Disney Cruise Ship Staterooms To Avoid


When you book a Disney cruise your choice of a stateroom is one of the most important decisions that you need to make. There are so many things to do on a Disney cruise that you may not plan to spend much time in your stateroom.

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However, what you must be sure of is that you are making the right choice. Which Disney cruise ship staterooms should you avoid?

disney cruise ship staterooms to avoid
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Disney Cruise Staterooms To Avoid

Disney Cruise Staterooms You Need to Avoid
Disney Cruise Staterooms To Avoid

Here our guide will help you make the best choice of Disney cruise stateroom – and avoid the ones that may leave you wishing that you had stayed on dry land.

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disney cruise cabinsto avoid

Disney Cruise Stateroom Size Is Important


Disney cruises have some of the largest staterooms at sea. They are up to 25% larger than average cruise line cabins. That makes a huge difference when you compare Disney with other cruise lines.

However, not all Disney cruise staterooms are created equal. As you would expect, the general rule is that the lower the price, the smaller the stateroom.

The different stateroom categories can be split into four. On a Disney cruise, you can choose from an Inside, Outside, Verandah and Concierge stateroom. Within those categories are different choices as well.

If you pick an Inside stateroom these range from the Standard at 184 square feet up to 214 square feet for the Deluxe Inside Stateroom. Those extra square feet may make a huge difference to your family.

So that you can get an idea of exactly what a Standard Inside Stateroom is like on the Disney Wonder and Magic, I have made this video for you:

Always think carefully about the type of stateroom that you choose. If you want help with more detail about the different categories you can read this

If you are choosing a stateroom on the Disney Fantasy or Disney Dream here is a guide with lots of pictures and videos.

A Disney Cruise Stateroom With A View?


Usually, the least expensive staterooms on a Disney cruise are the Inside cabins. These staterooms do not have a direct view of the outside.

I say usually the least expensive. However, sometimes the Outside Staterooms are priced only slightly higher than the Inside Staterooms. So it always pays to check.

If you sail on the Disney Fantasy or the Disney Dream you will have a virtual porthole in an Inside Stateroom. The virtual porthole is a unique feature for Disney cruises.

The virtual porthole has a video feed that shows you what is happening outside the ship. If you watch carefully you may even see Mickey and his friends.

Virtual portholes are not available on the Classic Ships, the Disney Wonder and the Disney Magic. The technology simply wasn’t there when these classic Disney ships were launched. Even though they have been reimagined they did not add the virtual portholes in dry dock.

If you want a real view of the ocean you need to book either an Outside or Verandah stateroom.


One choice is an Obstructed View Outside or Verandah Stateroom. This usually means that your view will be obstructed by a lifeboat, post or panel.

The degree of obstruction varies a lot. Some you would barely notice the obstruction, but others really do block your view.

The bonus of Obstructed View Staterooms is that they are usually offered at a lower price than others in that category. You just have to weigh up how important the view is for you and balance that against the price difference.

Disney Cruise Verandah staterooms are the most popular available. The luxury of having your own balcony is much sought after and many think that it is well worth the extra cost.

To help you choose a stateroom on one of the Disney Classic Ships we have written this comprehensive guide to help you.

For Disney Wonder and Disney Magic staterooms Click Here.

You can also use a Disney Authorized Travel Agent to help you. We recommend Destinations in Florida as our trusted travel agent. All of their services are free. Click on the link below for a free quote.

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Disney Cruise Alaska Staterooms


There is a lot of debate over whether a balcony stateroom is essential for a Disney Alaskan cruise. Obviously, if the cost is not important to you, then it is an easy choice. A balcony is definitely the way to go.

However, for most people, the cost is an important factor. Are you going to be missing out if you do not have a balcony for an Alaskan cruise?

The best way to put it is that you will have a different cruise experience. I have found that in general, when you have an inside stateroom on a Disney cruise, you do not spend much time in your room. This is absolutely fine as there are so many things to do on the ship.

However, an Alaskan cruise is different. You have to consider that a big part of the cruise to Alaska is the scenery.

You will probably find that you want to spend a lot of your time on Deck 4 Promenade Deck so that you can take in the amazing sights. There are comfortable deck chairs there on Deck 4.

On most cruises on the Disney Wonder, you will rarely see anyone on Deck 4. However, on an Alaskan cruise, it is the preferred spot for many people. At certain times good luck getting a chair!

Many guests sail very happily in an inside stateroom on a Disney cruise. Our advice is to compare the prices of the staterooms and see just how much of a premium you are paying for a balcony. A compromise is an Outside stateroom.

Sea Sickness Anyone?

Disney Wonder Panama Canal Cruise

One of the things which don’t get talked about very often is the possibility of experiencing seasickness on a Disney cruise. It happens.

Seasickness is rare and we can thankfully say that even in hurricane conditions we have never had a problem. However, some people do.

If you are concerned about seasickness you should pick a stateroom which is midship and on a lower deck.

Other advice would be to pick an Inside Stateroom as it is closer to the middle of the ship and you will experience less motion.

However, others would say that a Balcony Stateroom would be a better choice as you could see the horizon.



Are Some Disney Cruise Staterooms Noisy?

disney cruise stateroom

Different locations on the ship are noisier than others. The quietest places on the ship tend to be at the end of the corridor and on the middle decks. Look carefully at the Disney Cruise Ship deck plans.

If you are on the highest deck under the pools you may hear music and sun loungers being moved. If you are on the lower decks you may hear the sound of the anchor being lowered when the ship gets into port.

Staterooms near the elevators get more foot traffic with people passing to get to their cabins. You may want to avoid a stateroom directly opposite the laundry as well.

Always look at the Disney cruise ship deck plans to see what is above and below your stateroom.

This may be another reason to avoid Deck 1. Some people report that they would not choose this deck again as they could hear a lot of mechanical noise, particularly during docking.

Of course the lower you are on the ship the closer you are to the engines and you may hear noise from that or the machinery for putting down the anchor.

I have sailed on many different locations on the Disney ships. I have never been particularly affected by noise in any part of the Disney ships.

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Is A Disney Cruise Guarantee Stateroom a Good Thing?

Disney Cruise Military Discount

A Disney Cruise Guarantee stateroom has advantages and disadvantages. By booking a category guarantee you are saying that you will accept any stateroom either at the level you have booked or above.

For example, if you book an Outside Guarantee Stateroom you are booking a minimum of an Outside Cabin. You can’t be downgraded to an Inside, but there is a remote chance you will be upgraded to a Verandah.

However, the possibility of an upgrade is just that – a possibility. It does happen, but it is rare.

Never book a Guaranteed Stateroom thinking that you have a chance of an upgrade. It really is unlikely.

Always make sure that you are happy with the category that you have booked. That free Disney cruise stateroom upgrade will probably not happen.

The advantage of a Guarantee is the price. Usually, you will get a lower price on a Guarantee that you would for a specified stateroom.

The disadvantage is that you will not know which stateroom you will be allocated until very shortly before you set sail on your Disney Cruise.


For some people this is fine. However, for those who want a stateroom in a particular location they need to book a specific stateroom so that they can be sure of getting what they want.

However, I think that if you are prepared to take a bit of a chance then a Disney Cruise Guaranteed Stateroom is a great option. I have booked them a number of times after being tempted by the great rate.

One other thing you need to know about Guaranteed Staterooms on the Disney Ships is that if you book more than one stateroom they may not be located together. I have done this and had rooms allocated close by and others where we were on different decks.

Disney cruise lines always do what it can to keep guests on the same reservation close by. However, it is not guaranteed. If you want staterooms next to or opposite each other you must book specific staterooms and not a guarantee.

Disney Cruise Stateroom Location, Location, Location


Is it important that you are close to the restaurants, the pool or the buffet? For some, this really doesn’t matter, but other guests really like to be close to certain places on the ship.

The most popular location is to be close to the pools. Others may want to be lower on the ship so that they are closer to the shops and entertainment.

The Disney Wonder and the Magic are much smaller ships than the Fantasy and the Dream. Location doesn’t matter quite as much on the classic ships as things are not placed so far apart.

I personally would avoid staterooms on Deck 1 of the Disney Wonder and Magic. Deck 1 has Inside Staterooms and Outside staterooms. However, Outside staterooms have two small porthole windows. We think this restricts the view quite a lot compared to the outside staterooms with one porthole.

However, Deck 1 staterooms on the Classic Disney Ships do not have access to the aft elevators. Therefore it can be a little more challenging navigating around this ship.

If this slight inconvenience is not a problem then it can be a good choice if the price is a consideration.

Disney Cruise Stateroom Starboard or Port Side?


Should you book a Disney cruise stateroom on the port or starboard side of the ship? As we are talking about the best views here it really doesn’t make any difference which side of the ship you are in if you have an inside stateroom. However, if you have a stateroom with a view it can make a difference.

If you are sailing to Castaway Cay we prefer staterooms on the starboard side. This is because you get the best views of Castaway Cay when you are arriving in the morning.

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Disney Cruise Connecting Staterooms


If you need a connecting stateroom on a Disney cruise then there are plenty available. Particularly on the Disney Dream and the Fantasy. These can give you a convenient set up if you have children but still want separate space.

If you have balcony connecting staterooms you can have a very large balcony as the partition can be pulled back.

However, if you are just having one stateroom we would suggest avoiding a connecting stateroom. Depending upon who your neighbors are you can sometimes hear them. A lot.

Which Disney cruise stateroom do you prefer? Do you have a favorite location?

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