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Disney Cruise Pirate Night – The Ultimate Guide

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Pirate Night on a Disney Cruise is one of the highlights of a cruise for many guests.

But what is really involved in a Disney Cruise Pirate Night?

It has become a huge part of the entertainment on a Disney Cruise.

Whether you want to embrace the Pirate Life completely or just enjoy it from the sidelines, here is a complete guide to show you exactly what is involved and how to make the most of the experience.


disney cruise pirate night
Pirates in the Caribbean Deck Party

There are several elements to Pirate Night on your Disney Cruise.

It varies slightly on each ship, but the main things offered are the same.

  • Pirates in the Caribbean Deck Party
  • Pirate Night Menu
  • Late Night Buffet (not on all cruises)
  • Buccaneer Blast Fireworks
  • Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
  • Pirate Costumes

The Deck Party

The highlight of Disney’s Pirate Night for many people is the Deck Party.

There are usually two shows, with the second show being followed by the fireworks. Sometimes there will be just one show.

Just like the stage shows each evening, the Pirate Night shows are designed so that you can attend the show whichever dinner seating you have.

The timing of the shows is subject to change so you should check your Navigators for the relevant time for your sailing.

The Pirates in the Caribbean Party follows basically the same formula on all the ships, with the exception of the Wish.

Pirates in the Caribbean on a Disney Cruise

On Pirate Night on the Wish, this is Pirate’s Rockin’ Parlay Party hosted by Captain Redd.

In a reference to the classic Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disney Park, Captain Redd is a descendant of the iconic redhead woman in the park attraction.

I won’t go into any particular detail about the show, except to say expect lots of singing, some Pirate Villains and Heroes, and maybe even an unexpected spectacular entrance from Mickey Mouse and Captain Jack Sparrow.

The grand finale of the evening is the Buccaneer Blast Fireworks Show.

I have written about where to pick the best viewing spots for the shows and fireworks later in this article.

Pirate Night Menu

All of the rotational dining restaurants will serve the same special-themed menu on Pirate Night.

disney pirate night menu
Disney Cruise Pirate Night Menu


  • Sri Sumbhajee’s Vegetable Samosa – with Potato, Peas, Garlic, Cumin, and Ginger served with Tamarind Chutney and a Plain Yogurt Raita.
  • Angelica’s Lime Marinated Shrimp – With Chili, White Corn, Sweet Potato, and Onion.
  • Deep Fried Calypso Crab Cake – With Cajun Remoulade, Green Onion, and Lemon
  • Swann’s Red and Yellow Beetroot Carpaccio – With Asparagus, Pickled Radishes, Cornichons, and Mustard Dressing


  • Carrot and Cilantro Soup – with Banana Bread Croutons
  • Chilled Mango Soup – with Passion Fruit and Coconut
  • Fennel, Orange, and Quinoa Salad – with Saffron, Pine Nuts, and Pomegranate
  • Baby Gem, With Blue Cheese, Radish, Cherry Tomato, Shallots, Sweet Pecans, and Thousand Island Dressing.


  • Jack’s Treasure-of-the-Seas Grilled Shrimp and Seared Scallops – served with Spinach, strings of Pasta, Tomato Provencal Sauce, and black Tomato Pearls
  • Cortes’s Cilantro Marinated Caribbean Grouper Filet – On Curried Rice served with a Mango, Lime, Avocado, Red Onion, and Black Sea Salsa.
  • Tia Dalma’s Jerk Chicken 48-hour Jerk-Marinated Chicken = Grilled and served with Rice and Peas, Fried Plantains, and a Pineapple-Chili Salsa
  • Gugliemo Grasso’s Veal Osso Bucco – Center Cut Veal Shank Slowly Braised in Red Wine and Served with Crisp Onions, Buttered Green Beans and Parsnip Mash
  • King George’s Roasted Privateer Strip Loin – with Time-Roasted Potatoes, Buttered Savory Cabbage, Yorkshire Pudding, and a Rosemary Wine Sauce
Veal Osso Bucco


  • Shanghaied Noodle Stir-fry Egg Noodles – with Nori, Edamame Beans, White Soy Sauce, Marinated Tofu, Scallions, Peppers, Carrots, and Sesame Seeds
  • Barbary Coast Falafel Fried Ground Chickpeas – with Cumin Spice served with Whole-Grain Pita Bread, Hummus, and Tzatziki


These entrees are served with Garden Vegetables and your choice of steamed White Rice or Baked Potato

  • Braised Barbecue Beef Rib Salad slow Braised Barbecue Beef Rib – with Romain Leaves, Spinach, Macadamia Nuts, Carrots, Roasted Corn Kernels, and Shallots served with Cornbread and a Tomato Sour Cream Dressing
  • Gilled Grain-fed Sirloin Steak
  • Slow Roasted Breast of Chicken
  • Slow Roasted Breast of Chicken


  • Bounty Fruit Cobbler – with vanilla ice cream
  • Bananas in Paradise – layered Banana Bread with Hazelnut Fudge Filling served with a Banana Spice Puree
  • Rum Soaked Chocolate Cake – with Raspberry Glaze and Whipped Cream
  • Crunch Time Sundae – Rum Raisin Ice Cream, Pineapple, Whipped Cream, and Croquant


  • Caramel Macadamia Nut Cheesecake Tart – Served with Whipped Cream and Caramel Ganache


  • Coconut Creme Flan – served with Tropical Fruits


To Start

  • Boson’s Cream of Chicken Soup
  • Sunken Honeydew Melon Boat
  • The Pirates freshly cut Garden Salad -with your favorite choice of dressing

Chef’s Entree Selection of the Day

  • Strings of Mozzarella – with Scarlet Red Tomato Sauce
  • The Galleys Large Corn Dog
  • Totally Carved Sirloin of Beef

For The Main Event

  • Mickey’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese
  • Minnie’s Mini Burger
  • Pizza -Hearty Barbecue Chicken
  • Golden Chicken Strips – with Barbecue Sauce

A Sweet Finish

  • Buccaneers Chocolate Brownie -topped with Vanilla Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, and Strawberry Sauce
  • Swan’s favorite Raspberry Cheesecake and Raspberry Sauce
  • Mickey Bar Ice Cream
  • Selection of Assorted Ice Cream

Pirate Night Buffet

The Pirate Night Buffet always used to be a feature of the evening. Following the deck party at around 10.30 pm, guests were invited into Cabanas to have even more food!

However, since the resumption of cruising, the buffet only seems to be happening on a select number of cruises.

Even before the shutdown, it wasn’t entirely predictable as to whether or not there would be a Pirate Buffet.

Really, at this point, so late in the evening, the last thing I wanted was even more food! However, it was another fun element to the evening and it is sad to see that it doesn’t often feature anymore.

The Pirate Night Turkey legs were very popular!

What is the Best Place to View the Fireworks on Disney Cruise?

The highlight of Pirate Night is the fireworks. So you want to make sure that you snag yourself a good viewing spot.

Obviously, fireworks are in the sky!

So there are many good places to view this part of the evening.

However, some viewing spots are better than others.

disney cruise pirate night fireworks
Disney Cruise Pirate Night Fireworks

The best viewing places depend upon which Disney ship you are sailing on.

Also, be aware that some spaces may be blocked off by Cast Members. This varies, but obviously, if space is blocked off from public access there is a safety reason, so just don’t break the rules.

Disney Magic and Wonder Fireworks

On Classic Ships the Magic and Wonder fireworks can be seen in the sky on the Starboard side of the ship.

If you stand at the Family Pool and look towards the Starboard side, that is where they will appear.

If you are on Disney Magic or Wonder Deck 10 is the place to be.

Most places on Deck 10 are going to give a decent view of the fireworks.

I tend to prefer Deck 10 anyway for Pirate Night as it is slightly less crowded than Deck 9.

The disadvantage is that you can’t then be on the pool deck for the Party. But I think that the benefits outweigh this, particularly if you are not experiencing this for the first time.

If you are on Deck 9 you will still be able to watch the fireworks from most places.

However, there are certain places on this Deck where your view will not be as good as from higher up.

Don’t stand to the far Starboard side under the Deck 10 overhang as you are going to have a severely restricted view here.

disney wonder pirate night

If you are sailing Concierge on the Magic or Wonder the very best place to watch the fireworks on Pirate Night is from the outdoor concierge deck.

The Concierge Deck is, of course, my favorite place to watch the fireworks. Unfortunately, you do not have a view of the Pirate Show as this is directly below you.

Having sailed many times though, if I am sailing Concierge I always watch from this deck. You get a great sense of the atmosphere, without having to deal with the crowds.

Another place to be if you do not want to follow the crowd is Deck 4 Starboard. Relatively few people will be watching from here as you can’t see the show at all. You can hear the music.

Deck 4 is a good alternative place to view but if it is your first Pirate Night you will probably want to be in a different place. It is a very different, much quieter experience here.

Disney Dream and Fantasy Fireworks

The Dream and Fantasy fireworks are also fired from the Starboard side of the ship.

One of the best places to view both the show and the fireworks is Deck 12 Port Side. The show is on Deck 11 which means that you will be above it looking down.

This location on the Port Side of Deck 12 gives one of the best views of the fireworks. However, do be aware not to stand too close to the AquaDuck as this can block your view.

The ideal spot to get a great view of the fireworks and the show is at the front of the railings on Deck 12 Port Side. However, be prepared to stake out this viewing spot early.

You can also stand on the Port Side of Deck 12 to watch the fireworks and you will be able to see the show on Funnel Vision. However, just be careful not to stand so that your view is obscured by the Aquaduck.

If you want to feel more like part of the show then Deck 11 is the place to be. Just avoid being under the overhang of Deck 12 on the Starboard side or you will not have a good view of the fireworks.

Deck 13 is a quieter location for two reasons. The first is that not as many people know about it. The second is because it is an adult-only area. This is an area for viewing the fireworks only as you can’t see the show at all from here.

You can also view the fireworks on Deck 4 Starboard. However, just as for Wonder and Magic, this is a very different experience. One probably not for first-timers unless you do not like being in large crowds.

Disney Wish Cruise Fireworks

The advice for the best places to view the fireworks and show is the same as for the Fantasy and Dream.

It is likely that when the Disney Treasure is launched in 2024 all advice will be the same as the Wish with regard to Pirate Night.

Can You Watch the Disney Cruise Fireworks from your Verandah Stateroom?

Only Verandah Staterooms on the Starboard side would have a view of the fireworks.

There is now a Safety Warning on the Disney Cruise Line App saying that all loose items should be removed from the balcony, the door should be shut and viewing should be from inside only.

disney cruise pirate night

Other Highlights

There are a number of other elements to Pirate Night including the chance to see Mickey and Minnie dressed up in their finest pirate outfits.

Of course, this is your big chance to meet Captain Jack Sparrow.

There will be special Pirate Night backdrops for photos, Pirate Trivia, and Crafts.

Do You Need to Dress Up in a Pirate Costume?

We have ads on our blog to provide this as a helpful resource for you We also use affiliate links; if you click on a link and purchase an item we may receive a small commission.

Wearing a Pirate outfit is not compulsory but it is very much encouraged!

Over the years an increasing number of guests do dress up in Pirate costumes. Some are incredibly detailed and elaborate. Others wear the simple bandana which is provided for all guests.

Really, anything goes and you won’t feel out of place either in your usual cruise wear or full-on Pirate garb.

Leg Avenue Women's 2 Pc Cruel Seas Pirate Captain Dress Adult Sized Costumes, Black/Burgundy, Large US

If you are looking for a higher-quality Pirate Costume then this one is a good choice.

This women’s pirate costume set has a high-low velveteen lace-up dress, gold foil skull sash, and wide belt.

Check Current Pricing

Men's Ruthless Rogue Pirate Costume Medium

This Pirate Outfit for men is a great choice for Disney’s Pirate Night. It arrives with a shirt, vest, pants, wrist cuffs, belt boot covers and a head tie.

Check Current Pricing

Morph Pirate Costume Kids Pirate Costume Boys Pirate Costume Boys 10-12 Boys Pirate Costume Size 7-8, 4-6 For Kids

This boys pirate costume includes: a shirt and mock suede vest, stripy pants with boot covers, belt with gold buckle and blue sash, hat with an attached bandana, eyepatch, and foam sword

This is a great all-inclusive set that will pack easily in your suitcase for your Disney Cruise Pirate Night.

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ReliBeauty Girls Pirate Dress Sea Buccaneer Costume, 10-12/150

This is a nice quality good-value pirate dress that is available in a variety of sizes.

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For more Disney Pirate Night outfit ideas go to:

Complete Guide to Disney Pirate Night Costumes

Can I Buy Pirate Costumes on the Ship?

You will find a limited range of pirate-themed clothes and accessories on the ship.

You can also book a Pirates League Package at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for children aged 3 to 12.

All packages below take approximately 30 minutes to apply and are designed for Guests ages 3 and older. Please also note that all Pirates League packages are available on Pirate Party Nights only.

Pirate Costume (Youth)

Price: $199.95

  • Choice of pirate costume
  • Treasure chest cinch bag
  • Coin necklace
  • Telescope
  • Makeup application
  • Shoulder parrot
  • Bandana, eye patch, and earring
  • Sword


Price: $99.95

  • Makeup application
  • Pirate vest and waist belt
  • Shoulder parrot
  • Bandana, eye patch, and earring
  • Sword

Pirate Makeup and Accessories

Price: $59.95

  • Makeup application
  • Treasure chest cinch bag
  • Coin necklace
  • Bandana, eye patch, and earring
  • Sword

Disney Pirate Night FAQs

Here are some common questions about Disney Pirate Night on a Cruise:

When is Pirate Night on a Disney Cruise?

This is the usual pattern – but is subject to change so always check your Navigators.

  • 3-Night Disney Cruise: Night 2
  • 4-Night Disney Cruise: Night 3
  • 5-Night Disney Cruise: Night 2
  • 7-Night Disney Cruise: Night 4 or 5

Do all Disney Cruises have Pirate Night?

Not all Disney Cruises have Pirate Night.

Disney Alaskan Cruises and European Cruises do not have a Pirate Night.

The 2 and 3-night Australian and New Zealand cruises will not have Pirate Night. DCL originally confirmed that the 3-night cruises would have Pirate Night but then, in August 2023, said that this was no longer the case.

If you are sailing on a Disney Cruise from Australia I would suggest that you contact DCL directly to ask if there will be a Pirate Night, as the information at the moment seems to be contradictory.

Do they have Pirate Night on a 3-day Bahamian and Caribbean Cruise? Yes, there is a Pirate Night on a 3-night cruise.

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