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Disney Countdown Calendar Craft

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Looking for a Disney Countdown Calendar? It is a lot of fun to countdown your days to your Disney Cruise or Disney World visit with a countdown calendar.

Here we show you how to make a Disney Cruise Countdown Craft. You can also use the basic design to adapt it to a Disney World or Disneyland Countdown Calendar.

Supplies for Disney Countdown Craft

Disney Countdown Calendar

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Here are the supplies that you need. If you are not making a Disney Cruise Countdown, but are doing this for the parks, of course you can omit the anchor.

7×9 wooden sign

Wood Anchors for Crafts

Black and grey/silver acrylic craft paint


Hot glue gun

Rope sewing trim

4 Shades of Blue Card Stock Paper


Scrapbooking glue stick

Cricut machine and fine point blade

Standard grip cutting mat

Black adhesive vinyl

Black and White Card Stock

Mickey svg

How to Make a Disney Countdown Calendar

If you can easily detach the frame from the sign, do that first.

Then paint the frame black set it off to the side to dry. 

Disney Cruise Countdown-02.JPG

Paint the anchor gray and leave to dry.

Disney Cruise Countdown-03.JPG

Cut the Card Stock into rectangles that are the width of the board. The lightest blue should be the same height as the sign.

The other three should get increasingly shorter as they get darker.

Disney Cruise Countdown-04.JPG

Trim the tops of the shorter three pieces into a wavy pattern to look like ocean water.Layer and glue the Card Stock together and to the sign.

Don’t put glue all the way up to the top of the darkest paper. You’ll need a small opening to slide the countdown into.

Disney Cruise Countdown-05.JPG

Once the paint is dry, you can press the frame back onto the sign, and hot glue the anchor onto the frame. Add some rope trim around the anchor for an extra nautical touch. 

Disney Cruise Countdown

Next, use Cricut Design Space to create the text for your sign. Download the “Walter” font from and resize it so it will fit properly in your sign.

You will also need to make the numbers for the countdown. Two of each number 0-9 will give you up to 99 days (about 3 months) worth of counting down.

An extra number 1 will get you to 6 months. Upload the Mickey SVG and resize to about 2”. Duplicate it so you have as many Mickeys as numbers.

Even though the words and the Mickeys are both black, you have to make them two separate colors in design space so that you can cut them out of different materials. 

Use your Cricut to cut the words out of vinyl, and the Mickeys and numbers out of black and white Card Stock. 

Weed each letter individually from the vinyl and place it onto the sign. Using transfer tape could ruin the Card Stock. 

Next use scrapbooking glue to attach each number to a Mickey. 

Then you can just slide the correct numbered Mickey into place!

Disney Cruise Countdown DIY

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Disney Cruise Countdown Calendar DIY