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Disney Cruise Line Announces Lower Drinking Age for Australian and New Zealand Cruises

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Disney Cruise Line has announced the policy for drinking alcoholic beverages on the new Australian and New Zealand sailings which will start in October 2023.

There had been some speculation about what the drinking age would be as the legal drinking age in Australia and New Zealand is 18, whereas in the US it is 21.

DCL has recently clarified that the policy will be exactly the same as it is in Europe (which also has a lower legal drinking age).


Disney Cruise Australia and New Zealand Drinking Age

For roundtrip cruises from Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, and Brisbane, guests who are 18 years and older may purchase and consume alcohol without parental consent.

The policy for Disney repositioning cruises between Hawaii and Australia is different.

Parents or guardians must sign a Beverage Consent Form to allow their 18 to 20-year-olds to consume alcoholic beverages while in their presence.

This is the same as the policy when Disney ships sail in Europe.

Here is the exact wording from the DCL Site

Disney Wonder Bars

The Disney Wonder has a selection of bars to enjoy during your cruise:

  • Azure
  • The Cadillac Lounge
  • Crown and Finn Bar
  • D Lounge
  • French Quarter
Disney Wonder French Quarter Bar

In addition to the bars inside the Disney Wonder, there is Signals Bar which is located outside on Deck 9 in the Adult Only area.

The Cove Cafe also serves coffee and alcoholic beverages.

Guide to Disney Wonder Bars

Does Disney Cruise Line Have a Drinks Package?

Unlike many other cruise lines, Disney does not have a drinks package.

There is no unlimited drinks package available on Disney Cruise Line.

However, there are some ways of getting a discount on drinks on a Disney Cruise.

Soda is free from the Deck 9 self-service pool deck location. Soda, tea, and coffee is also free in the dining rooms.


You will be charged for soda in a bar.

There is always a Drink of the Day on a Disney Cruise. There is an alcoholic and a non-alcoholic option offered every day.

Disney Cruise Drink of the Day

Disney is also one of the very few cruise lines which allow you to take your own bottles of wine onboard.

Disney Cruise Line Guests 21 years and older may bring a maximum of 2 bottles of unopened wine or champagne (no larger than 750 ml) or 6 beers (no larger than 12 ounces) on board at the beginning of the voyage.

You can also bring on the same amount at each port-of-call for a Disney Cruise.

Disney Cruise Line – How to Bring Alcohol Onboard

Disney Cruise Wine Package

There is also a Wine Package available for purchase.

This allows you to buy between 3 and 7 bottles of wine at a discount.

There are 2 Wine Packages:

  • The Classic Wine Package
  • The Premium Wine Package

All Disney Cruise Wine Packages are available regardless of the length of the Disney cruise you are sailing on.

For example, you could buy a 3-bottle package on a 7-night cruise. Or a 5-night package on a 4-day cruise.

Disney Cruise Wine Package Menus and Cost

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