Walt Disney World Ticket Non Expiration Option Ending


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The Walt Disney World Ticket Non Expiration Option seems to be about to become a thing of the past. The Disney World ticket purchase page now says that “all ticket days must be used within 14 days of first use” and the non expiration option is no longer on the site. It would seem that it is still possible at the moment to add the non expiration option to a Disney ticket if you buy one at the Disney World ticket booths at the parks if you request it.

The signage for this option has been removed from the ticket booths at Disney World so we are guessing that this non expiration option will very soon not be available at all. The non expiration option was still available on the Disney Travel agent portal when we checked today – but again who knows how long before this option disappears.

The non expiration option was a good choice for some Disney World guests. If you knew that you were going to be returning to the parks a sensible choice for some was to buy a 10 day ticket with the non expiration option so that you could use the tickets on a return visit.

The non expiration option was always an expensive add on to a Disney World ticket, and it was always thought that many of the unused days on the tickets remained just that – unused! This new system brings the Disney World ticket system into line with Disneyland, where there has never been a non expiration option. But of course the number of parks in Disneyland is much less with just the 2 theme park options rather than 4 theme parks and 2 water parks at Walt Disney World.

Will the disappearance of the non expiration option affect you and your family? Or did you never consider a Disney World non expiration on your ticket? Leave me a comment!

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