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Disney Cruise Line Price Increases for Adult Dining

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After the recent price increases for the beverage tastings on DCL it was perhaps predictable that more increases would be on their way.

Well, it seems that this is now a reality for their adult dining on all the Disney ships.

Each of the Disney ships has at least one adult dining restaurant:

  • Palo on Disney Magic, Wonder, Dream, and Fantasy
  • Palo Steakhouse on Disney Wish
  • Remy on Disney Dream and Fantasy
  • Enchante on Disney Wish

Palo dinner on all the ships was $45 but has now been raised to $50.

There is also an a la carte menu available – it isn’t yet clear if prices have increased on this menu, but it seems likely.

Palo Brunch remains the same at $45.

The price for dinner at Remy and Enchante has increased from $125 to $135.

Enchante Dessert Experience is now $60.

If you have already booked these dining experiences then the old pricing will apply. However, from today, the updated prices will be charged.

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How Much Was Palo Brunch and Dinner in the Past?

Prior to October 2013 the price for Palo Brunch and Dinner was just $20.

It was raised to $25 in October 2013.

It then increased to $30 in April 2015.

The price jumped from $10 to $40 in December 2018.

In 2021, when sailings resumed, the price was increased to $45.

For Palo Brunch the experience was also very much downgraded as the much-loved buffet became a thing of the past.

How Do You Book Adult Dining?


Online reservations are available at the following times if you are paid in full for your cruise. This is according to your Castaway Club Status

  • Concierge Guests: 120 days in advance
  • Castaway Club Levels:
  • Pearl: 130 days in advance
    • Platinum: 120 days in advance
    • Gold: 105 days in advance
    • Silver: 90 days in advance
  • First Time Cruiser: 75 days in advance

Are There More Price Increases on the Way?

There is no official word, but this seems highly likely.

Castaway Cay activities prices have not increased for a considerable time.

Recently the prices of the Castaway Cay Cabanas went up, but as yet, there haven’t been any changes for any activities.

It is perfectly possible to have an amazing time on Castaway Cay and not spend anything at all.

But if you are thinking of booking an activity, and your booking window is open, then it may be wise to reserve it now so that you will be protected from any subsequent increases in cost.

The other area that could see price increases is for drinks onboard.

Disney is known for having soda included in the price of your cruise, but all alcohol, specialty coffee, and drinks at bars are charged extra.

It seems likely that after the big price increases on the beverage tastings, the prices of non-included drinks may also be headed for a price hike.

All this, at this point, is speculation. But would you really be surprised if it happened before long?