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Disney Cruise Tastings – What You Need to Know

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Beverage Tasting Seminars on Disney Cruises are a very popular activity for adults.

Disney Cruise Tastings are offered on all of the Disney ships and pretty much always sell out.

Here is your guide to Disney Beverage Tasting Seminars and how to maximize your chances of actually being able to book one.

Let’s start by talking about all the different classes that are available.

Note that on the Australia and New Zealand sailings the prices will be higher as they include a 20% gratuity.

On all other sailings the gratuity is not included.

Disney Cruise Line Mixology Class

This is one of the most popular of all the Beverage Seminars.

I have attended many of these classes and have always been impressed at how entertaining and informative they are.

The pictures below come from a recent Mixology Class which was held in The Rose Bar on Disney Wish.

This was one of the best Beverage Tasting experiences I have had in recent years. The class was small with only eight people in it and our Bar Tender was very knowledgeable and entertaining.

The Mixology Classes have changed over the years – there used to be “audience participation” where you got the chance to actually mix at least one of the drinks yourself.

However, this has changed and now it is just your Disney Bar Tender who will mix the drinks and tell you something about each of the drinks.

It can be a bit difficult to follow and remember the ingredients for each of the drinks (particularly after you have drunk a few cocktails in the middle of the afternoon)! Your mixologist will always be happy to share exact recipes with you.

Like many things associated with cruising in recent years, there has been a significant price increase for Disney Cruise Tastings since 2022.

For many years the cost of the Disney Mixology Class was $25, but this was increased to $40 in 2022.

Now the new price is $45.

Disney has once again increased the prices of most Beverage Seminars, and some of the increases are considerable.

Disney Cruise Chocolate and Liquor Tasting

The Chocolate and Liquor Tasting is one of the most popular of the Beverage Seminars.

Being in the minority and I confess, to really not being very keen on chocolate and not really a fan of liquors, I have never personally experienced this Beverage Tasting on Disney Cruise Line.

However, I have heard nothing but good reports of it.

Disney Cruise Martini Tasting

I have experienced the Disney Cruise Martini Tasting on Disney Wonder.

This was probably my least favorite Disney Cruise Beverage Tasting – not because there was anything wrong with the experience, just that martinis are not my favorite cocktail.

At the time I did the class, the price was $25.

Now it is $50 for the Martini Tasting.

Disney Cruise Champagne Tasting

I have done the Champagne Tasting on a Disney Cruise twice now and really enjoyed the experience.

Champagne was not something that I had tasted very often prior to the first class. I always thought that I wasn’t particularly interested in spending so much on a glass of anything.

Well, the Disney Cruise Champagne Tasting Seminar actually changed my mind. There were five different champagnes to taste and I realized how incredibly different they all were.

I discovered Veuve Cliquot. An expensive discovery!

Again, at the time, the tasting experience was a lot less expensive than it is now (it was $38).

The price for the Disney Cruise Champagne Tasting is now $70. Would I pay this increased price? I really don’t think so.

Will others? Of course. It is a limited experience and no doubt it will still sell out.

Stem-to-Stern Wine Tasting

Disney Cruise Wine Tasting

This is a wine-tasting class that is offered on Disney Cruise Line.

You will taste a variety of both red and white wines.

New and Old Prices for All Beverage Seminars

Here is a summary of the other Beverage Tastings available.

2022 Price 2023 Price Increase
Beer Tasting$40$45
Bourbon Tasting$45$50
Champagne Tasting$50$70
Chocolate & Liquor Tasting$50$60
Cognac Tasting$50$60
Martini Tasting$45$50
Mixology Class$40$45
Mojito & Caipirinha Tasting$40$50
Rum Tasting$45$50
Stem-to-Stern Wine Tasting$45$50
Tequila & Margarita Tasting$40$45
Whiskey Tasting$45$50

As this table shows, the biggest price increase is for the Champagne Tasting.

Don’t forget as well that gratuities are not included in these prices. Many of the Bar Tenders running these Beverage Tastings are exceptional.

How to Book a Beverage Tasting on a Disney Cruise

All tastings are available to be booked in the Disney Cruise Navigator App prior to boarding your cruise.

When you are able to book depends upon your Castaway Club status, which is dependent upon how many times you have sailed with Disney Cruise Line.

First-Time Guests75 days prior to sail date
Silver Castaway Club Member90 days prior to sail date
Gold Castaway Club Member105 days prior to sail date
Platinum Castaway Club Member120 days prior to sail date
Pearl Castaway Club Member123 days prior to sail date
Concierge Guests123 days prior to sail date

The Beverage Tastings sell out. So you do need to book as soon as you possibly can.

However, even if you do not get a reservation prior to you boarding your cruise, don’t give up hope.

When you board the ship there will be a designated space where the dining team is available to help you with booking beverage tastings. You may get lucky and be able to book something on board.

The location to go to will be shown on your Navigators App which will work inside the terminal as you are waiting to board so you will be able to see the daily activities.

Other Things to Know

The Disney Cruise Official Site also lists a couple of other beverage seminars that are new:

  • Amari Tasting
  • Kick-Start Your Day Beverage Tasting

I admit I had never heard of Amari and had to look this up! Apparently, it is a term used for bittersweet liqueurs which are most likely to be Italian, but the description can also be for any bittersweet herbal liquor.

The Kick-Start Your Day Beverage Tasting is held on the first day of the cruise and is described as an experience, “with our signature mimosa, Bloody Mary, and 3 non-alcoholic, craft juice beverages during this 30-minute experience on the day you set sail”.

Reservations must be canceled at least 24 hours prior to the reserved experience to avoid cancellation charges.

All Beverage Tastings are limited in availability and they are open to those aged 21 years and older.

There are no exceptions to the age requirement.

One thing I would say to look out for is the time that your Disney Cruise Tasting is set for.

Whilst the Whiskey, Bourbon and Cognac Tastings tend to be in the evening, most of the other seminars are in the afternoon. Stem To Stern Wine Tasting tends to be late morning.

You can consume a considerable amount of alcohol in these beverage tastings – just think about whether or not you want to taste five glasses of Champagne as soon as you board your cruise! It might mean you want to sleep rather than go to that Sail Away Party.