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Disney Cruise Rainforest Room – Is It Worth The Cost?


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Are you thinking of getting a Disney Cruise Rainforest Room Pass? The Rainforest Room is still one of the best-kept secrets on a Disney Cruise.

If you are looking for some serious indulgence and relaxation on your Disney cruise you must head to the Rainforest Room. I think that it is well worth the cost of a Rainforest Room Pass or Daily Pass.

Discover exactly what the Rainforest is on each ship, with lots of pictures and reviews.

Also, note the up-to-date information about the operation of the Rainforest now that cruises are sailing with social distancing.

Disney Rainforest Room

is the Disney Cruise rainforest room worth the cost_
disney cruise rainforest room

The Disney Cruise Rainforest Room is part of the Spa on all Disney ships.

The Disney Cruise Rainforest is a limited access area where you will find steam rooms, showers, and stone lounge chairs.

On the Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream, you will also find two hot tubs that overlook the front of the ship.

The Rainforest Room on the Disney Dream and Fantasy is much larger than on the classic Disney Wonder and the Magic.

Of course, there are also more passengers on the larger ships. This means that whichever Disney ship you are on, the Rainforest Room should not be too crowded.

Disney Wonder Rainforest Room Stone Loungers

The Disney Wonder Rainforest Room is the most recently updated. The Disney Wonder dry dock improved the Rainforest Room considerably.

Unfortunately, it will never be as amazing as the Fantasy and the Dream. This is due to its size and location. However, I still always get a length of cruise Rainforest Pass, whichever ship I am sailing on.

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The Disney Cruise Rainforest Room is Different on Each Disney Ship


The Disney Wonder and Magic have newly re-imagined Rainforest Rooms which are very similar.

The Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream have similar Rainforest Rooms to each other.

However, they are very different from Disney Wonder and Magic.

I have to say that I much prefer the Disney Cruise Rainforest Room in the Disney Dream and the Fantasy to the classic ships of the Wonder and the Magic.

The main difference is that the Disney Wonder and the Magic Rainforest Room are completely indoors.

The Rainforest on the Fantasy and the Dream has an area which is at the very front of the ship and has panoramic windows which give an amazing view.


The picture above is of the stone loungers in the Disney Wonder Rainforest Room.

Disney Fantasy Stone Loungers

They have the same basic design, but the ones on the Fantasy have a headrest. I didn’t tend to use this anyway but rolled up a towel to put behind my neck.

All the stone loungers have reading lights.

The stone loungers on the Disney Wonder and Magic have a privacy curtain between them.

They are far enough apart so that you don’t disturb the person next to you, but the curtain really is a nice addition (and note the current social distancing rules).

Of course, stone loungers are very popular. It’s kind of like the usual deal where people tend to get a pool chair and it seems like they are never going to move.

Disney Wonder Rainforest Room

Patience usually pays off though and you will get a chair eventually. Even at the busiest times.

The stone loungers on the Disney Fantasy and the Dream look out over the ocean. They are in an enclosed area, but you are at the back of the ship so you can see the daylight or the stars at night.

Another major difference in the newer Disney Ships is that the Rainforest Room on the Dream and Fantasy have two hot tubs.

These are on the front of the ship and you have a fabulous view.

The area with the hot tubs on the Dream Class ships is open to the outside so it is a great place just to take in the view.

You will often find birds flying in and hitching a ride on the ship!

One of the two Disney Dream hot tubs in the Rainforest

These hot tubs really only fit two people at a time – unless you want to be really close to your fellow guests!

The design of the hot tub on the Disney Dream and Fantasy is a little bit strange and I personally don’t find them very comfortable. The bottom of the hot tub is not flat. It has an elevated curve design.

I am not sure if I was the wrong height to make this work. However, I am 5′ 4″ and DH is 6′ and he didn’t like it much either!

The amazing view does not distract from the fact that the hot tubs are a weird design.

Hopefully, Disney will get this right on the new ships being built.

Whilst the design is strange, the location of the hot tubs on Disney Fantasy and Dream couldn’t be more perfect. You can enjoy some time in the hot tub whilst overlooking the ocean.

You can even feel the ocean breeze as some of the panels on the screen are open. This also means that sometimes birds will join you in the area! They aren’t too much of a nuisance though as they seem to soon find their way back out again.

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Rainforest Social Distancing Rules

With the resumption of sailing on the Disney Magic in Europe in July 2021, different rules came into operation.

The Rainforest on the Disney Magic has a limited capacity as only one travel party at a time can enter the Rainforest. This is for a group of up to 5 guests. Each party can only be in the Rainforest Room for a one-hour and 45-minute session.

The cost on the Disney Magic is reported to be $175 for up to 5 guests.

The Disney Dream will have the capacity for up to 10 guests in the same travel party. This will be for a one-hour 45-minute session.

No announcements have been made yet for the Wonder or Fantasy. However, it is reasonable to think that the Wonder will have 5 guests and the Fantasy will have 10.

Disney Rainforest Steam Rooms

On the Disney Fantasy and Dream ships, there are 3 steam rooms. The Disney Wonder and Magic have two steam rooms.

Again, I prefer the ones on the Fantasy or the Dream. The sauna on the newer Disney Fantasy and Dream ships has a window where you can look out over the ocean. It really is an amazing experience to relax in the sauna and look out at the ocean below.

Disney Fantasy Steam Room

This was probably my favorite of the steam rooms. The picture above is taken on the Disney Fantasy.

If you want to enjoy the sauna on the Disney Wonder or the Magic it is located inside the changing rooms.

This is fine, except they aren’t mixed so you may have to enjoy them alone!

The Disney Wonder Sauna inside the Women’s Changing Room

The Laconium was almost too hot to deal with. The temperature of the Laconium is set between 107 and 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

The warning says no more than 10 minutes but I don’t think there is any way I could get anywhere near the time limit in here!

The floor is almost too hot to walk on so be sure that you wear flip-flops. Take a towel in with you to all the steam rooms to sit on.

The Hamam was a lot more tolerable. This is set at a lower temperature of 104 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

As part of the Disney Cruise Rainforest Spa Pass weekly package, you used to get free salt scrubs for every visit.

However, free scrubs are a thing of the past. Since July 2019 Disney has started charging $15 each for the Rainforest scrubs.

On my last Disney cruise, the choice was between orange, lavender, and chocolate. The orange had the nicest smell so I usually get that one. Are they worth $15? Unfortunately, I would have to say that they aren’t.

I really wish that they would reintroduce the free scrubs for those who buy the weekly pass – even if it is just one or two scrubs. It is an example of cutbacks that really aren’t welcome to the regular guests of the Disney cruise line.

It was a nice addition to a visit to the Rainforest and $15 is a fairly outrageous cost.

Even if you buy the fabulous ELEMIS Scrub that they push so much in the spa, that is $60 for a pot which would give you more than four of the ones which are made up for the Rainforest.

If you do decide to purchase the scrub, the spa staff recommends that you use the salt scrub in the Hamam. They suggested that you apply the scrub and then allow it to be absorbed for about 5 minutes.

As you can imagine, this makes quite a lot of mess in an area that other people are using!

Make sure that you are courteous and rinse the seats and floor with the water provided.

The best technique I found was to fill the plastic cup with water and use that to rinse the floor. In the Wonder, there is a water spray so I just used that to rinse it down the drain!

Then go to your favorite Rainforest Room shower to rinse off the scrub. You will feel so relaxed that you are ready to face anything!

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Disney Cruise Rainforest Showers

Disney Wonder Rainforest Showers

In all of the Disney Cruise Rainforest Rooms, there are fabulous showers, all with different settings. It is a lot of fun to experiment and find out which is your favorite shower!

Again I am going to say that the newer ships the Disney Dream and Fantasy are superior to the classic Wonder and Magic.

The temperature of the showers in the Disney Wonder Rainforest seems to have just one setting. Cold!

There are just three showers on the classic ships and they don’t seem to have the same aromatherapy features as the ones on the larger ships.

Some of the showers have cold rain, others have warm tropical rain.

It is a fabulous experience to come out of one of the steam rooms and go into your favorite shower. The showers in the Disney Fantasy and Dream are better than those on the Classic Ships. 

Some of them even have flashing lights and sound effects to mimic a rainstorm.

It’s fun to decide which is your favorite one.

How Much is A Disney Cruise Rainforest Pass?

Disney Rainforest Cost

Of course, everyone wants to know how much a Disney Rainforest Pass costs.

Over the past year or so there seem to have been a number of changes to pricing and how the Rainforest Room Pass is offered. It is difficult to keep up!

You can pre-purchase a Disney Cruise Rainforest Day Pass online for $16 per day. You can buy as many as you want prior to the cruise by calling (800) 601-8455 (US Guests) or (407) 566-7000 (international Guests) to book. The 18% gratuity will be added automatically to this.

It used to be that the only way you could buy a Day Pass for the Rainforest Room was by calling before you sailed.

However, on our last sailing on the Disney Wonder, they were offering Day Passes for $16 onboard.

Do not rely on getting a Day Pass when you are on the cruise. The Disney Wonder did not have these available for purchase on my last cruise.

When I asked about availability they explained they are only rarely available and only on Port Days.

If you think that you are going to enjoy the Rainforest the length of cruise pass is a better value. There are individual passes and couples passes available.


Single Pass for the Disney Cruise Rainforest:

3 Day Pass $69

4 Day Pass $101

5 Day Pass $114

7 Day Pass $144

Couples Pass for the Disney Cruise Rainforest:

3 Day Pass $102

4 Day Pass $144

5 Day Pass $169

7 Day Pass $193

An 18% gratuity will automatically be added to the Rainforest Room Pass cost. This adds quite a bit to the cost so be aware that a 7-day Couples Pass will be $228.

We think it is well worth it but be prepared for sticker shock, particularly if you didn’t realize about the gratuity.


You do not officially have to be a “couple” to buy a Couples Rainforest Pass. You can share a Rainforest Couples Pass with a friend!

Therefore if you have a friend or family member in your party you can still share a Pass so that you can save some money.

This length of cruise Rainforest Passes can only be purchased once you are onboard your Disney cruise ship. We head straight to the spa when we board the Disney cruise.

There are only a limited number of the length of cruise passes available for the Rainforest. We have heard different numbers for how many, but Disney has never released the official figure.

Each time you want to visit the Disney cruise Rainforest Room you will go to the reception desk of the spa. You will hand over your room key and be given a key bracelet to access the Rainforest Room.

Sometimes you are given a robe, sometimes not. If you don’t get one at the reception desk then they are available in the spa changing rooms.

The lockers in the changing room on the Disney Wonder

There are changing rooms close to the Disney Cruise Rainforest Room. Here you will find bathrooms, lockers, toiletries, showers, and a sauna.

There are also flip-flops provided for use in the Rainforest Room. We would suggest using these or bringing your own.


The showers in the changing areas are large and have really nice shampoo and conditioner available. You can use these at any time.

Even though the showers in the staterooms are relatively large for a cruise ship, it is nice to use these sometimes, particularly because the free products available are so nice!

The lockers are operated by a number key code. You simply have to remember your code and of course which locker you chose.

Ok, so we know that isn’t always that simple! We did see that people forgot and then had to ask one of the spa staff to help them.

When you have finished in the Rainforest Room you just go back to the reception desk and hand them your bracelet key. They will then return your Key to the World.

There is no limit on the amount of time that you can spend in the Rainforest Room. However, if you are using the stone chairs you are asked to be considerate of how long you spend on them if people are waiting. It isn’t usually a problem but sometimes people do seem to spend an age on there without moving!

When Is The Best Time To Visit Disney Cruise Rainforest Room?


There are good and not so good times to visit the Rainforest Room. It is usually open from 8 am until 10 pm every day.

One of the quietest times seems to be early in the morning when it first opens. It is good to get some time to relax even if you are just waking up!

Later in the evening around 6 pm onwards is also good. Most people are either at dinner or watching the shows on the ship.

I always make sure that we make the maximum amount of use of the Rainforest Room. The first day it will be available that first evening as soon as the safety drill is completed.

I have found that this is a quiet time. Most people are still just getting to know what to do on the ship. However, you will be interrupted by people taking tours of the spa so it is not always that relaxing at this point!

Days at sea are the busiest times in the Rainforest Room. Days in port are quieter as of course there are fewer people on the ship.

However, I have found those days at Castaway Cay tend to be quite busy.

I would have expected that this would be a quieter time, but in the afternoon people are beginning to come back onto the ship after a day on the island.

It is amazing to be able to look out over towards Castaway Cay from the hot tub though!

Which is the Best Disney Cruise Rainforest Room?


We recommend the Disney Cruise Rainforest Rooms on all of the ships, but by far the best are the ones on the Disney Fantasy and the Dream.

The design and the amount of space allocated to the Rainforest Rooms on the newer ships are definitely better than the classic ships.

The fact that you can see outside of the room and get amazing ocean views is a huge plus on Disney Fantasy and the Dream.

Having said that, the classic ships are still very much worth some time in the Rainforest Room. Yes, they are smaller but they have many of the same relaxing elements. The stone chairs are fabulous on all of the ships.

The classic ships Rainforest Rooms have been re-imagined in recent years and it has made a big difference.

The classic ships do not have hot tubs, but for me, that doesn’t really matter as I am not a big fan of the hot tub design in the Rainforest.

If you really can’t make up your mind I would suggest that you do the tour of the Rainforest which is offered on the first day that you board the ship. You will then see exactly what facilities it offers.

Have you ever experienced the Disney Cruise Rainforest Room? Was it worth it?


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