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Frozen Meet and Greet Disney Cruise

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Want to know more about the Frozen Meet and Greet Disney Cruise experience?

If you or perhaps more likely, your Disney Princess, adores Princess Anna and Queen Elsa from Frozen, you may just get the chance to meet them on a Disney cruise.

Frozen Meet and Greet Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise frozen meet and greet

The Frozen Meet and Greet on a Disney Cruise is one of the best opportunities you will have anywhere, to meet Queen Elsa and Princess Anna.

Since the phenomenal success of the Frozen movie, Anna and Else have been two of the most sought after characters for a Disney meet and greet.

In fact, they are so popular that they are treated differently to other characters both in the parks and on the Disney cruise ships.

Whereas all the other Disney characters on a cruise appear in the atrium, Anna and Elsa have their very own meet and greet location. The other difference that the Frozen Royal Sisters have is that you cannot just stand in line for their meet and greet, you have to have a ticket.

Disney Cruise Frozen Meet and Greet Tickets

Frozen, A Musical Spectacular

In order to meet Anna and Elsa on a Disney Cruise, you have to have tickets. It is not like with the other characters where you just line up in the atrium at the allotted time. Anna and Else meet and greets are by appointment only!

So how do you get a ticket to meet Anna and Elsa on a Disney Cruise? The best way is to sign up online before you board your Disney cruise.

To sign up for Disney Cruise Frozen Meet and Greet tickets you will log into your account and go to the activities section. You will then navigate to the appropriate section and check if there are still tickets available.

All Disney Cruise Ann and Elsa meet and greets will be held on a Sea Day. There will usually be a choice of more than one event.

Frozen meet and greets are popular. Very popular. So you need to sign up as soon as you can if you want to be guaranteed a ticket.

Depending upon your Castaway Club status you will be able to sign up for events a certain number of days prior to your Disney Cruise embarkation.

You automatically become a member of the Castaway Club once you have sailed on your first Disney Cruise.

The first tier level is Silver when you have sailed between 1 and 5 cruises. If you are Silver you can book activities 90 days prior to sailing.

The second level is Gold which you will achieve when you have sailed between 6 and 10 cruises. The booking window for Gold Castaway Club members is 105 prior to sailing.

If you have already completed your tenth Disney cruise you will have Platinum status. This means that you can book activities 120 days before sailing.

Concierge Guests can also book 120 days before sailing.

What if you have never sailed on a Disney cruise before? You will have to wait until 75 days before sailing.

As you will see, Platinum and Concierge members have the advantage when booking activities online, simply because they are first in line. If things are going to sell out, being first in the queue is a big advantage.


What if the Disney Cruise Frozen Meet and Greet Tickets are Sold Out?

Frozen Meet and Greet Disney Cruise

It may very well be that you are not able to get tickets for the Frozen Meet and Greet before you sail on your Disney Cruise. They usually sell out online before general booking opens to those passengers who are not in the Castaway Club,

However, just because you cannot get a ticket before you sail does not mean that you have no chance of getting one.

If you are sailing Concierge and forgot to get a ticket, just ask your Concierge Team and they will get tickets for you.

For everyone else, if you don’t have a Froze ticket you need to get on board the Disney ship as early as possible. The first thing that you must do once you step on board is to go to Guest Services and ask if there are any tickets available.

There are always some Disney Cruise Frozen Meet and Greet tickets that are held back and which are not available. So your chances of getting a ticket are pretty good.’

What is the Frozen Meet and Greet on a Disney Cruise Like?



It really is a great opportunity to get some quality time with Anna and Elsa. Of course, it is also a wonderful time to make sure your little one gets to wear that Disney Frozen Costume

. Or maybe you want to display your very best Disney Frozen Nails!

When we have gone to the Frozen Meet and Greet on the Disney Wonder they have had it set up in Animator’s Palate restaurant. Everything was beautifully done with a Frozen themed background.

Wait times were very limited – which is particularly great for meeting with any Frozen characters. They are already incredibly popular, and with Frozen 2 coming out this Fall that popularity is only going to increase.

Princess Anna and Queen Elsa have a reasonable amount of time with each guest. We certainly did not feel hurried.

Disney Cruise Frozen Show

Check out the Disney Cruise video above to get an insight into just how magical the Frozen, A Musical Spectacular show really is!

If you are sailing on either the Disney Wonder or the Fantasy you have the chance to see Frozen, A Musical Spectacular show. You absolutely must not miss this Broadway-quality show.

Even for those who really think they cannot hear Let It Go one more time you really should give it a try! The standard of the performances and the production are just phenomenal.

If you saw Frozen, A Musical Spectacular on Broadway you would be paying hundreds of dollars in tickets. However, this is included in your Disney Cruise so take advantage!

Will you be going to the Frozen Meet and Greet on the Disney Cruise?


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