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What is a Disney Cruise Placeholder? It is one of the best ways of saving money on a Disney cruise! Here we show you how you can use a Disney cruise placeholder booking to save money on your next Disney cruise.


What is a Disney Cruise Placeholder?

A Disney Cruise Placeholder is sometimes known as a Disney Cruise dummy booking. This way of booking is only available to you when you are actually sailing on a Disney cruise. There is no other way to book a Placeholder. You have to be on board a Disney ship.

If you book onboard a Disney cruise and book specific dates you can also get the discounts and perks. If you know when you are going to sail with Disney cruises again and you know exactly when it is a good idea to book the exact sailing that you want.

The reason for this is that Disney cruise prices usually go up and not down. Booking earlier usually gives you the best price and also lets you have a better choice of staterooms available.

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However, if you do not know which dates you want to book a Placeholder Disney cruise booking is something that you really need to think about.

If you book a Disney Cruise Placeholder or book the actual dates you will get a 10% discount on the current rate of the cruise. This is obviously a big saving which can easily run into hundreds of dollars.

If you book a Placeholder you will get a reference number to prove that you have paid your deposit. There is a reduced deposit of $250.

In the past, you also got  an Onboard Credit. You got a $200 OBC if you book 7 nights or more, and $100 OBC for 3 to 6 nights. This OBC is per stateroom. However, Disney has now taken away that benefit. If you have previously booked a Placeholder they will still honor the Onboard credit.



You cannot use a Placeholder for a 1 or 2 night Disney Cruise. It is also not valid for Guaranteed stateroom bookings of IGT, OGT and VGT.

The discount and reduced deposit are not valid for Concierge staterooms either. However, if you book Concierge using a Placeholder you will still get the onboard credit.

The Placeholder also has the advantage of a reduced deposit. You pay only $250 for a deposit. Usually, the Disney Cruise deposit is 20% of the total cost. Therefore this is a big saving on the amount that you have to put down for a deposit.

The snag with a Disney Cruise Placeholder? It can only be booked when you are on board a Disney cruise. It is easy though. You do not even have to visit the Future Travel desk if you do not want to.

You can just complete the Placeholder Form which is readily available on board and authorize the deposit to come from your onboard account. You then just post the form in the Future Travel Desk Mail Box at the desk.


As you can imagine the Future Cruise Desk gets busy on Disney Cruises. If you want to actually talk to the Cast Member at the desk and not have to wait in line too long, go as close to the beginning of the cruise as you can. The last day is the absolute worst as everyone is trying to book another cruise as they realize this one is nearly over!

Obviously, this is not a discount which first time Disney cruisers can get. There are other ways that everyone can get discounts on a Disney cruise.

See our guide at How To Save Money on a Disney Cruise for more ideas.

Disney Cruise Placeholder FAQ


The Disney Cruise Placeholder is valid for 2 years from the date that you booked. So you have a good amount of time to decide on which Disney cruise that you would like to sail on next.

This really is a no-risk way to get a discount on a Disney cruise. Of course, you have to pay a $250 upfront deposit, but if you change your mind within the 2-year window you get all your money back.

There are some block out dates which cannot be used for the Placeholder 10% discount. You will still get the Onboard Credit and reduced deposit, but you will not get the Disney Cruise discount.

The block out dates for all Placeholder and Onboard Disney Cruise booking discounts are:

Disney Fantasy 2019 – November 23, December 21 and December 28.

Disney Dream 2019 – November 25, December 23, December 27 and December 30.

Disney Wonder 2019 – October 18, November 22, December 20 and December 27.

Disney Wonder 2020 – April 10.

Disney Magic 2019 – December 21, December 26 and December 30.

You can still use a Placeholder for these but it is much less valuable as you forfeit the 10% discount.

You can make 2 Disney Cruise Placeholder bookings per stateroom. This is in contrast to booking a specific date onboard a Disney cruise. Then you can only book one cruise per household.

A Disney Cruise Placeholder cannot be used for Concierge staterooms or Guaranteed Stateroom bookings.


When you book a Disney Placeholder Cruise you will specify the guests who are on the booking. However, as long as the person who made the Placeholder booking is in the finally booked stateroom, then you will still keep your discounts and onboard credit.

A Placeholder is not transferable to anyone else. The person who booked the Placeholder has to be on the final booking.

If you want to use a Travel Agent with a Disney Cruise Placeholder then you can request this on your booking when you are onboard.

If you have already used a Travel agent you can request that the same one is linked to your Placeholder. If you have not specified a Travel Agent you can do so up to 30 days after you have booked your Placeholder.


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Disney Cruise Vacations

The Disney Cruise Placeholder is one of the easiest ways to save money on a Disney cruise. You don’t need to decide which cruise you want to book yet. You have a whole 24 months to book and sail.

The savings are considerable and that Onboard Credit will help in paying for gratuities, activities or anything else that you want to purchase on board your next Disney cruise. If you are sailing on a Disney cruise and love it you have to book a Placeholder!

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