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Wall-e Movie Review – Making Us Think

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  • The Wall-e movie. After all the build-up would it be worth the wait? I have been doing a lot of writing and research about the Wall-e movie so I couldn’t wait to see the movie.

Well the wait was worth it.

The Wall-e movie is another amazing creation from Disney Pixar.

How can you imagine a world where humans have done so much damage that we can’t live on Earth any more?

The Earth was taken over by a giant corporation and consumerism just got completely out of control – the junk became overwhelming.

So humans had to leave, and create their own new world in a space ship Axiom.

How do humans evolve?

To be so large and unfit that they can hardly move anymore. And so detached from humanity that they do not know how to have relationships with each other or the artificial environment in which they live.

The scary thing about this is that it doesn’t seem completely beyond the bounds of reality.

But the Wall-e movie does this in such a touching, memorable, and exceptionally entertaining way.

Your 2-year-old will love Wall-e because he is so childlike.

Of course, all my kids want the Wall-e Merchandise


But even you might be tempted by the Wall-e and Eve toy robots – I sure am!

Wall-e has no idea how humans were and what the things they left behind really are.

Wall-e is lonely and becomes fascinated with reaching out to any other soul – he learns from the movie Hello Dolly that to reach out and hold each other’s hand is something that was important to the human race. But Wall-e is lonely. Until Eve arrives.

The sleek, sophisticated robot – who has a great problem trusting anyone or anything.

But Wall-e falls in love with Eve. He will do anything for her. He follows her across the universe in one of Disney Pixar’s greatest love stories.

Will their connection save the human race?

If you describe the Wall-e movie it sounds strange.

Barely any dialogue. A love story with robots.

About how humans have messed up the Earth so much that they have to leave and get robots to clear up the waste for them.

But the concept is brilliant and the Wall-e movie is one of those which will stay with you for a long time. Your child will love it because they love Wall-e and Eve.

They will love it because they love the Wall-e characters.

They may also understand the real meaning behind it – children sometimes seem more concerned about protecting the Earth than we do. And you will love it because it entertains you. It looks magnificent.

You will enjoy the Wall-e movie. But more than that. I hope Wall-e makes you think.


Tuesday 9th of December 2008

Add to my Bookmarks :)


Monday 7th of July 2008

My son and I went to see it on opening day, it was a really cute movie, with a very important message. Two thumbs up:)

I added this blog to my reader, I can't wait to read all things Disney:)