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Epcot Thrill Rides

By Alison

Are there really any Epcot thrill rides? Epcot does have a couple of rides for thrill seekers out there! Whilst Disney’s Epcot does not have any traditional roller coasters, it does have some very innovative rides which will entertain all the family. Some of the Epcot rides may even get the adrenaline seekers out there […]


Disneyland Character Dining 2018

By Alison

Want to know more about Disneyland Character Dining? Are you thinking of booking character meal at Disneyland? There are a number of choices for Disneyland Character Dining for you and your family. Which one is the best one? All details about Disneyland Character dining are updated for 2018. Disneyland Character Dining There are five Disneyland […]


Disneyland Blue Bayou

By Alison

The Disneyland Blue Bayou is one of those very special dining experiences If you have not already dined at the Blue Bayou restaurant you really should give it a try. This Disneyland Blue Bayou review includes menus which are up to date for July 2018. The Disneyland Blue Bayou is set at the side of […]

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