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The Art Of Zootopia

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If you enjoy looking behind the scenes of Disney movies this wonderful book.The Art of Zootopia has to be on your must-see list.

Zootopia is one of the best movies to come out of Disney Animation Studios in a while, and it is always good to see just what was behind the scenes on such a great movie.

This beautiful book has concept art, character designs and lots of behind the scenes information. It is a must-have for any Zootopia fan.

The Art of Zootopia

There is so much detail in the Zootopia movie you really do have to look very closely to get all of the references and nuances. There are so many Easter Eggs in Zootopia. Probably more than any other Disney Animation Studios production to date. If you want to know about the Frozen Easter Eggs in Zootopia visit our article at:

Disney Frozen Zootopia Frozen Easter Eggs

The Art of Zootopia book is one of those things which you will be inspired to open again and again. We have collected most of “The Art of” books over the past decade or so and they are all stunning. They are in some ways coffee table books but they are also books which are meant to be looked at and appreciated.

The Art of Zootopia

There is a lot of discussion of the behind the scenes aspects of Zootopia. There is always a lot of this on any DVD release but it is always good to get this in advance so that you can actually go to the movie theater and appreciate even more elements of the movie.

There is so much going on in the background of the scenes in Zootopia the behind the scenes information really is invaluable.

The Art of Zooopia is a definite must-have for any Disney fan. It takes your experience of the movie to the next level.

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