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Are You A Hollywood Studios Expert Quiz?

How much do you know about Disney Hollywood Studios? Take the quiz below and find out.

"Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway" Is Located In A Replica Of Which Hollywood Icon?

What's The Actual Name Of The Hotel In "The Twilight Zone - Tower Of Terror?"

How Do You Escape The Star Destroyer In "Star Wars - Rise Of The Resistance?"

The "Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular" Is Based On Which "Indiana Jones" Movie?

In Which Attraction Can You Hear The Line "You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension; a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind?"

What Was "Disney's Hollywood Studios" Called When It First Opened?

In "Millenium Falcon: Smuggler's Run," What Are You Trying To Steal From The First Order?

"Alien Swirling Saucers" Uses The Same Ride System As Which Disneyland Attraction?

Which Of These Facts About Disney Hollywood Studios Is True?

On What Street Can You Find "The Twilight Zone - Tower Of Terror," "Rock 'N' Roller Coaster - Starring Aerosmith," And "Fantasmic?"

In "Lights, Motors, Action!: Extreme Stunt Show," What Was The Color Of The "Hero" Car?

Where Is "Disney's Hollywood Studios'" Sister Park, "Walt Disney Studios Park," Located?

Which One Of These Planets Can You Visit In "Star Tours: The Adventures Continue?"

At The Park Entrance, You Can Take A Boat And Travel To Which Disney World Park?

Which One Of These Iconic Movie Scenes Could You Experience In The Great Movie Ride?

How Many Inversions Does "Rock 'N' Roller Coaster" Have?

The Socerer's Hat, A Former Park Icon, Debuted In Celebration Of What?

Which One Of These Disney Movies Was (Primarily) Produced At Hollywood Studios?

Which Attraction Replaced The Stageshow "Here Come The Muppets?"

When Did The "Studio Backlot Tour" Close Down Permanently?