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Castaway Cay Behind The Scenes

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Castaway Cay Behind The Scenes

Castaway Cay Hurricane Update

What is in everyone’s mind right now is what is happening on Castaway Cay as a result of Hurricane Dorian? Thankfully Disney has announced that all their Castaway Cay employees are safe after remaining on the island during the powerful and catastrophic Category 5 Hurricane.

Disney always has safety in mind as paramount and they have a purpose-built bunker which has “restrooms, power and is well stocked with food and water”.

It is reported that Castaway Cay employees did not stay in the shelter for very long and were soon able to return to their usual living quarters.

It isn’t yet known how much if any, damage that Castaway Cay suffered as a result of Hurrican Dorian. We will keep you updated as soon as reports come in.

The closest island to Castaway Cay is Abaco where it is known that the eye of the hurricane passed and there were winds of up to 185 miles an hour.

It is highly likely that Castaway Cay did suffer some damage, but at a level which is probably relatively easy to deal with. There are relatively few permanent structures on Castaway Cay and of course, all are built to survive hurricanes. Unfortunately, this is not so for other islands where at least 5 people are confirmed to have lost their lives.

The path of Hurricane Dorian is still unknown although it is expected to make landfall in the US sometime later on Tuesday.

Disney Castaway Cay Jobs

Ever wondered what Disney’s Castaway Cay is like when all the guests leave the island. Anyone who has visited Disney’s Castaway Cay private island must have wondered what it would be like if they never had to leave.

Watch this video to find out what the Cast Members on Castaway Cay feel about living in this exclusive location!

Castaway Cay has around 60 Cast Members who live on Disney’s private island. Castaway Cay is 3 miles long and consists of 1000 acres, only 55 of which are developed.

All of the resident Cast Members live in the Crew Compound. They have a crew beach, gym, football pitch, indoor recreation area, crew mess and of course those beautiful clear Caribbean waters to enjoy.

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Not all of the Cast Members who work on Castaway Cay live on the island. A small number commute by boat from neighboring island Abaco.

Other Cast Members work on the ship (some of the ship Cast Members go onto the island to work as food servers for example). But there is a permanent community of Cast Members who live on Castaway Cay for the whole of their contract.

Do you think that you could live and work on Castaway Cay? Working on Castaway Cay would be a paradise for some, but it is hard work, and you do have to contend with the bugs in the evenings! Is a job on Castaway Cay your idea of paradise?

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