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Castaway Cay Weather – What to Expect for your Disney Cruise

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Want to know more about Castaway Cay weather? If you are sailing on a Disney Cruise in the Bahamas or the Caribbean it is likely that one of your port stops with be on Disney’s Private Island, Castaway Cay.

The Castaway Cay weather is consistently good year-round. Being an island in the Bahamas means it has great weather most of the time!

Castaway Cay weather
CASTAWAY CAY, THE BAHAMAS – January 29, 2013 – Pelican Plunge water slides at Castaway Cay, Disney Cruise private island.

Here is a summary of the weather that you can expect at Disney’s Castaway Cay. All figures are averages and temperatures are in degrees Fahrenheit.

Daily Average696971.574.57881.583.5838278.574.570.5
Daily High Average747477808386888887848076
Daily Low Average646466697377797877736965
Ocean Temp Average737375798182828282817975
Rain (inches) Average2.
Rainy Days8678101517191715108

It is very clear to see a pattern with the weather in Castaway Cay. The hottest months are from June to September. These are also the most popular months as they coincide with school breaks.

The downside of visiting Castaway Cay in the summer months is that you are more likely to experience rainfall. However, rain showers usually clear up very quickly.

As well as the air temperature the thing that you really want to know is what the ocean temperature will be on Castaway Cay. Being in the ocean is a huge part of the experience and it can be disappointing if the water is cooler than you expect.

Castaway Cay with Disney Fantasy

As you can see from the chart, the cooler months are December, January, and February. Not only for the air temperature but of course, the ocean too. You may find that it is a little cold to go in the water.

It really depends upon your own tolerance level. I’m from England so the cold really doesn’t bother me anyway. However, my partner is from Cuba and he definitely prefers the summer temperatures!

What is the Water Temperature at Castaway Cay?

Air temperature is one consideration but you also need to think about what is the water temperature at Castaway Cay likely to be?

Most of the year the water temperature is ideal. The yearly average is a very pleasant 79 degrees. The highest temperatures are likely to be in August with a maximum of around 86 degrees.

However, in the winter months from January to March there is a wider range of temperatures with the water being as challenging as 69 degrees ranging up to 80 degrees.

One thing that you really must be careful of is whatever time of year, be very vigilant and use and reapply Reef Friendly Sunscreen frequently.

Sunburn is really not the memory that you want of your time on Castaway Cay. It can happen really quickly so always make sure you keep reapplying sunscreen for yourself and your children.

Whenever you visit Disney’s Private Island, it is an amazing experience.

Here is a great video by one of our favorite Vloggers, Michael Kay. This video gives a great impression of just some of the things which the island has to offer including some of the Castaway Cay Activities parasailing and renting a jet ski.

Castaway Cay Weather Forecast

If you want the current Castaway Cay weather forecast then there are a couple of resources that we use:

The Weather Channel has both short-term and longer Castaway Cay weather forecasts. It is in a very easy-to-understand format and is our preferred site.

AccuWeather Online also has short and long-range forecasts. This site is good if you want to look at historical data as well, which can give you a good indication of what the weather may be like for your Disney cruise.

Cruising in Hurricane Season

Umbrellas at Castaway Cay

One thing which is always a consideration when you are thinking about booking a cruise in the Bahamas and the Caribbean is hurricanes. Unfortunately, they are the reality of sailing in that region of the world.

Hurricane season officially runs from June 1 to November 30 every year. However, whilst you should be aware that hurricanes most definitely can affect your cruise, you really shouldn’t let it put you off booking a cruise during hurricane season.

The key is to be prepared. Always sail with travel insurance. It is rare, but things can happen and you need to make sure that you are covered if they do.

Cruise ships are very well prepared for hurricanes. Modern cruise ships have very sophisticated technology and they are aware well in advance of the path of a hurricane. They are able to sail to safety, well away from the hurricane.

castaway cay weather

Hurricanes tend to move pretty slowly, usually at no more than a rate of 10 knots. Cruise ships can sail much faster with a top speed of 24 knots, so they can usually sail fast enough to get out of the way.

You can experience rough seas at any time of the year. It is always advisable to take some sea sickness remedy

on board with you. Here are some tips to avoid being seasick on a cruise.

I have sailed during hurricane season many times, and ironically the one time my cruise was impacted was when I was sailing on a cruise from San Diego.

Hurricanes on the West Coast are not as common as they are in the Bahamas and the Caribbean, but they can sometimes happen.

However, this time we had to sail a long way out to sea to avoid not one, but the path of two hurricanes.

The seas were rough but the skill of the Disney captain and his crew meant that we mostly avoided any rough seas at all. We did miss two port stops though.

Often when there is a hurricane in the area a ship will need to change course, so you need to be prepared to skip some port stops sometimes.

This includes Castaway Cay. Sometimes the ship is unable to dock in Castaway Cay.

Even though there is a purpose-built dock at Castaway Cay, sometimes the captain makes the decision that it would not be safe to dock, if weather conditions make it less than ideal.

All cruise captains and crew have the safety of passengers in mind as an absolute priority. It can be very disappointing if you don’t dock at Castaway Cay because of the weather but be assured that the captain is just keeping you safe.

Have you ever visited Castaway Cay and the weather has not been great? Will the weather forecast influence when you book a Disney Cruise?