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Disney Cruise Luggage Policy – What You Need to Know

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One of the questions I get asked a lot is what is the Disney Cruise Luggage Policy.

There seems to be quite a bit of confusion about this but the rules are pretty easy to understand.

First, we look at the Disney Cruise Contract which states that

“Each Guest is allowed to bring aboard the Vessel a reasonable amount of clothing and personal effects, not to exceed two (2) bags per person. Every piece of baggage must be distinctly labeled with the Guest’s name, Vessel’s name, stateroom number, and sailing date.”

disney cruise luggage policy

DCL doesn’t, unlike some cruise lines, say what the size or weight of the luggage should be. Princess Cruise Line has no restrictions at all, but for Norwegian Cruise Line, guests are limited to two pieces of checked luggage weighing up to 48 pounds each.

I know if you look this up online there are lots of sites saying that you are restricted to size and weight. But there is nothing I could find on the Disney website itself other than the limit to the 2 bags I show above.

From personal experience of many Disney cruises, I have never seen anyone challenged about the size, weight, or amount of luggage.

But I have seen guests with huge amounts of luggage!

But, Common Sense

Just because you can bring a suitcase weighing 80 pounds, doesn’t mean that you ought to.

Many people sailing on a Disney cruise are arriving at the port by airplane. So they are going to need to abide by all the airline restrictions about amount, size, weight, and prohibited items in carry-on and checked luggage.

However, if this isn’t a consideration for you as you are driving to the port, you should still use common sense to decide the amount of luggage that you need.

Carry-On Bags and Personal Items

There is no size or weight restriction for carry-on bags, but do remember that all items will be going through the x-ray machine.

Cruise Carry On Bag

Also, you will have your carry-on bags with you until your staterooms are ready which is usually around 1.30 pm. You do not want to be carrying too much around with you whilst you tour the ship and try and bluster your way through the buffet.

Always remember to keep essential items with you and do not pack them in checked luggage. Here is a basic list of what you should have in your carry-on bag.

  1. Passport/Visa or government-issued ID
  2. Cruise documents (boarding pass, cruise contract, etc.)
  3. Travel insurance information
  4. Emergency contact list
  5. Credit cards and a small amount of local currency
  6. Prescription medications in their original bottles
  7. Valuables
  8. Basic first-aid items (band-aids, pain relievers, etc.)
  9. Seasickness remedies (if prone to motion sickness)

There are other items I recommend, but these are the basics.

If you want a more comprehensive guide then go to How to Pack Your Carry on Like an Expert.

Prohibited Items and Safety Regulations

Disney Cruise Line has strict safety regulations, which include a list of prohibited items that you must not pack in your carry-on or checked luggage.

These prohibited items include:

  • Prohibited in Luggage:
    • Illegal drugs including marijuana
    • Firearms and ammunition
    • Irons and bottle warmers
    • Explosives
    • Certain electrical appliances

This is just a sample list and more items are not allowed on a Disney cruise ship. You can read more about this at:

What You Must Not Take on Your Disney Cruise

Violating these restrictions can lead to confiscation of items or even denial of boarding.

Next time you disembark your Disney cruise have a look at the table of items you will see in the luggage hall at the end – it is usually pretty full of items that have been confiscated and are waiting for their owners to pick them up!

Apple AirTag – The Essential Luggage Accessory

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This is my new favorite travel essential.

For those of you new to AirTags it is Apple’s Bluetooth tracking device. You simply attach it to things you don’t want to lose, for example, keys, wallet, or luggage. You can then track it with an iPhone or iPad.

It is also potentially incredibly useful if an airline loses your luggage – you should be able to see its location.

Check Current Pricing

Packing Tips and Checklists

When packing for a Disney Cruise, it’s imperative to include all travel essentials while following the luggage guidelines.

Efficient packing can enhance your cruise experience by ensuring you have everything you need while abiding by the luggage restrictions.

Essential Medications and Health Products

I make sure to pack all essential medications and health products in my carry-on bag.

It’s important to bring a sufficient supply of any prescription medications for the duration of the cruise, and I keep them in their original labeled containers to avoid any issues during security checks.

Additionally, carrying proof of prescriptions can be helpful.

Packing a small first-aid kit with items like band-aids, pain relievers, and seasickness remedies is also advisable. Here’s a checklist for quick reference:

  • Prescription medications (in original containers)
  • Over-the-counter pain relievers
  • Seasickness medication
  • First-aid items (band-aids, antiseptic wipes)
  • Hand sanitizer and travel-size toiletries

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating Disney Cruise Line’s luggage policy can be simple once you know the essentials. I’ve compiled the most common inquiries to ensure a smooth embarkation process for your cruise.

disney wish for adults

What are the weight restrictions for luggage on Disney Cruise Line?

For checked luggage, there are no specific weight limits imposed by Disney Cruise Line. However, airlines often have weight restrictions, which I recommend checking before your flight to the port.

Can I take carry-on luggage on board a Disney cruise, and what are the size limits?

You can take carry-on bags and personal items such as purses (also Mickey Ears are encouraged). There are no posted size or weight restrictions for carry-on bags.

What is the maximum size allowed for checked luggage with Disney Cruise Line?

There is no maximum size regulated by Disney Cruise Line. However, if you are traveling by air you will have specific size and weight limits for your luggage so you need to check with your airline.

Are guests provided with Disney Cruise luggage tags for their bags?

In theory, yes!

Two or three weeks before sailing you should receive your luggage tags in the mail. There are two tags per person.

However, it often happens that these luggage tags aren’t received. I would say that most of the time in the past few years I have not received my luggage labels, even if I have booked my cruise well in advance.

Don’t worry if you don’t get your luggage labels either. Always make sure that you have your identification tags on your items, and then when you arrive at the port ask one of the porters for however many labels that you need.

Make sure that you have your stateroom number written on the label. The porters are always very good at checking that you have everything right.

Remember to tip them at least $1 per bag that you are checking in.

Also when you are overpacking your bag think about the porters and crew that will have to handle that for you – so don’t make it too heavy.

Are there any restrictions on bringing bottled water or other beverages in the carry-on luggage?

Guests are allowed to bring a limited amount of bottled water or non-alcoholic beverages in their carry-on luggage, as long as they are unopened and carried in a day bag that fits within the size limitations for carry-on items.

Coolers are permitted if they are no larger than 12 x 12 x 12 (30.5cm x 30.5cm x 30.5cm), and used as carry-on luggage only for storing medications, baby food, or nonperishable items related to dietary restrictions only.

Do not pack any beverages in your checked luggage.

What is the policy for carrying alcohol in carry-on luggage on a Disney Cruise?

Guests aged 21 and over may bring a maximum of 2 unopened bottles of wine or champagne (no larger than 750ml) or 6 beers (no larger than 12 ounces) on board in their carry-on luggage at the beginning of the voyage and each port visited.

Remember always to pack this in carry-on luggage.

How much luggage do you bring on your Disney Cruise?