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Port Canaveral Disney Cruise Parking 2021


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What is the best option for Port Canaveral Disney Cruise parking?

Many cruise passengers arrive at Port Canaveral by car and want to know the best parking options available.

Port Canaveral serves Disney, Carnival, NCL, MSC, and Royal Caribbean Cruises. All use the same on-site and offsite Port Canaveral parking options.

Here you will discover all the different Port Canaveral parking options so that you can decide which is the best one for you.

Disney Cruise Port Canaveral Parking Tips

Port Canaveral Disney Cruise Parking

The first thing you need to know is that the Disney cruise terminal is Terminal 8 at Port Canaveral.

The Disney cruise Port Canaveral address is 9155 Charles M Rowland Dr. Port Canaveral, FL 32920.

However, there are a number of options for Port Canaveral Cruise Parking if you are sailing on a Disney cruise.

This also applies to all the other cruise lines which sail out of Port Canaveral.

When we sail on a Disney cruise we are always looking for the most convenient parking option even though this may cost a few extra dollars.

Sometimes the convenience of parking directly at the port outweighs the savings benefits.

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Port Canaveral Parking Number of Days

Note that most of the Port Canaveral paking options will charge you for the day that you arrive and the day that you leave.

This means that if you arrive on a Saturday morning and leave on a Saturday morning you will be charged for a total of 8 days.

A lot of guests don’t realize this and then are surprised by the calculation of the number of days they are charged for parking. Even if you only spend a partial day in the parking lot, you will be charged for a complete day.

Port Canaveral Parking Rates

Disney Wish Quiet Cove Pool
Disney Wish Concept Art

These rates are for the official onsite Port Canaveral Parking which is  within walking distance of all the cruise ports.

You do not need to take a shuttle with this cruise parking option you simply walk to your cruise ship terminal.

The prices for parking directly at the Port Canaveral Port for a Disney cruise are:

3-nights cruise $68
4-nights cruise $85
5-nights cruise $102
6-nights cruise $119
7-nights cruise $136

These prices reflect the fact that you pay for one extra day as explained above. So for example, $136 will be your total Port Canaveral parking cost if you sail on a 7 night cruise.

There is an extra charge for oversized vehicles over 20 feet in length.

All major credit cards are accepted – but cash is not.

Essential Guide to Disney Cruises

We have sailed out of many destinations and the Port Canaveral cruise port is one of the easiest and most efficient.

The dedicated Disney cruise port at Port Canaveral is definitely a model of how a cruise port should be!

As soon as you arrive at the Disney Cape Canaveral cruise port you know that you are already on vacation!

Port Canaveral Disney Cruise Parking

Photo by morrowm

There is also a preferred parking option at Disney’s Port Canaveral. This is not necessarily the best parking at Port Canaveral Disney Cruise.

However, it is worth thinking about. You add $20 to the total rate for premium parking at Port Canaveral.

This does get you closer to the Disney ship but really the premium is rather too much for the benefit it actually gives.

There are only 113 spaces available. It is closer to the terminal but really for the benefit you do have to think carefully about whether this is a good option for you.

It’s less walking to the terminal – but is it worth $20? Probably not.

We know it is only $20 extra, but you have to balance out if it is worth it. That would pay for quite a few drinks of the day onboard a Disney ship!

disney wish 1923
Disney Wish Concept Art 1923 Restaurant

Remember that if you park at the Disney terminal parking lot you can drop off your luggage curbside before you park. This means that you don’t have to deal with carrying your luggage from the parking lot.

There will be plenty of porters to help you and take your bags. The porters at Cape Canaveral are easily recognizable by their bright orange vests.

Tip your porter $1 to $2 per bag. Also, remember to have your Disney cruise luggage tags attached.

If you haven’t got any luggage tags then the porters will write you one out. You just have to tell them your stateroom number.

At this point, you can choose to drop off your passengers as well. They can then go into the cruise port directly and wait for you whilst you park the car.

We always want to stay together though so go direct to the parking lot with the whole family.

You pay on your way into the parking lot. If you have a prepaid voucher this is where you show it.

The most convenient level of the parking lot is Level 3. This is because you are on the same level as the covered walkway direct to the Disney cruise terminal.

If you arrive too early at the cruise terminal they will not be letting people in yet. So be prepared to either wait in your car for a while or join the line. It is usually open around 10.30 am.

Don’t arrive before your allocated cruise arrival time – this is just going to mean a lot of hanging around outside the terminal.

You will have to show your ID and let them know your Disney cruise stateroom number before they let you proceed past to walk to the terminal.

There is a great view of the ship from the covered walkway from the parking lot.

It all helps to build the excitement and anticipation of sailing on your Disney cruise!

You will reach the cruise terminal and there you have to go through X-Ray machines. The process is easy and it is nowhere near as stressful as doing this in the airport.

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Port Canaveral Disney Cruise Parking Offsite

There are also offsite car parking choices at Cape Canaveral for Disney cruise parking which may save you a few bucks.

However, it will cost you more in time, as the shuttle bus has to get you to the cruise port.

Bahamas(Port Canaveral)

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There are a number of offsite Port Canaveral Parking options:

Cruisetime Parking and Shuttle

This parking lot has very reasonable rates and is located about 15 minutes drive from Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal.

The rate is just $8 per day, but you are charged for your arrival and your departure day.

This means you will pay for 8 days if you are on a 7 day cruise. So the total will be $64 which really is very reasonable for cruise parking.

Note that these rates are for 4 people in the vehicle. Extra people are charged at $5 per person.

disney cruise parking

Also be sure to book ahead. Same day reservations have an additional $10 per day fee – meaning you may as well park at the terminal.

You will have to take the shuttle bus, but you will also save more than 50% compared to the onsite cruise terminal parking.

You can see more details at book online at Cruisetime Parking and Shuttle.

Park Port Canaveral

This is another very good choice for Port Canaveral Cruise parking. It is located 3 miles from the terminal so the shuttle takes around 5 minutes.

The basic rate is $10.95 per day.

However, like many other parking lots at Port Canaveral you are charged for your day of arrival and departure.

There is also another fee which is labeled as a Port canaveral Entry Fee which is an additional $7.50 per veicle.

Parking is also available for oversized vehicles at the rate of $20.95 per day.

You can see more details and book online at Park Port Canaveral

Go Port Canaveral

This is a parking spot which has a slighty unusual rate system. They charge you not for the number of nights, but for the number of people in your vehicle.

This would be particularly good value if you were goig on a longer cruise with just 2 people in your car.

The parking lot itself is pretty small – so if you intend on parking here you really must reserve in advance.

Packages start at $70 for one traveler. For each additional person in your vehicle there is a $5 extra fee.

You can see more details at Go Port Canaveral.

Lots of Honor

This Port Canaveral parking lot has good rates, particularly if you are a first responder or in the military.

There is a special $7.95 per day parking rate for veterans, first responders, and their families.

The non discounted rate is $10.95. There is a shuttle which takes around 10 minutes to get to the cruise terminals.

There is also an additional $5 Port of Entry fee on all bookings.

You can get more details and book online at their website LotsOfHonor

Cruise and Stay Parking at Port Canaveral

Another great option is to combine a hotel stay with parking at Port Canaveral. This is a good choice if you are driving from some distance away and want to have a relaxing stay before your Disney cruise.

We have never taken this option so we can’t offer any direct reviews, but many see this as a great choice.

We have used this option at other cruise ports before joining a cruise and it is our preferred option. It cuts down on any stress that you may have about arriving at the cruise port late.

You can have a relaxing morning before joining your Disney cruise. It also gives you an extra night of vacation time!

Often if you book a cruise and stay package you will get free parking for up to 7 nights. You will need to check on the individual hotel websites to see prices and current deals.

However, it can be a very cost-effective way of parking and having the combined benefit of a stay at a hotel the night before your Disney cruise.

One hotel with park and stay is Radisson Cape Canaveral. You can book a cruise and stay package.

Check the link below on the website for details of prices. This is an older hotel and it does get mixed reviews. There is a free shuttle to the Disney cruise port.

Click To See Latest Prices

The  Country Inn Suites also offers Port Canaveral Cruise Packages. There is a free breakfast and free wi-fi included in the package price.

There is a free shuttle to the Disney cruise port.

Have you ever parked at Port Canaveral for a Disney cruise? We would love to hear your feedback on your experiences of Port Canaveral Disney Cruise Parking.

Have you found a better deal for Disney cruise parking?

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Wednesday 6th of October 2021

Good article, very complete. Now there is a new shuttle service between Orlando International Airport and Port Canaveral Cruise Terminals starting in 2022

Shirley varner

Saturday 19th of June 2021

I have two grandchildren under the age of 5 and have to be in car seats can you tell me if the shuttle has car seats for the kids or do we need to park at the port?


Saturday 10th of July 2021

You would have to check direct but it is highly unlikely that a shuttle will have a car seat - usually, you have to take your own.


Friday 2nd of October 2020

After our Disney Cruise we have reservations at Contemporary Resort at Disney World. we see that from ORL. to Port Canaveral Magic express has RT fare of $78. However when we get off of ship we want magic express to take us right to Disney World Resort hotel. Is this available, and would it be included in $78 RT ticket cost? Or do we have to make other arrangements


Friday 2nd of October 2020

Yes, you can get the Disney Transportation back from Port Canaveral after your cruise. The price is the same for a trip to/from the airport as it is to/from a Disney Resort Hotel. So although you do have to make it clear on your booking that you want to be picked up at the airport and returned to an hotel, the price will be the same of $39 each way, $78 return. Enjoy your trip!

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