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Disney Adventure Cruise Ship – All the New Exciting Details!

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Finally! Some details about what to expect from the new Disney Adventure cruise ship that will set sail from Singapore in 2025.

Still no specifics about exactly when the first sailings will be, but at least it is confirmed that this will be “next year”.

What was revealed today is that there will be three and four-night itineraries. Perhaps a surprise that there won’t be longer sailings offered initially, but no details yet of exactly what the port stops will be.

In a first for DCL, Disney Adventure was not built from scratch by Disney.

The announcement came on December 9, 2022 that Disney had acquired the Global Dream. At that time, she was around 75% completed – but with still enough scope for DCL and the Imagineers to put their own unique design features on the ship.

We have seen from previously released concept art, and the new renderings released today, that Disney Adventure is going to look very distinctly “Disney”.

The Disney Adventure will have capacity for about 6,700 guests and 2,500 crew members.

disney cruise adventure ship

All photos Disney Concept Art

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New Areas on Disney Adventure

We now know some details of what will be featured on Disney Adventure.

“The creative teams at Disney Cruise Line and Walt Disney Imagineering have been busy dreaming up exciting new ways to amaze and entertain adventure-seekers while onboard. Inspired by the magic of imagination, discovery, fantasyand —of course — adventure, families will discover seven uniquely themed areas throughout the ship, all designed to bring the extraordinary worlds of fan-favorite Disney stories to life.

Each area will be packed with immersive experiences and entertainment featuring beloved characters where families can create memories to last a lifetime… without ever leaving the ship!”

The Adventure will combine Disney, Pixar and Marvel in the design.

In the Disney Imagination Garden, embark on a journey through an enchanted valley inspired by over a century of heroic and heartwarming Disney tales—from Mowgli’s jungle adventures to Moana’s oceanic quests.

This creative gathering space will also feature spectacular performances on an open-air stage.

This is a first for DCL, although this type of space is featured on many new cruise ships, most notably on the newer Royal Caribbean ships.

We can get a hint of what this space may be like from the original concept art of the Global Dream which showed an outdoor open-air stage.

Note that this concept art is not from Disney, but from the original owner of Global Dream, so no doubt the space will be very different, but it does give us some idea of what it may be like.

At Disney Discovery Reef, dive down to the ocean floor to explore the nautical realms of “The Little Mermaid,” “Lilo & Stitch,” “Finding Nemo,” and “Luca,” complete with uniquely themed shopping and dining experiences.

Inspired by the expansive universe of “Big Hero 6,” San Fransokyo Street will be a lively family entertainment area filled with interactive games and activities, shops, cinemas, and more.

At Wayfinder Bay, let “the line where the sky meets the sea” call you to a poolside retreat that showcases the Pacific Islands-inspired artistry of “Moana,” offering some of the most breathtaking views aboard the Disney Adventure.

Explore the enchanted Town Square—a magical forest brimming with shops, lounges, cafes, restaurants, and entertainment venues inspired by the fantastical kingdoms of “Tangled,” “Cinderella,” “Frozen,” “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “The Princess and the Frog,” and more.

Heroes will unite at Marvel Landing, where Avengers-level adventures featuring thrilling attractions and brand-new experiences await.

In Toy Story Place, little ones can join friends from Andy’s Room in a whimsical and interactive water play zone, along with various themed dining venues.

disney adventure cruise reveal

What Will Disney Adventure Feature?

In true Disney Cruise Line fashion, every voyage on the Disney Adventure will be filled with fun, ample opportunities for relaxation, a variety of delectable dining options, stunning entertainment, and unparalleled guest service. After a day brimming with adventure, guests can retreat to comfortable staterooms equipped with family-friendly conveniences and unique Disney touches.

As you can see from the concept art, the staterooms look very much like those on Disney Wish and the soon to be launched Disney Treasure.

disney adventure staterooms

Here we can see that one of the themes for the staterooms will be The Little Mermaid.

It seems that Disney Adventure will also feature the split bathroom – something that was originally introduced by Disney to cruise ship design, and is a very popular feature of all their ships.

The split bathroom was part of the original design of Global Dream, so there will have been no need to have a major redesign of the structure.

We wrote a detailed article about what we think Disney Adventure will feature based upon the original ship design. You can see that here to compare the old concept art with the new.

The colors and simple, but luxurious design of the stateroom looks fabulous.

disney adventure ship staterooms

The Disney Adventure will also offer premium concierge accommodations for the ultimate luxury experience.

disney adventure concierge

The concierge stateroom concept art shows beautifully designed, larger spaces. You can see the Moana art featured on the walls.

disney adventure concierge stateroom

Disney Adventure will also feature an array of exclusive amenities, including high-end shopping and dedicated spa and fitness facilities.

Not surprisingly, no mention of a casino. None of the Disney ships have a casino, and there was some speculation that Disney Adventure would as the original Global Dream featured a huge space dedicated to this. It seems that, as expected, Disney will be using this space for something very different.

What do you think of the new details about Disney Adventure?

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