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New Disney Cruise Ship – The Ultimate Guide [Updated 2021]

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Everyone is excited to see what the new Disney cruise ship will be. We are not just getting one new Disney cruise ship, which we know will be called the Disney Wish, but three!

The next few years are going to be very exciting times for Disney cruise lines. Updated for 2021


The first new Disney cruise ship arrives in summer 2022. This will be the Disney Wish.

The next Triton Class Disney ship will launch in 2024 and that will be followed by another new Disney ship in 2025.

Disney cruise lines will expand its current fleet of four ships which it has now to a total of seven within the next five years.

New Disney Cruise Ship


I don’t know about you but I was overjoyed to hear that there were going to be three new Disney ships being built. The first announcement came in July 2017 that there would be two new Disney cruise ships. Shortly after that, they added an additional one.

Slightly strange they did that so quickly after the first announcement, but it’s all good with us and all the other Disney cruise fans out there.

Will The New Disney Ships Be Delayed?

There is some speculation that due to the current major downturn in the cruise industry, that building and subsequent launch of the Disney Wish will be delayed. Right now, everything is speculation.

Walt Disney Company CFO Christine McCarthy said during the Bank of America Virtual 2020:

“The shipyard we utilize for our cruise ships, Meyer Werft, was impacted and we encountered a delay. We are in negotiations and discussions with the shipyard to finalize dates. But, as soon as we have those, we’ll make an announcement when we expect the fifth ship, which is the first of the three, to be delivered. But, it is delayed from what we had originally anticipated.”

There is now official word from Disney that the new Disney Wish will be launched in Summer 2022.

The Meyer Werft company has said in internal communications to its workforce, that they do not anticipate that there will be any new orders for 2023 and 2024 throughout the cruise industry.

To keep the company at work, they are said to be renegotiating existing deals with cruise companies that have orders for new ships. If this is so, this would most probably have included Disney and their order for the Wish and the next two ships.

Disney is in a much better position than many other cruise lines as it has very high demand, a loyal following, and only 4 ships, but it has been severely impacted.

It has the almost unique advantage of knowing that there is a huge demand for the Disney Wish and that if they announced the dates tomorrow there would be a huge demand for booking.

However, you must also look as to how the cruise industry, including shipbuilders, has to deal with this unprecedented crisis. Whilst Meyer Werft in Germany has remained open and operative during the crisis, it did operate with strict social distancing controls, so production on ships has been delayed.

How Much Do You Know About Disney Cruise Lines – Take the Trivia Challenge!


Right now, Disney cruise lines have four ships. The Disney Wonder and the Disney Magic are known as the Classic Ships. They are the same size and have many similar features.

The Disney Wonder and Magic each have the capacity for 2400 passengers with 875 staterooms. The Disney Magic was launched in 1998 and the Wonder 1999. They have been extensively refurbished over the years and are still in amazing shape.

The newer Disney ships are the Disney Dream Class. The Disney Dream was launched in 2011. Her sister ship the Disney Fantasy was launched in 2012. The Disney Dream cost $900 million and is 1114.7 feet long with a gross tonnage of 129,690.

The Disney Fantasy is only slightly larger at 1114.8 feet and 125,750 gross tons. Both the Disney Fantasy and the Dream have the capacity for 2,500 at double occupancy and 4,000 if every single stateroom is filled to capacity. There are 1250 staterooms on the Disney Dream and Fantasy.

I have to say that I am thankful that the new Disney cruise ships will not be huge. I am not a fan of the 5,000 passenger giant ships.

They are just too huge. It would also be more difficult to maintain the superior level of service on such a large ship.

The new Disney cruise ships will use the cleanest fuel available to the cruise industry. The new Disney ships will be powered by liquified natural gas.

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Disney Triton

Concept Art for new Disney Triton Class Ships

Although it has not been officially confirmed it is thought that the new class of ships will be called Disney Triton. When the original blue prints for the new Disney ship were revealed it used the name Triton. This is of course after Ariel’s father in The Little Mermaid movie.

Many people thought that this meant that the new Disney ship was going to be named Triton. This soon became clear that this wasn’t the case and that the new ship would be named Disney Wish.

There will be three ships in the new Disney Triton class. The original ships the Magic and the Wonder are referred to as the Classic Ships. The Disney Dream and Fantasy are known as Dream class.

Where Will The New Disney Cruise Ships Sail?


Aside from what the new Disney cruise ships will be like the other question that everyone wants the answer to is where will they sail. What new itineraries will the Disney cruise ship sail?

It is a lot of fun to speculate but at the moment we really don’t know that much.

Let’s start with what we do know.

The present itineraries are that the Disney Fantasy and the Dream both sail out of Port Canaveral and no other port.

The Dream does the three, four, and very occasional five-night Bahamian cruises. The Disney Fantasy sails mostly on seven-night cruises. These ships do not sail out of any other port.

The Disney Magic and the Wonder do a number of different itineraries. The Disney Wonder sails from Galveston, San Diego, New Orleans, and Vancouver.

The Disney Magic sails from Miami, Barcelona, Rome, Dover, Copenhagen, Dover, New York, and Quebec.

Port Canaveral CEO John Murray gave us a huge hint on 29th August 2018. He confirmed that he expects that the Disney cruise line will have at least two of the three ships in Port Canaveral.


At present Disney cruise lines have Terminal 8 at Port Canaveral. It is a very efficient cruise port, but it is also the smallest and the oldest at Port Canaveral.

However, there are going to be some significant changes to Port Canaveral in preparation for the arrival of the new Disney cruise ships.

We know that there are plans for a $50 million improvement program for Terminals 8 ad 10 in Port Canaveral. These improvements started at the end of 2019 and are expected to cost around $50 million.

Right now Norwegian Cruise Lines uses Terminal 10 at Port Canaveral. However, it is now known that Terminal 10 is being improved so that it can also accommodate Disney cruise lines.

Once the new Disney Wish is built it is highly likely that three Disney ships will be in Port Canaveral at the same time.

So, we know that at least three of the new Disney cruise ships will be based in Port Canaveral. However, what does this tell us about where the Disney ships will all be once the fleet grows from four ships to seven?

Everything here is speculation and rumor, but it’s fun to guess! As soon as there is any real news or confirmation you will find it here.

I would say that it is probably a given that the first new Disney cruise ship will sail three and four-night Bahamian itineraries from Port Canaveral. Right now the Disney Dream sails these itineraries. So would this mean that the Disney Dream sails somewhere else?

If the new Disney ship launching summer 2022 takes over the Disney Dream itineraries I would guess that a likely scenario is that the Disney Dream will sail out of the Port of Miami.

The Disney Magic already sails out of Miami for part of the year. It is now known that Disney is talking with Miami-Dade County about a new terminal in the Port of Miami.

The talks with Miami seem to indicate that two Disney cruise ships could sail out of the port. Perhaps the Disney Dream will go there as soon as the new ship arrives in Port Canaveral in summer 2022. Then in 2024 another ship would join the Dream.

This would mean that there would be two ships in Port Canaveral and two in Miami by 2024. This would seem to make a lot of sense.

Will there be more sailings out of New York? I think that this is likely too. The Disney Magic already sails out of New York for a small part of the year.

Perhaps a Disney ship will sail the majority of the time out of Miami but will spend some of the time in New York. Taking my previous theory that the Disney Dream will move to Miami it is likely that she would also sail for part of the year out of New York.


So if we have the Disney Fantasy and a new ship in Port Canaveral and the Disney Dream in Miami with a new ship where will the Wonder and the Magic be?

My theory is that the Disney Wonder is almost guaranteed to continue sailing from either Vancouver or maybe Seattle on it’s Alaska itineraries.

The Disney Alaskan Cruises are extremely popular and command a high price per day. Why would Disney change something which is working so well?

However, the Alaskan cruise season only lasts from May until mid-September. Where would the Disney Wonder sail from September to May?

Right now the Disney Wonder sails out of San Diego for Spring and Fall transits the Panama Canal and then has some sailings out of Galveston and Puerto Rico.

Transiting the Panama Canal is an expensive trip twice a year for the Disney Wonder. It is one of my favorite itineraries so I really hope that they do not stop doing this, but one possible scenario is that they might.

Perhaps the Disney Wonder could remain on the West Coast year-round.

One option would be for more sailings out of San Diego. Obviously, I would be a huge fan of this as this is my home port. However, the Mexico sailings are notoriously difficult to sell, even for Disney. We have seen a move to the shorter Mexican sailings, with most being 5 days or less. The days of multiple 7-night cruises from San Diego seem to be gone.

The Disney Wonder could also fill a gap which it seems many Disney cruise ship fans want them to do. Disney Cruises to Hawaii. There seems to be a lot of demand for a Disney Hawaii Cruise.

The Disney Wonder sailed to Hawaii on two 14 night cruises in 2012. They returned to Hawaii in 2015 when they sailed 2 itineraries from Vancouver to Hawaii. The sailings for 2020 sold out very quickly, but of course, never sailed. When 2022 sailings were released they sold out within days.

If the Disney Wonder stayed on the West Coast year-round there would be more opportunities for Hawaiian itineraries.

The only problem is that a Hawaii sailing from San Diego or Los Angeles is a 14-night sailing. Hawaii is a long distance! There were two Disney Cruises from Hawaii scheduled in 2020. These were each one-way sailings embarking from and ultimately returning to Vancouver. These didn’t sail due to the cancellation of all sailings at that time.

What will the Disney Magic sailings be once the new Disney Cruise Ships arrive? The Disney Magic already spends May until September in Europe.

These Disney Magic sailings are very popular and can command a high per night price. I would guess that it is likely that the Disney Magic could spend all year with European sailings. There is a lot of ocean to cover and a number of the other cruise lines have ships permanently ported in Europe.

So far we have four ships on the East Coast, one on the West Coast and one in Europe. That still leaves one of the new Disney cruise ships without a home port. Where will that be?

My guess is that a Disney cruise with homeport in Australia is on the horizon. It is a growing market and without a Disney park anywhere close to Australia there are huge amounts of Disney fans in Australia and New Zealand just waiting for the chance to cruise on a Disney ship.

It will be interesting to see in the coming months and years just how much of this speculation about the new Disney cruise ships come true. Where do you think the new Disney cruise ships will sail from? Leave me a comment below.

New Disney Cruise Ship Names


Another area where there are lots of new Disney cruise ship rumors is around what the new ships will be named. Right now we have Disney Fantasy and Dream, Disney Wonder, and Magic. The pairs of names relate to each other and we can probably expect that the three new Disney cruise ship names will be linked in some kind of theme.

There was some excitement when it was revealed that the name for the first new ship project was Triton. This caused a lot of confusion with people thinking this meant that the new ship would be called Triton. It doesn’t mean this – it is just the project name for the shipyard.

We now know that the new ship will be the Disney Wish. As the names of the ships usually related to each other, it is interesting to speculate what the next 2 ships will be called.

I would bet that it is actually pretty difficult to think of a new Disney cruise ship name. Just start thinking about it. The pressure to get a really good name will be high. Fortunately, Disney cruise lines are not exactly short on creative thinking!

Princess cruise lines have just announced that their next ship will be called Enchanted. However, I think that a top contender still has to be Disney Enchantment.

An obvious contender is Disney Imagination. However, this may be a no go as there is already a Carnival Imagination. A variation on this would be Disney Imagine.

Disney Wish or Disney Wishes must be a front runner. Perhaps Disney Wish is the most likely of these two as there is already a Disney Wishes fireworks show. Disney Princess would be great – apart from the fact that it would have another cruise line name in there!

Another idea is that the three new Disney cruise ships could all be named after characters. Not sure that Disney Mickey or Minnie really works for a cruise ship though!

What do you think that the new Disney cruise ships will be named?

Disney Wish Cruise Ship

Now we know! It was announced at D23 that the new Disney cruise ship will be named Disney Wish!

I decided to leave the thoughts above. Not only to show I did actually predict the name Disney Wish, but we have another two ships to go, so the guessing game is still on!

Personally, I love the name Disney Wish. It just seems like the right decision. I would guess that to fit in with Disney Wish the next two ships are likely to be called Imagine and Enchant. Or perhaps Believe.

Anyway, for now, it’s great to know that the next ship is Disney Wish and that the first sailing will be 2022. Now we just have to wish we will sail on it soon!

Disney cruise lines have released this statement about the Disney Wish. It gives us some hints of what may be onboard the Disney Wish.

“The ship’s atrium will be a bright, airy, and elegant space inspired by the beauty of an enchanted fairytale. A beloved hallmark of Disney Cruise Line, it has been a tradition to adorn the back of our ships with an iconic character that reflects the theme of each vessel. For the Disney Wish, the ship’s stern will feature Rapunzel. Our favorite artsy princess, paintbrush in hand, uses her enchanted hair to suspend herself as she decorates the stern of the ship with the help of her feisty sidekick, Pascal. Spirited, smart, curious, and above all, adventurous, Rapunzel embodies the wish and desire to see and experience the world”.

Disney Wish Lobby

The lobby is always the central gathering area in a Disney ship. The picture below shows the original concept art for the new Disney cruise ship lobby.

As you can see, it has a lot in common with the other Disney cruise ships. This most likely shows what will be decks 3, 4 and 5 on the new Disney Wish.

The grand staircase and indeed the whole design is very much reminiscent of the Disney Wish and the Disney Dream.

What was missing from the original art was the lobby statue as when this was released, that had not been announced.

All pictures and video by Disney Parks Blog

Original Disney Concept Art for the Disney Wish

This video was released on December 25, 2020, to show that the statue will be of Disney Princess Cinderella! She is only the second Disney Princess to a ship statue – Ariel is in the Disney Wonder lobby.

It is interesting to see that here the Cinderella statue is golden – this is not something which is seen in any of the other statues on the Disney ships.


For more details go to Disney Wish Lobby – What We Know

New Disney Cruise Ships Staterooms


The new Disney cruise ships will only be slightly larger than the Dream Class. The information that we have is that they will be 140,000 gross tons. They will have the same number of staterooms as the Disney Dream Class Cruise Ships.

What will the new Disney cruise ship staterooms be like? Disney has always been an innovator in the design of cruise staterooms. The Disney Magic and Wonder staterooms pioneered the concept of larger staterooms. The Disney cruise staterooms are amongst the largest in the industry. Even the smallest of the staterooms are a very reasonable size.

The staterooms on the Disney Wonder and Magic are slightly larger than those of the Disney Fantasy and the Dream. The smallest stateroom on the Classic Disney Ships is the Standard Inside stateroom at 184 square feet. The equivalent on the Dream Class is 169 square feet.

The Deluxe Inside staterooms and the Oceanview Staterooms are a lot larger at 214 square feet on the Classic ships and 204 on the newer Dream Class. This is a very generous size for the lower-priced staterooms. I have to admit that I have sailed with other cruise lines and have never found an equivalent stateroom class which gives you as much space as the Disney ships.

The Verandah staterooms give you a very generous amount of space on all of the Disney ships. The Fantasy and Dream are 246 square feet and the Classic ships give you 268 square feet.

We already know that there will be 1250 staterooms on the new Disney cruise ships. If the ship is going to be slightly larger we can assume that the staterooms will probably be about the same square footage as the existing ships.


Disney cruise lines are well known for its great stateroom design so it seems unlikely that they will change anything fundamental about the size of the staterooms.

The launch of the Disney Magic also saw an entirely new concept of cruise stateroom design. The split bathroom. This means that most of the staterooms on the Disney ships have 2 rooms for the bathroom. The first room has the toilet and a sink. The second room has a shower over a small bath (some of them have round baths) and another sink.

The split bathroom design is really popular as it is such a great idea. With the existing ships, all except the Standard Inside Staterooms have the split bath.

I would be surprised if they don’t have this in all the staterooms on the new Disney cruise ships. It’s popular with guests as it is a great design.

The Disney Dream saw another cruise first in stateroom design. The Virtual Portholes. All of the Inside Staterooms on the Disney Dream and the Fantasy have a Virtual Porthole. What is this? It’s your pretend window out on to the ocean!

Your Virtual Porthole shows a variety of scenes. Sometimes it shows the outside view, usually when arriving at a port. However, the really great thing about the Virtual Porthole is that you can see your favorite Disney friends swimming by on it!

You never quite know when you will see Mickey snorkeling past. Or one of Nemo’s friends swimming by.

I think that it is almost guaranteed that the Virtual Porthole will be a feature of the new Disney cruise ships. When the Classic ships were updated recently many people hoped that they would be retrofitted with this technology. However, unfortunately, it was too huge of a task and this wasn’t done.

I would be very surprised if the new Disney cruise ships don’t have the Virtual Porthole feature. Perhaps it will even be upgraded in some way so that the guest has some control over what scenes or characters that they see.

How else can a Disney cruise stateroom be improved? Technology is moving so quickly and Disney cruise lines will definitely want to be at the forefront of making use of technological advances.

I would guess that at the very least we will see some kind of touch screen or even voice recognition technology in your Disney Cruise stateroom. Imagine being able to say “Mickey play Frozen 2 on my television” or “Minnie set the temperature to 78 degrees”.

The technology is here and Disney is an innovator so I expect that there will be some radical improvements to your Disney cruise stateroom experience.

Maybe you will be able to order Disney cruise room service with voice recognition or an app?

New Disney Cruise Ship Magic Bands


This really has to be a strong possibility for the new Disney cruise ships. Magic Bands were a huge investment for Walt Disney World but have been a huge success. I would be very surprised if the new Disney cruise ships do not include a variation of the Magic Band in some way.

Other cruise lines already have this technology so it isn’t a big stretch. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines WOWbands are available on select ships and will open your door. RCCL also has online check-in available for certain ships where you can upload your photo and check-in from the comfort of your own home. Disney could say goodbye to those long check-in lines if they incorporated this technology for their new cruise ships.

Princess Cruise lines have recently introduced Ocean Medallion takes this kind of technology on ships a step further. They use a small medallion which can be worn in various ways. This serves as your key card and lets you charge things to your room.

It also has other features such as being able to order drinks and message others on the ship. It even lets you check-in at home so you can completely bypass the check-in line. I experienced this on the Royal Princess recently and it really did make a difference. I would expect that Disney will introduce something like this technology on the new ships.

Of course, there are a lot of possibilities for a Magic Band like technology on a Disney cruise. The technology could be combined with a phone app for endless possibilities.

At the moment all you can do with your Disney Cruise Navigators app on your phone is use it as a digital version of the paper Navigators. It will show you the schedule and the menus onboard but you can’t do very much with it.

It is fairly basic and of limited use. The Navigators app is now much improved from its old technology which only allowed you to count down to your cruise. Now you can check-in and book activities on your phone. There are so many more possibilities for this technology and I am sure this will be a huge feature of the new Disney cruise ships.

Perhaps you will be able to order your food for your Disney rotation prior to going to the restaurant if you want to. You can ask for directions on the ship when you don’t know the way to the Buena Vista Theater. Or book a spa appointment. Or see just when a reservation for Palo is open. Endless possibilities to enhance your Disney cruise experience.

Perhaps the Magic Bands could be smart enough to learn what you like so they can make suggestions for you. If you spend your time in the gym they can suggest a spin class. If you spend most of your time in the Rainforest Room they could recommend a spa treatment. Or make educated recommendations about what you should choose from the menu.

A feature that parents would love is the ability to be able to track your children on board. The Princess Ocean Medallion already offers this so it would be a no-brainer for Disney cruise lines new ships.

One thing which I feel sure will be introduced is the ability to pay for everything via your Disney Cruise Magic Band. Of course, your Key To the World lets you do this and Disney Cruise lines is a no cash society. However, it would be so much easier if you never actually had to carry your card around and just wore your Magic Band.

New Disney Cruise Ship AquaDuck

The Water Cannon

Photo By
The artist rendering which Disney has released seems to clearly show a structure very similar to the AquaDuck. The Disney Fantasy and the Dream both have the AquaDuck.

As it is such a popular feature on these ships it is safe to assume that there will be something like it on the new Disney ships.

The AquaDuck is a whole lot of fun. The only thing which is not so much fun is the lines for the AquaDuck. Perhaps Disney will adopt some new technology that will have a Fast Pass like system for the AquaDuck on the new ships.

Fantastical Night

Photo Credit

Or something more like the Tapu Tapu system which Universal Studios has developed for their Volcano Bay water park. This is a great system where you use your Magic Band like a wrist band to register you a place in the line.

The display will tell you what the current wait time is so that you know an approximate time to come back. It is kind of like holding your place in a virtual line so you don’t have to physically stand in the line.

Disney New Cruise Ship Restaurants


It is so exciting to think about what the Imagineers will design for the new Disney cruise ship restaurants. All of the existing ships have three rotational dining restaurants. It is safe to assume that the new ships will also have three restaurants and that the very successful rotational dining concept will remain.

All of the Disney cruise ships have Animator’s Palate restaurant so it will be interesting to see if the new ones do too. My guess would be that they will, but that they will introduce new technology to Animator’s Palate.


The Disney Wonder and Magic both have restaurants which are directly themed for a Disney Princess. The Disney Wonder has Tiana’s Place and the Magic has Rapunzel’s Royal Table.

Neither of these restaurants was on the classic ships when they were launched, but both have been extremely successful.

It is likely that we will see this strong theme towards one particular movie in the restaurants on the new Disney cruise ships. It would be great to see a Pixar themed restaurant.


Another strong possibility has to be a Star Wars-themed restaurant on the new Disney cruise ships. There are already Star Wars themed cruises and of course Star Wars Land will be with us in the Disney parks soon. If there isn’t a full restaurant then at the very least there should be a Mos’ Eisley Cantina for the adults!

All of the existing ships have Palo and it is safe to assume that the new cruise ships will too.


I am sure that there will be at least one and possibly two additional upscale adult-only restaurants on the new Disney cruise ships.

The Disney Dream and Fantasy both have Remy which is one of the finest restaurants at sea. The new cruise ships could stay with the Remy theme or have an entirely different concept.

What would be a great theme for the upscale restaurant on the new Disney cruise ships?

New Disney Cruise Ships Concierge


Disney cruise concierge is very popular on the existing ships. The Concierge Staterooms often sell out on the day that the sailing is released. I feel pretty certain that the new Disney cruise ships will offer more Concierge Staterooms and that there will be expanded areas for the lounge and outside area.

On all of the existing Disney cruise ships, the largest Concierge Suites are the Roy Disney and the Walt Disney Suites. My guess would be that the new Disney ships will also have the Walt and Roy Disney Suites and that these will be the largest and most expensive on the ship.

It will be interesting to see just how many Disney Cruise Concierge Staterooms are offered on the new ships. The Classic and the Dream Class ships offer family staterooms, one and two-bedroom staterooms in Concierge.

The Disney Dream and the Fantasy have their own section of the ship which has the staterooms, the lounge and the outside deck space for the Concierge.

The Classic ships are different as there was not as much emphasis on the Concierge staterooms when they were launched. The Concierge lounges and outdoor space have only been added recently on the Classic Disney ships.

What seems to be a given is that the Concierge area on the new Disney ships will be separate from the rest of the ship. Just like on the Fantasy and the Dream. However, I would expect that it will be even more upgraded than on the Disney Fantasy and Dream.

On the Disney Dream class ships, the outside concierge area is very nice but it could be improved upon. It doesn’t have a view of the ocean. Maybe the new Disney cruise ships will have a view out onto the ocean from the concierge deck.

Another feature that none of the existing Disney ships have is a private pool for Concierge guests. Many other cruise lines do offer this for their guests so perhaps we can expect that this will be incorporated into the design of the new ships.

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Disney’s New Private Island

disney castaway cay excursions and activities

One of the great features of a Disney cruise is a visit to their private island Castaway Cay. A port stop in Castaway Cay is often the highlight of a Disney cruise.

It is well known that Disney cruise lines have been looking for a new private island for some time. Finally, in October 2018 it was confirmed that a new Disney private island location had been found.

Disney now has the go-ahead to develop the 700-acre privately owned Lighthouse Point Development on the south end of the island of Eleuthera. This is a 700-acre property in The Bahamas.

“We are excited to reach this important milestone and look forward to working with the government and the people of the Bahamas to create new economic opportunities while preserving the natural beauty of Lighthouse Point,” said Disney Cruise Line President Jeff Vahle. “We are grateful for the warm welcome and support we have received from so many in Eleuthera and look forward to further developing relationships that will endure for many years to come.”

Now it remains to be seen what the details of the development will be. All we know at the moment is that Disney plans to give 190 acres to the Bahamian government for use in conservation and a national park.

What do you think that the new Disney cruise ship will feature? Leave me a comment below.

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I like to see the Disney Cruise ships name imagination

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I think the Disney Marvel has a nice ring to it!

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Unfortunately,there hasn't been an announcement yet as to whether or not there will be any Disney cruises to Hawaii in 2021. It seems unlikely that there will be, but as soon as the rest of the sailings are announced for 2021 I will write about them.