Cinderella Castle Suite

Have you ever wondered what the Cinderella Castle Suite is like? Or perhaps you have dreamed of staying the night in the luxury suite inside Cinderella’s Castle. Only a very lucky chosen few will ever get to stay within the walls of the Cinderella Castle Suite as this is one thing which money cannot buy.

Win a Stay Inside Disney Cinderella Castle Suite

Even though many have tried the Cinderella Castle Suite is not able to be booked. A stay in the Suite is generally only available as a prize. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t take a look inside with some pictures of the Suite and dream what it would be like to stay there.

During the Year of a Million Dreams in 2007 a night in the Suite was given away each night to one lucky family visiting the Magic Kingdom. More recently it has occasionally been given to winners of competitions and sweepstakes. We will keep you posted if any opportunities arise but at the moment there are no current competitions. In December 2010 Kevin Jonas stayed at the suite will his new wife but there haven’t been any other celebrity stays since then that we know of.

Photos by shadowstorm and bestofwdw

The History of the Cinderella Castle Suite

The space inside the Castle was originally intended to be an apartment for Walt Disney and his family. Sadly Walt never saw his amazing creation as he died almost 5 years before Walt Disney World opened. The space has been used as a storage area and also a telephone exchange. But in 2006 it was decided that the area would be transformed into a wonderful suite. The idea was that it would be given away as a prize each day of the Year of A Million Dreams.

Cinderella’s Castle Suite is only 650 square feet. This is much smaller than most people may imagine. But the space is so luxuriously and ingeniously decorated it truly is fit for a Princess. The style is based upon the architecture of the French Castles of the 17th Century. Lots of lavish materials and dark woods are used. The attention to details is, as you would expect from Disney, quite simply wonderful.

The Cinderella Castle Suite entrance is by way of a secret door ( of course) on the first floor of the castle. Guests enter a small but beautifully decorated lobby. Here the time on the grandfather clock is always one minute before midnight. Just one minute to go before everything changes back to reality. But visitors here can escape from reality for a while longer as they board the elevator to the fourth floor Suite.

The Suite has a bedroom with 2 very ornate queen beds, a bathroom with a huge bath and a walk in shower, and a small sitting room.

The Cinderella Castle Suite Bedroom

The beds are of course fit for a Princess and her Prince Charming. The wood furniture is all dark maple and mahogany and very ornate. There is a giant carved initial C above each 8 foot tall headboard – for Prince Charming and Cinderella of course. The soft furnishings are lavish textures in browns and golds.

The fireplace is a beautiful feature in the room. It was made from 600 pounds of limestone and features exquisite detail of the Cinderella story on the pillars. Venetian glass sconces on the side of the fireplace have pictures of Cinderella and her Prince on them.

The fireplace has a magical feature in the shape of the picture of Cinderella above it. Of course it is part of the Disney magic – it transforms into a flat screen television.

You will even find a reference to Cinderella’s humble beginnings. Two French reproduction copper cinder pots are at the side of the fire. The fire itself looks as though it is burning brightly thanks to some clever fiber optic effects.

Cinderella Suite Sitting Room

There is a small sitting room which has a very elaborate convertible sofa (the suite sleeps up to 6 guests). This is another elaborately designed and furnished room. As you may expect in a fairytale room there is a magic mirror. This is based on a traditional French design but has a distinctly non traditional feature as it transforms into another flat screen television. The entertainment center on the wall is full of interesting features with concealed storage space, a refrigerator and a dvd player.

The stained glass windows look westwards out onto Fantasyland. You can see Princes Charming’s Regal Carousel and look down on the crowds who really wish they were here too!

Cinderella Castle Suite Bathroom

Of course there is a bathroom fit for royalty too with double sinks, a 4 foot square jacuzzi tub and a walk in shower. This Grotto inspired design has a wealth of detail and exquisite artistry. On the ceiling is ceiling is a dome of twinkling stars. The jacuzzi tub has Chromatherapy Lighting and a water fall faucet.

The three mosaics that you see in the bathroom are made of Italian Smalti glass. The 30,000 glass tiles were each individually placed in the mosaic by Disney Imagineers. The dual sinks are hand hammered copper with silver leaf. Certainly not your average bathroom!

Most of us will only dream what staying in the Cinderella Castle Suite would be like. What would you give to stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite? Leave me a Comment and let me know how much it would mean to you.

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RUss - November 10, 2011

I would love to stay there. $2000 for one night! it would be fun?

Vivian - November 10, 2011

Stay there… it would be the most beautiful dream!!
A dream to remember for the rest of the life.

Cynthia Kee - November 10, 2011

This is more than I could have ever imagined! I would give anything to stay there; but not for me, for my children. To see and experience the joy on my children’s faces would be worth whatever we had to give to make it happen. It looks truly magical!

d - November 10, 2011

I would love my family to stay in the cinderella castle as my daughter starts her sats next year,she loves cinderella,its her favourite disney character of all time,that is the story she is writing about,OMG!how amazing would that be to make her wish come true and actually live the dream of being cinderella and write about it,im very sure she wouldnt be lost for words.That would what you call a fairytale dream come true!Can only dream and wish hey!x

G Rose - November 10, 2011

Just being at Disney is a dream to me. I love seeing my family’s face when they see a ride or character. I love the glow. And to give my family the opportunity to stay in the castle…..well, that would just be priceless. Life gives us unexpected surprises whether good or bad and we have had our share of bad lately and to just get away from things at home for a while is good. But throw in all the magical moments Disney has to offer…..well, it just makes you forget troubles while you are gone. You can just feel all the magic in the air no matter where you are on Disney property whether it is Cinderella’s Castle or in the value resorts it is nothing but magic. I would love for my family to have that dream of staying in the castle!!

JRaiford - November 11, 2011

Our family LOVES to come to Disney World. My oldest child will be sweet 16 April 2012, and my wife and I asked her what she’d like to do special to celebrate. I was expecting a big celebration with friends and family, a big party, etc. To my surprise, she said she’d love to go back to Disney as her celebration. Selfishly, I loved the idea for I too love to go there and have a blast watching our 3 kids laugh the entire week. We will have one meal in the castle while we are there with a “special” recognition planned for her. I couldn’t imagine getting to tell her that we would also be allowed the privilage of staying in the Cinderella Castle Suite. We thought she might think she was too old or “cool” to celebrate her sweet 16 this way, but we were pleasantly surprised, and I believe staying in the suite would definitely make this celebration, or any for that matter, the best. I told my wife what a wonderful way to celebrate an anniversay for us one day as well. We find ourselves talking frequently about our upcoming vacation at Disney World for it is taking way too long to arrive.

Mercedes and Daddy Scullion - November 15, 2011

Ok Daddy promised his one and only 7 year old princess that we would one day stay overnight in the disney princess castle and I will do whatever it takes to make my Mercedes dream come true.I would come down from Ohio on a rainy day in February to fill my promise made.I never dreamed that it would be impossible to stay one night in the princess suite even for a large price.Although we are not wealthy and can appreciate the thought behind giving a night in the Disney princess castle away we are in Ohio and cant afford to travel to florida to not be the luckiest princess in the park.So I am wishing on a lucky star that someone will let me know when I can enter the next upcoming sweepstakes to win a night in the princess castle which will make my promise to my daughter Mercedes a Promise that comes true like a dream that will make her childhood as Magical as Walt Disney has made all who have ever been to any Disney Park!

Jean - January 5, 2012

Cinderella’s Castle has always fascinated me! My first trip to WDW was October 16, 1971 on my son’s second birthday. I was in complete awe of the castle and monorail system. In 2000 I ate with my oldest grandson at the Royal Table. Lars was 6 and said that was his favorite restaurant. Now after 30+ trips (dvc member and fl pass holder) I will take my youngest grandson for his first visit on January 14. We will eat at the castle! Charlie is almost two, like his dad’s first visit in 1971. I dream about staying in the suite with my family to experience it all!

Helene P Houser - January 24, 2012

Disney World was my honeymoon destination when my husband and I married in 1978. There wasn’t much there besides the Magic Kingdom but the castle took our breath away, We went back many times staying in the various resorts and best of all Fort Wilderness. My three sons ‘grew up’ with Disney World as it expanded and my boys grew taller. Since my husband Mike passed away in 2010, I am expecting my second grandson. Our little guy has spurred some funny stories of our times in Disney World. My grown sons have never lost their love of Disney World, even going there for Senior Week in high school. My dream is to be able to afford to bring our three sons, daughters-in-law and grandsons back to Disney World to make some new memories while cherishing the ones we have. Staying in the Castle would be awesome, I’m sure. But going back to Fort Wilderness to camp or stay in the cabins would suit us just fine. I hold all our memories in my heart of all of the wonderul times we had.

claudia hackbarth - January 28, 2012

Disneyworld has been my families only vacation, for twenty years. My best friend/mother used to be my co-pilot until she passed away 3 years ago. It has been hard, but my family has returned every year. My story is different, that my 22 year old daughter is still a princess and my 20 year old son a prince. I will never grow up, when I see Mickey on Mainstreet I know it is Mickey. We have planned our trip 3-12-2012 –3-16-2012…..
I want to see my children both get married in DW, I want to bring grandchildren one day. It truly is the happiest place on earth. If our family was chosen to stay for 1 night, we would be the most grateful, awestruck, blessed family you could choose. I don’t want to play violins about how rough life has been. But, I want to express how much better Disneyworld has made our lives. Please consider us, we have certainly earned our ears so to speak. But it would be an entire families dream come true… Thank you very much Walt, we love you. Claudia, Mark, Rachel, and Austin Hackbarth

John - February 7, 2012

My wife and I have been coming to the Magic Kingdom since October 1972. We were on our honeymoon. My wife is all about Disney. She loves Cinderella’s Castle. We started taking my daughter when she was born in 1975. Now, she has two boys. Whenever they see the castle they say, “Grandma, that’s your castle.” Grandma’s Castle. My wife and I will be down to Disney World as usual in October for our anniversary. This one will be our 40th. It would be a dream come true if she could get to stay in Cinderella’s Castle. aka Grandma’s Castle. She also has her own Cinderella Gown she made herself. She would make a beautiful princess.

Stephanie Johnson - March 4, 2012

Walt Disney World is my favorite place in the entire world. It was my family’s vacation destination for six years in a row when I was younger. The magic never diminished as I have aged and in 2006, my husband and I went to Disney World for our honeymoon. It was his first visit and now he is as entranced as I have always been.

While he would most likely prefer to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge (being a typical man), I have always wanted to stay in Cinderella’s Castle.. and that is even before I knew about the beautiful suite at the top. One of my dreams has always been to bring my children to Disney World so that they could develop the same love for it as myself, but since it seems children are not in the cards for us, it would be amazing to be able to bring my entire family immediate together one more time at Disney for a visit we would never forget.

Laura - March 10, 2012

My boyfriend and I are visting Disney in Februay 2013 after saving for 2 years to do such a magical holiday. I am so excited to see “the” Cinderlla Castle when we arrive and its on the iternary for the 1st day! I came to Florida when I was 6 years old and will never forget the image of “happily ever after” it has set in my head. I sort of feel like a Cinderella, as my job role isn’t the most glamorous and have never been given to chance to be treated like a princess. Coming across this webpage has put butterflies in my tummy to know that I can enter a competition to give me a glimmer of chance that I could stay in the Cinderella Suite for one night!

Please let my dream come true and let me tell my grandchildren the story in the future of how the glass slipper fit and own version of “Once upon a time…”


Thank you for your time,


shannon - April 20, 2012

I would love for my five year old to be able to stay here. She.deserves all the magic the world has to offer. She has been through two heart surgeries and a heart stent. She will probably have another ne,t year and will through out her life. Between being sick a lot and in and out of hospitals and Dr visits she deserves some magic. I wanted to take her on the Disney cruise but its a little out of a single moms budget. But I did save up enough to take her to Disney and she just stared at the castle and begged me to go inside the disappointment on her purple face when I told her we couldn’t. Well maybe some day.

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Charlotte Miller - July 22, 2012

I can hardly even put into words what this experience would mean to me and my husband. We are newlyweds and have no children yet. In fact, we are planning a trip to Walt Disney World to celebrating our honeymoon. We go to Disneyland at least two times a year and have passed by the Disney Dream Suite with wishful hearts every time we have been in the park. However, now that we have read this description and caught a glimpse of the magic in these pictures, I can’t believe my eyes! The clincher was when we saw the carved C. and C. above the beds…my name is Charlotte and my husband’s name is Christopher…I just knew it was meant to be! Our relationship has been a fairy tale from the beginning and our family is Disney through and through. From our engagement in Disneyland, to our Mickey and Minnie cake toppers, to now going to W.D.W. for our honeymoon…staying in Cinderella’s castle would make all of our dreams come true!

THOMAS KOWALSKI - January 25, 2013

Disneyland ca. is the place i have been going since 1970. my dad and step mother use to take me there every July for my birthday. My aunt Chris Donavan use to work on the ticketed rides and always found a way to give my family handfuls of “e” tickets. As I grew up and married my kids also grew up at this park and now my grandsons are third generation “happiest place on earth” fans. I always had heard that there was a room to stay inside the park but considered it a myth. I was watching the worlds funniest videos and they said that there is a room and from the camera angles it looks like its in the french quarter. How dose a long time fan like i and three generation mickey fans have a opportunity to stay in the happiest place on earths greatest room?

Cathy Gruninger - February 25, 2013

I have taken care of my other family members all my life, my father and sister have lived with me for the last year , my husband gave up our bedrooms ,so they would have a place to sleep ,we would love to have a actual bed , let alone a castle suite to sleep in for 1 night !!!!!

cheryl satterfield - March 17, 2013

Staying At the castle is what dreams are made of! I CAN’T IMAGINE HOW MUCH FUN IT WOULD BE TO STAY WITH MY GRAND DAUGHTERS. I think I would have more fun then them. What a life long memory for all! Maybe some day!?!

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