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Ultimate Guide to Universal Epic Universe

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Universal’s Epic Universe is the next theme park coming to Universal Orlando Resort and it will be their most ambitious yet.

With intricately themed lands and technologically advanced attractions, Epic Universe could be the very best theme park in Orlando, or in the USA for that matter.

Universal’s concept art for Epic Universe

It will be the fourth park in Universal Orlando Resort, following Universal Studios Florida, Islands Of Adventure, and their water park Volcano Bay.

The park is connected by its hub Celestial Park which branches into portals into different universes. These include Super Nintendo World, The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter – Ministry Of Magic, How To Train Your Dragon – Isle Of Berk, and more.

When is Universal Epic Universe opening?

There are no exact dates yet, but Universal executives have said it will open by Summer 2025, with some stating that they are pushing for early 2025.

The sooner the better!

Where is Universal Epic Universe?

Map showing where Universal Epic Universe will be located.

Most of Universal Orlando Resort is clustered together in the north campus.

This includes Universal Studios, Islands Of Adventure, Volcano Bay, City Walk, and resorts Hard Rock Hotel, Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, Aventura Hotel, Loew’s Royal Pacific Resort, Cabana Bay, and Sapphire Falls.

There is also the Endless Summer Resort located a few minutes away from the north campus.

Epic Universe will be about 15 minutes away on the south campus, along with three new hotels (Helios Grand Hotel, Stella Nova Resort, and Terra Luna Resort). Complimentary bus services will take you between the two parts of the resort.

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How big is Epic Universe?

Universal concept art of Epic Universe’s front gate.

The south campus, which includes Epic Universe and the three new hotels, will be around 700 acres. This is around the same size as the north campus, which is roughly 735 acres.

The park itself is speculated to be around 110 acres, excluding any backstage areas. This number has not been confirmed by Universal though.

To compare, Universal Studios Florida (the park, not the resort) is 108 acres, so it is around the same size.

The Lands

There will be a total of 5 distinct lands:

  • Celestial Park
  • Super Nintendo World
  • Dark Universe
  • The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter – Ministry Of Magic
  • How To Train Your Dragon – Isle Of Berk

Celestial Park

Celestial Park will act as the park’s main hub, connecting you to the different lands.

It will have architecture that’s a unique blend of mythology and astrology.

There will be lush gardens and waterfalls making it one of the most beautiful lands Universal has created yet.

Celestial Park Attractions

Stardust Racers
Universal concept art of Stardust Racers at Epic Universe.

Stardust Racers will be a dueling launched roller coaster through the cosmos.

It has a top-speed of 62-mph, is 133 feet tall, and has 5,000 feet of track.

It’ll also have a unique roller coaster element named the “Celestrial Spin” where the two tracks twist over the top of each other.

At night, there will be no track lighting, but instead, lights on the coaster trains will make them look like comets whizzing by.

This is sure to be one of the most thrilling rides at Epic Universe and will please fans of other Universal roller coasters.

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Constellation Carousel

A one-of-a-kind carousel where you ride the constellations. You’ll hop on celestial lions, dragons, peacocks, and other magical creatures, with the ability to spin around 360 degrees on them.

Overhead is a dazzling display of constellations and the Mesmerizer, which will create an enchanting ribbon effect.


An interactive water play area that serves as a compass pointing to the different lands in Epic Universe. At night, it’ll become a magical display of dancing water and colorful lights.

Celestial Park Dining & Gift Shops

Atlantic Restuarant

A full-service restaurant themed to a luxurious Victorian aquarium.

That’s right, this restaurant will be set aside an aquarium. It’ll serve fresh fish as well as surf and turf food as you sit back and enjoy the gorgeous views of Celestial Park.

The Blue Dragon Pan-Asian Restaurant

An Asian restaurant serving authentic Japanese, Chinese, and Thai food. At the entrance, you’ll see a towering neon statue of a dragon.

It will have a vibrant atmosphere with floating lanterns above.

Nintendo Super Star Store

A gift shop that’ll sell adorable merchandise from the world of Super Nintendo.

The Oak And Star Tavern

A quick-service restaurant serving many barbeque delights!

Pizza Moon

A restaurant for all the pizza lovers out there.

Moonship Chocolates & Celestial Sweets

A theme park would not be complete without a sweet shop.

There’s not much information on this yet, but we’d imagine it’ll be a sweet shop similar to the Export Candy Shop in Port of Entry at Islands Of Adventure, serving up many theme park treats.

Super Nintendo World

Nintendo fans will be ecstatic to hear that Universal Orlando Resort is finally getting its own rendition of Super Nintendo World at Epic Universe.

This will be the third Super Nintendo World to open, with one already open in Universal Studios Japan in 2021 and another at Universal Studios Hollywood in 2023. Both have been extremely popular with guests.

You’ll immerse yourself into the world of Nintendo where you’ll meet Mario, Peach, Yoshi, and other fan-favorite characters.

You can see Bowser’s Castle, Peach’s Castle, and even go on a brand new minecart ride with Donkey Kong that is not in the other two locations.

Super Nintendo World – Attractions

Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge
Universal concept art of Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge

This ride uses augmented reality, projection mapping, and practical sets to drop you in a larger than life Mario Kart race.

You’ll race on many iconic tracks from the game, including GBA Mario Circuit, Twisted Mansion, and of course, Rainbow Road. This will be a clone of the rides of the same name in Super Nintendo World in Universal Japan and Universal Hollywood.

Guests are on Team Mario racing against Team Bowser. They score points by firing shells at characters on Team Bowser and whichever team gets the most points, wins!

Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge is a highly immersive and technologically advanced ride that will please guests.

Yoshi’s Adventure
Universal concept art of Yoshi’s Adventure at Universal Epic Universe.

Hop on Yoshi’s back and take a slow-moving, family-friendly journey through Super Nintendo World. Yoshi’s Adventure uses a omnimover system, similar to The Haunted Mansion over at the Magic Kingdom.

It’s an adorable ride with everyone’s favorite green dinosaur and will please guests looking for a more tame experience at the park.

Mine-Cart Madness
Universal concept art of Mine Cart Madness

A one-of-a-kind roller coaster where you speed through the jungle on a rickety mine-cart with Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. You’ll blast out of barrel cannons and even fly off the track just like the classic game.

Neither Universal Japan or Universal Hollywood have this attraction so it will be a brand new ride.

On top of that, it’ll be in a new section of Super Nintendo World dedicated to this ride called Donkey Kong Country, which is pictured below.

Universal concept art of Donkey Kong Country at Epic Universe.

Mine-Cart Madness looks to be a great family coaster that’ll be sure to please Nintendo fans. We can’t wait!

Super Nintendo Character Greetings

Meet your favorite Super Nintendo characters, including Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad.

Super Nintendo World Dining & Gift Shops

Toadstool Cafe
Super Star Chicken Salad at Toadstool Cafe in Universal Hollywood

A Toad themed restaurant inside a gigantic mushroom. Just like in Universal Studios Hollywood, you can dine on Super Nintendo themed food, including Mario and Luigi burgers, a Princess Peach cupcake, and more.

1-UP Factory & Mario Motors

Your go to gift shops for Super Nintendo merchandise.

Power-Up Bands
Picture from Universal Website

Guests can purchase Power-Up Bands which lets you collect digital coins and interact with elements in Super Nintendo World. Once you collect enough coins and keys you can unlock a final battle with Bowser Jr.

This is similar to TapuTapu bands at Volcano Bay in that you tap them against a podium and it sets off interactive elements in the park, including keeping track of your score on Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge. However, it isn’t used for park tickets, paying for anything, or virtual queues.

Dark Universe

Universal concept art of Dark Universe at Universal Epic Universe.

A horror land based on Universal’s classic monsters, such as Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolf Man, and many more. It’ll take place in the gothic village called Darkmoor, where the stories of Universal Monsters have come to life.

This land will pull no punches when it comes to scares, as Universal themselves have said they “tow that line of being family-friendly and PG-13.”

We’ve seen what Universal can do with their horror franchises in Universal Horror Nights, so we’re excited to see a year-round horror experience.

Dark Universe Attractions

Monsters Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiement
Universal concept art of Monsters Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiment

Dubbed one of Universal’s “scariest rides ever created,” Monsters Unchained will put you face-to-face with Universal’s Classic Monsters. You’ll enter Frankenstein Manor where Henry Frankenstein’s great-great grandaughter is conducting experiments that allow her to control the classic monsters.

The ride quickly turns to chaos when Dracula gains control of the monsters and on goes a terrifying chase through the manor’s vast catacombs.

Monsters Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiment will be similar to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey over in Islands Of Adventure, in that it uses the KUKA robotic arm system. Just like Forbidden Journey, we imagine that’ll be a technologically advanced thrill ride that will be a hit with guests.

Curse Of The Werewolf

A family spinning roller coaster through a forest where you’ll witness the horrifying transformation of the Wolfman. You’ll enter the wagon camp of the Guild of Mystics, where the guild’s all-knowing seer Malvera warns guests that they have the mark of the wolf.

On goes a twisty-turny chase through the forest where you must escape the clutches of the Wolfman.

Darkmoor Monster Makeup Experience

An elaborately themed makeup experience where you can be made it look your some of your favorite Universal monsters.

Monster Meet And Greet

Of course, you’ll get a chance to meet your favorite Universal monsters. This includes Frankenstein and the Bride Of Frankenstein among others.

Dark Universe Dining & Gift Shops

Das Stakehouse

A gothic restaurant experience where you dine amongst “familiars” of vampires.

They have many food options that you can sink your teeth into, including burgers, kebabs, ribs, and more. You’ll be surrounded by vampire artifacts and architecture.

The Burning Blade Tavern

A mysterious tavern that resides under the iconic burning windmill from Universal’s classic 1931 film Frankenstein.

And yes, the windmill will actually light on fire frequently during the day. This serves as a meeting place for the monster hunters called the “Hounds,” who will interact with guests and tell them tales of how they obtained their “trophies.”

The menu includes pretzels, burgers, bratwursts, and a variety of beverages.

Plenty of options to dine on as you listen to the mysterious tales of the Hounds – although hopefully, they’ll leave out the gruesome details while you’re eating…

De Lacey’s Cottage

A lighter part of the Dark Universe, De Lacey’s Cottage is a stand that will serve up treats like ice cream, cinnamon bread, and twisted taters.

People may remember De Lacey as being the only person to show kindness to Frankenstein in the original story, hence the sweet nature of this stand.

Pretorius’ Scientific Oddities

The Dark Universe’s main gift shop where you can purchase many monster-themed souvenirs.

Wizarding World Of Harry Potter – Ministry Of Magic

Universal concept art of entrance to Wizarding World Of Harry Potter – Ministry Of Magic.

A brand new edition to the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter that’ll take place in 1920s Paris, inspired by the second Fantastic Beasts movie, The Crimes Of Grindelwald.

This will be the third Harry Potter-themed area in Universal Orlando Resort, with Hogsmeade being the first to open at Islands Of Adventure and Diagon Alley soon to follow in Universal Studios Orlando theme park.

As of now, Universal hasn’t released much information yet on this land besides the title and some concept art. The headline attraction will likely be a dark ride based around the Ministry of Magic in London (rumors are that you will get there via floo powder).

People speculate that Professor Umbridge will be the main villain of the attraction.

It may utilize a ride system similar to The Amazing Adventures Of Spider-Man at Islands Of Adventure, enhanced with the ability to move up and down like an elevator. Again though, this isn’t confirmed by Universal.

However, it will be the largest dark ride in Epic Universe, so we have high hopes that it’ll be something very impressive, whatever it might be.

We also know that they are constructing a theater, but again, no details on what’s actually going to be in it.

There were plans to feature a third attraction involving broomsticks and VR, but those have been canceled. The good news is though that leaves plenty of room for expansion!

While we don’t know much about it yet, given how immersive and well thought out the other Wizarding Worlds are at other Universal parks, we have no doubt this will be a highlight at Epic Universe.

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How To Train Your Dragon – Isle Of Berk

Step into a world of Vikings and dragons in Isle Of Berk, based on Dreamworks’ How To Train Your Dragon movies. You’ll walk into a vast colorful world with dragon houses, cliffsides, and mountains towering in the distance.

The land takes place some time between the second and third movie, where dragons and Vikings live in harmony.

It’s the largest land in the park and has attractions perfect for the whole family.

How To Train Your Dragon – Isle Of Berk Attractions

Hiccup’s Wing Gliders

A family coaster where aspiring dragon riders hitch a ride on Hiccup’s new winged glider contraption. Toothless is not happy about this and what is supposed to be a peaceful flight turns into a chaotic one over the Isle of Berk.

For a family coaster, this roller coaster still packs a punch, with its two launch sections and banked turns. Yet it’s tame enough that most people can enjoy it.

Plus, it’s quite long for a family coaster, especially compared to Trollercoaster and Flight Of The Hippogriff at the other parks.

The Untrainable Dragon

Similar to the How To Train Your Dragon show in Universal Studios Beijing, The Untrainable Dragon is an epic original show that uses gigantic puppets to tell its story.

In this show, Hiccup and his Viking friends are handed a great challenge: to train the untrainable dragon…

The highlight is when Toothless takes flight over the audience. It’s been very successful over in Universal Studios Beijing and will be sure to wow audiences in Orlando.

Dragon Racer’s Rally

Go high in the sky in a dragon race on Dragon Racer’s Rally.

You’ll spin and go upside-down as many times as you wish. So it can be as intense as you want as you soar over the Isle of Berk.

Fyre Drill

A wet and wild Viking ship battle where you will probably get very soaked. Each guest is equipped with their own water cannon where they hit targets and try to beat other boats’ scores.

You can even soak the other riders!

This looks to be a ride with great theming and a perfect way to cool off in the Florida sun.

Viking Training Camp

A Viking play area like Camp Jurassic in Islands Of Adventure that’s perfect for the little ones.

Character Meets

Here you’ll get to live out your dragon dreams and meet Toothless up close.

You’ll also see characters like Astrid and Stormfly roaming around the area.

Universal has been advertising this as a new level of character interactivity. We can’t wait to see what they have in store.

How To Train Your Dragon – Isle Of Berk Dining

Mead Hall

A larger-than-life Viking dining hall themed to the iconic location in the movies. They’ll serve hearty meals, unique beers, and – as you might’ve guessed – mead!

Epic Universe Hotels

In the south campus, along with Epic Universe, there will be 3 brand new hotels.

Universal Helios Hotel

The grandest of the 3 hotels, Universal Helios Hotel takes place in “a world where the heavens and the Earth unite.”

It’ll be located at the back of the park and even have its own entrance into Epic Universe.

It’ll also have stunning views out onto the park. Universal has not yet stated when it will open.

Universal Stella Nova Resort & Universal Terra Luna Resort

Universal Stella Nova takes inspiration from mysteries of the unknown parts of space. Universal Terra Luna is inspired by the infinite variety of planetary elements. Both will allow guests early admission to the parks.

They’re in Universal’s “Prime Value” category along with Universal Cabana Bay Resort and Universal Aventura Hotel. Universal Stella Nova is set to open Jan. 21, 2025 and Universal Terra Luna on Feb. 25, 2025.

Will you be visiting Epic Unniverse?