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Rainforest Room Disney Wish – Is It Worth the Cost?

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Looking for the ultimate in relaxation on Disney Wish? You can certainly find it in the Rainforest Room.

All of the Disney ships have a Rainforest Room but the one on Disney Wish is by far the largest and most luxurious.

An Overview of the Rainforest Room on Disney Wish

The Rainforest Room on Disney Wish is located on Deck 5 in Senses Spa.

It is the only Rainforest on any Disney ship that has both an inside and an outdoor area.

Although the Rainforest on both Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy does have a section that is open to the outside as part of the area with the hot tubs is not screened in, it is only on Disney Wish that you will find a truly open area.

You can book online ahead of time, or go straight to the Spa as soon as you board and ask about availability

First, you check in at the reception desk at the Senses Spa. They will take your Key to the World and give you a wristband that will access the Rainforest.

They have robes behind the desk – if they don’t offer you one then just ask.

There are changing rooms available with showers, a sauna, and lockers.

There is also a small waiting room where you can sit if you have booked a spa treatment.

Like many things on Disney Wish you access the Rainforest Room down a long corridor!

Fortunately, unlike the other Rainforest Rooms, there are bathrooms inside – otherwise it’s quite a long walk back down that corridor!

What Will You Find in the Rainforest?


There are a total of eight hot stone chairs. They are all separated by a privacy curtain.

The chairs are particularly nice as they have their own individual attached pillow and reading light.

Sometimes it is difficult to actually get comfortable on hot stone chairs as the angle they force your neck to be in means having an elaborate system of rolled-up towels to support you! However, the pillow really made a difference to comfort levels.

Another interesting feature in the Wish Rainforest Room was these two large swinging chairs.

They were on a raised platform and the floor had shallow, warm water that you could dip your feet in.

Well at least think that was the point! Whilst these chairs looked inviting in reality I didn’t find them very comfortable and others didn’t seem to either. I never saw anyone spending any time on them.

Although they looked good I think they were probably a bit of a waste of a large space.

There were three rooms off the main inside area.

The most intriguing one was the cold room. I had been looking forward to this as the one I had experienced when sailing on Norwegian Bliss was a really good contrast to the sauna.

However, this room just really wasn’t particularly cold! It was just a bit like having the air conditioning on a bit too high.

The Sauna and Steam Room were both a good size and kept at a good temperature.

Another nice feature of the Disney Wish Rainforest is that the indoor area has natural light.

There are windows near the hot stone chairs where you can see to the outside.


Disney Wish Rainforest Outdoor Area

Probably the best feature of the Disney Wish Rainforest is the huge outdoor space.

There are two hot tubs, two showers, and lots of seating.

I know that some guests have thought that it was a strange choice to have the area open to above so that people can look down on you when you are using this area in the Rainforest.

However, it really didn’t bother me at all as I rarely saw anyone actually looking down. There really isn’t much foot traffic around that area on Deck 6.

There are good amounts of shade available, including in the hot tubs.

They are of a really good size and do not have the strange design that they are on Fantasy and Dream in the Rainforest.

It was great to alternate between the indoor and outdoor areas of the Rainforest on Disney Wish.

How Much Does It Cost?

For a 4-Day Length of Cruise Pass, the price for the Rainforest is $190 per person. There is an 18% tip added automatically which takes the price up to $224 per person for 4 nights.

Sometimes there are Day Passes available and these cost $79 per person. With the automatic gratuity, the cost is $93.

There is no discount for couples as there used to be on the other Disney Ships.

You can also purchase a scrub for $15. I have never felt this was worth it as the price is very high for such a small amount of scrub. Try and remember to bring your own on board!

Is the Rainforest on Disney Wish Worth The Price?

This is a difficult one as this is not an inexpensive option. I usually treat myself to The Rainforest although I have stopped doing this on Disney Magic and Wonder as I just think that the price is too high for the limited facilities that you get.

The Rainforest on Disney Wish is pricey. And the maximum number of nights you have on the cruise is 4 (unless you are doing a back-to-back).

There is a lot to do on Disney Wish and it can be difficult to find enough time to enjoy the Rainforest enough to give you a sense that you are getting anywhere near your money’s worth.

However, it is a wonderful place to relax. But you will need to balance the cost against how much you are really going to use the space.

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