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Disney Treasure Cruise Ship Stern Characters

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More Disney Treasure updates!

We now know that Peter Pan and Captain Hook will be the stern characters on Disney Treasure.

Ever since the first Disney ship, Disney Magic was launched in 1998, each ship has had its own signature character sculpture on the stern.

We definitely had a clue to this with one of the initial videos which DCL produced which featured Peter Pan flying over the new Disney Treasure cruise ship.

And of course, the Peter Pan and Captain Hook characters fit well with the adventure theme of Disney Treasure.

The stern characters are an important part of each Disney Cruise ship.

This part of the exterior of the ship is usually one of the final things to be fitted to the outside of the ship.

If we look back to the building of Disney Wish, DCL shared this Instagram post in February 2022, from which we can see that Rapunzel is 9 feet tall!

We can guess that each figure for Peter Pan and Captain Hook will be a similar height – even though of course Captain Hook is much taller than Peter Pan, only half of Captain Hook is showing. A clever way that the Imagineers may have dealt with what was probably a problem of the difference in stature of the two characters!

It seems as though we can expect more frequent announcements on the progress of Disney Treasure from the new DCL page.

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