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Best Zootopia Plush Toys

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Which are the Best Zootopia Plush Toys? If you looking for a Zootopia plush toy there are lots to choose from. It’s difficult to resist the cute characters from Disney’s Zootopia, and now there are some good choices for plush toys.

Here are some of the Best Zootopia Plush Toys.

Judy Hopps Plush Toys

This Zootopia Talking Plush Officer Hopps is one of the most popular of the new toys, and it is easy to see why. It is a good size at 13.5″ and of course it has the extra feature of saying phrases from the Zootopia movie.

The Judy Hopps plush toy says six different phrases from the movie including, “Bunnies from the Burrows don’t get stepped on. They step up!”

Zootopia Talking Plush Office Judy Hopps

If you don’t want the talking plush this Zootopia Large Plush Office Judy Hopps

is a good option. She is slightly smaller than the talking plush at 12″ tall.

Zootopia Nick Wilde Plush

There is also a Nick Wilde talking plush and this is even better value than the Judy plush at around $12. He is 13.5″ tall and says 7 different phrases.

Zootopia Talking Plush Nick Wilde

If you don’t want the talking version then there is also the Zootopia Large Plush Nick Wilde

. Again this is slightly smaller at 12 inches in height.

Zootopia Flash The Sloth Plush

Who can resist this Zootopia Flash Plush? Everyone’s favorite sloth from the Zootopia DMV. He is 9.5 inches tall

Zootopia Large Plush Flash

Zootopia Large Plush Clawhauser

One of the most adorable characters in Zootopian is Clawhouser. This plush toy is 10 inches tall and the perfect character to add to your Zootopia collection.

Zootopia Large Plush Clawhauser

Zootopia Mr Big Plush

Mr Big is of course small, so this plush is just 6″ tall! He is one of the most memorable characters in the movie and there are a number of options of Mr Big plush toys

Zootopia Small Plush Mr. Big

There is also an adorable Mr Big Pillow Plush.

Disney Zootopia Mr.Big 15″ Pillow Plush

Zootopia Mayor Leodore Lionheart Plush

Disney Zootopia Mayor Leodore Lionheart Exclusive 16″ Plush

Zootopia Assistant Mayor Bellwether

This Zootopia Assistant Mayor Bellwether Exclusive 11″ Plush is one of our favorites.

Disney Zootopia Assistant Mayor Bellwether Exclusive 11″ Plush

If you want to just have one Zootopia plush or to collect them all here is a great range! Which is your favorite Zootopia plush toy?

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