Planet Hollywood! You’ll find lots of fan favorites on the menu that’ll wow your eyes and feast your tastebuds.

From the appetizers, we’d recommend the ‘World Famous Chicken Crunch.’

Everyone raves about this dish, from the sweet and crispy chicken coating to the spicy Creole mustard. 

However, if you can’t decide and want to try lots of appetizers, we’d recommend the ‘High Roller Sampler’ which includes five appetizer options and is perfect for sharing.

There’s no shortage of deliciousness when it comes to the mains. We’d highlight the ‘L.A. Lasagna,’ which provides a unique twist on a classic lasagna.

The bolognese sauce is packed into fried pasta tubes and slathered with garlic cream – fun and indulgent!

Also, don’t skip Guy Fieri’s burger menu. We recommend the ‘Bacon Mac-n-Cheese Burger,’ which is a smash burger full of bacon and mac-n-cheese! Perfect if you want the best of pasta and burger goodness.

planet hollywood appetizers

Vegetarian and Healthy Options 

There are also vegetarian-friendly options on the menu. We recommend trying the ‘Morgan’s Veggie’ burger, which is packed with plenty of vegetables on top of a veggie patty!

They also have a few salad options if you’re looking for something that isn’t deep-fried. 

We recommend the ‘Spinach & Berries’ salad which is packed with crunchy goodness. You can also add chicken to it if you’re looking for a bit of protein!

Kid-Friendly Meals 

You’ll also find plenty of options for the kiddos! 

We recommend ordering something off the kids’ menu for the little ones, as the adult mains come in very generous portions.

On the kids’ menu, there are classics like simple cheese pizza, chicken fingers, and even pasta options like Macaroni and cheese and Spaghetti and meatballs.

We also recommend checking out the kids’ drinks, which come in a light-up cup! Try the ‘Milky Way,’ which is chocolate milk made with Hershey’s syrup.

planet hollywood kids meals.png

Must-Try Desserts and Sweet Treats 

Finally, what meal would be complete without a dessert at the end? Planet Hollywood has plenty of delightful options that’ll satiate your sweet tooth!

We recommend the ‘Brownie Sundae Martini’ to share. It comes in a large martini glass and is filled with brownies and ice cream – perfect if you don’t want a whole dessert to yourself!

However, there are plenty of dessert options to please everyone. From the ‘Salted Caramel Cheesecake’ to a ‘Chocolate Layered Cake,’ you’re truly spoilt for choice!

We’d also highlight the ‘Supernova Shakes,’ which are massive milkshakes that come loaded with cake and whipped cream. These gorgeous drinks are perfect for the ‘gram!

Beverages and Specialty Drinks 

Don’t skip the drinks menu! There are plenty of fun beverage options available, from classic sodas to specialty cocktails, as well as an extensive wine and beer list.

You’ll notice that some of the cocktails are quite pricey, but this is because you get to keep the souvenir cup at the end! 

We’d recommend the ‘It’s Showtime Mojito’ for a refreshing drink to sip at while you enjoy your meal. There are also plenty of other fun cocktail options, including three different specialty margaritas!

If you’re a big beer fan, we’d recommend stopping at the adjoining Stargazers bar after or before your meal. They offer lots of unique beers that you can’t get inside the restaurant!

And if you’re looking to keep things sober, there are lots of non-alcoholic options that are still plenty of fun. 

We recommend the ‘La La Land Lemonade,’ which is a classic lemonade infused with strawberry syrup. Delicious!

planet hollywood non-alcoholic beverages

Dining Experience and Atmosphere 

Overall, the vibe is about what you can expect from a Disney restaurant! 

One thing about Planet Hollywood you can’t ignore is that they go all out, from a grand staircase when you enter to high ceilings (and of course, the observatory dome). 

Walking into the restaurant, you feel like you’re being transported back in time to the prime era of Hollywood glam.

The restaurant is also full of movie memorabilia. If you’re a big film nerd, we’d recommend spending time wandering around. There’s plenty to look at, from a life-size R2D2, Dorothy’s dress, and even the door used to save Rose from Titanic! 

When you sit down, you’ll be treated to a lively restaurant atmosphere. They play music quite loudly, so be wary of that. 

There are plenty of Disney singalongs for the little ones, as well as a few hit songs for you to enjoy. 

Tips for an Ideal Dining Experience 

The first thing we’d recommend is booking in advance. Don’t just show up, because you probably won’t get a table! 

Also, plan your whole trip from the parking lot to the dining. It can be hard to find a parking spot during busy times, such as meal times on weekdays and throughout the weekend. 

We’d recommend allowing for around an hour to account for any trouble you get into finding a park.

Dining outside of a busy time is also a good idea if you want a quieter mealtime. Book for a late lunch or an early dinner, and leave plenty of room! The serving sizes are very generous, which will leave you full for the rest of the day.

Finally, be aware that sometimes they have a DJ or other live performance in the evenings – which can cause a bit of disruption to your meal if you don’t like loud performances. Book before 7 pm, as that’s when they tend to start.

Special Events and Promotions 

Keep an eye on Planet Hollywood’s social media pages for news about special events and promotions!

If you’re a D23 Gold member, you’ll be able to get discounts on food and drink at the restaurant. You just need to show your membership card to the staff.

Another cool thing about Planet Hollywood is you host private events there! From birthday parties to functions, there are plenty of options and plenty of rooms you can book too.

Final Words 

To conclude, there’s plenty to see and eat at Planet Hollywood. From the ‘World Famous Chicken Crunch’ appetizer to Guy Fieri’s signature ‘Big Bite Burgers,’ you won’t have a shortage of options! 

Stop by when you next visit Disney Springs to enjoy a delicious dining experience suitable for all ages!