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Disney Cruise Mixology Class – Should You Be Booking This?

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One of the most popular activities on a Disney Cruise is a Mixology Class.

There are many types of beverage tastings available on all of the Disney Cruise ships, but Mixology is usually a favorite.

Discover what is involved in a Disney Cruise Mixology Class so you can decide if you want to book one.

What Can You Expect?

Each Mixology Class is different because a lot of it is dependent upon the Bartender who is presenting the class. In my experience all are good but some are outstanding.

They are always very knowledgeable about the art of cocktail making and will give you a lot of tips about how you can improve your own bartender skills at home.

The most recent Disney Wish Mixology Class I attended was held in The Rose Bar.

This beautiful space is on Deck 12 of Disney Wish and is next to Enchante and Palo Steakhouse.

In most of the Mixology classes I have attended, we have sampled five cocktails.

Bearing in mind that the classes are often held in the middle of the afternoon, make sure that you have had something to eat!

Sampling cocktails in the afternoon on an empty stomach is not such a great idea.

In previous years you did get to participate and actually make some of the cocktails yourself. I haven’t seen this happen since the return to cruising after the shutdown.

You can participate by asking as many questions as you want.

The Rose Bar is somewhere you should definitely try and spend some time when you are sailing on Disney Wish.

The latest Mixology Class that I went to lasted for more than an hour and we got to sample five different cocktails. The class was entertaining and all the drinks were very good.

Note that the prices for the sailings from Australia and New Zealand will be 20% higher as they include the gratuity.

On other sailings the gratuity is not included.

How Much Does Mixology Cost?

The price for Mixology is $40. Tips are at your discretion.

This is actually one of the lower-priced Adult Beverage Tastings on Disney Wish.

Other Beverage Tastings on Disney Wish

Beer Tasting – $40
Let’s make a toast to the world’s oldest alcoholic drink—from ales and lagers to stouts, wheat, and beyond!

Bourbon Tasting – $45
Explore the history, flavor, and styles of America’s most iconic whiskey.

World of Gin – $50
Discover the true spirit of gin with our masterclass led by our expert bartenders. Enjoy a taste of luxury with carefully selected gins ranging from dry and citrusy to spiced and herbaceous, accompanied by a selection of tonics that perfectly complement the flavors.


Champagne Tasting – $50
Savor some of the best bubbly from Europe and beyond, with a crash course in creating amazing Champagne cocktails.

Cognac Tasting – $50
Awaken your senses with the velvety drink referred to by the French as l’eau de vie—the water of life.

Martini Tasting – $45
Luxuriate in the deliciously distinct flavors of a popular cocktail once referred to as the “elixir of quietude.”

Mixology – $40
Stir up popular cocktails during this bartending workshop—from layered shots to margaritas, martinis, and more.

Rum Tasting – $45
Sail to the head of the class by mastering the right way to appreciate rum, the Caribbean’s sweetest nectar!

Stem to Stern Wine Tasting – $45
Pop the cork for an aromatic, new twist on one of the world’s favorite libations!

Whiskey Tasting – $45
Navigate the art and science of tasting aqua vitae—from the nose and palate to the length of the finish.

World of Old Fashioned – $100
When it comes to creating the perfect Old Fashioned, there’s a recipe to please nearly every palate—and therein lies its beauty. Whether tracing the cocktail back to its origins, with a sugar cube and splash of water or taking a modern twist on the classic, with simple syrup and bitters, you’ll discover a highly enjoyable cocktail sure to delight all your senses.

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