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Disney Cruise San Diego Review and Trip Report Day 4

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Continuing our Disney Cruise San Diego Review we are now on Day 4 of our trip report. This Disney Wonder San Diego is only 5 nights and now, of course, I am wishing it was longer!



Disney Cruise San Diego Review

After visiting Cabo San Lucas yesterday we had another Day At Sea. We were both now truly in relaxed mode. We decided to order coffee from Room Service and enjoy that on the balcony.

I know that a lot of people wonder whether the upgrade to a balcony is worth it. Really there isn’t a straight forward answer to that question.

A balcony stateroom is often quite a lot more expensive than an Inside or an Outside Stateroom. Only you can decide whether the extra money is best spent in this way.

I have cruised in all kinds of staterooms and the enjoyment of the cruise really doesn’t depend upon the stateroom that you are in. For this cruise, I was happy we had the White Wall Verandah and felt it was a good choice.

Disney Wonder Buffet Breakfast


After spending some time relaxing on the balcony we decided to go to Cabanas Buffet for breakfast. There is such a huge selection there. The only problem is selecting too much!

The redesign of Cabanas from Beach Blanket really has enhanced the experience on the Disney Wonder. The previous design forced you into having to stand in an enclosed line. Now it is a lot easier to move in and out of the line to see what you want.


Another great improvement is the sinks outside the doors of Cabanas. It is so important to do all you can to keep healthy on a cruise and hand washing is essential.

One of the great places to enjoy your buffet on the Disney Wonder is on the new enlarged Deck 10. There are some tables directly above the buffet and it is a really great place to sit.


This is a view of that area taken when we were in Cabo.


There is a huge selection of food at the buffet.


I was pleased to see that now they have different kinds of non-dairy milk available out on the buffet. I know that Disney has always been great with catering to different dietary preferences, but it was nice to see that you actually don’t have to ask for the almond or soy milk anymore!

My daughter is vegan and has sailed many times with us. I know she would be pleased to see that the different options are right there without you having to be labeled as “different”.


You really can eat healthy food on a Disney cruise!


But there are so many options which are very difficult to resist.






If you can wait just a few minutes there is also a freshly cooked omelet station.


I think that these omelets taste better than the ones that you can order in Triton’s for breakfast.


If you want Mickey Waffle, of course, this is the place to be!



If you are in desperate need of a sugar high then there are always endless supplies of donuts.


The Incredible Diaper Dash


I tried to explain to DH that one of the best events on a Disney cruise is the Diaper Dash! When you tell someone that watching babies race is one of the best things they will see all week, they don’t necessarily believe you! However, he soon saw exactly what I meant!

On every Disney cruise, there is a Diaper Dash. Any baby who can’t walk yet is invited to race. The Diaper Dash is held in the Atrium on Deck 3.

I like to watch it from Deck 4 as it gives you a great overview. You can see from Deck 5 as well but that is too high for me.

For this Diaper Dash, there seemed to be even more participants than usual. If you want to get a good viewing point you do have to be there a bit early. I staked out our place on Deck 4 about 20 minutes before the start and there were already crowds of people there!


Each round up to 4 babies compete. The Cast Members do such a great job of making this an entertaining event. When they explain the rules they say that if any baby miraculously takes their first step they will immediately be disqualified.

They stick to their word. Last time I saw this a parent obviously decided their toddler would not get up and walk, but he got half when down the track and then pretty much ran the rest of the way.

No babies took their first step on this Diaper Dash! There were three rounds. It always amazes me that the babies don’t seem to mind the incredibly loud cheering. It is probably the loudest event on the ship!

Parents try everything to get their baby to actually start crawling forward. A lot of them try entices them with phones and electronic devices. Seems to work best.

Anyway, the Diaper Dash event was one of the most entertaining things we saw on the whole cruise! If you get the chance to see it I would highly recommend it.

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Disney Cruise For Adults


This Disney Cruise was very different for me. It was the first time I had sailed without any of my children. It wasn’t out of choice, and I really wondered about whether to sail or not. However, I am really glad that I got to spend quality time with DH.

I have always said that a Disney cruise is for everyone. Not just the kids. You can enjoy yourself so much as a family as well as enjoying your time separately. There is a lot of dedicated space and many activities which are just for adults.

The feeling of really not having anything that you absolutely must do is not something either of us normally experiences. It is cliche but you really can escape on a cruise.


Of course, we decided to go to The Rainforest Room again. I do feel as though we completely got value for money this time with The Rainforest Room. We spent so much time in there.

I know the Rainforest Room is nowhere near as nice on the Wonder or Magic as it is on the Fantasy or Dream. However, it was just fine with us as it was never crowded.

After we had spent a couple of hours in the Rainforest we decided to go to Quiet Cove Cafe. We hadn’t really spent that much time there so far.


I had decided that I would actually indulge in one of the cocktails that I had first experienced on Disney Fantasy a year ago. I really wanted a Moet Ice.




Dh really wanted to try the Eco-Tini which he had enjoyed on the Disney Fantasy.


He really enjoyed his drink. Unfortunately, I was far from impressed with my Moet Ice. It was really pricey as you would expect for Moet.

However, I had enjoyed it so much on Remy I was prepared for the $15.95 sticker shock. What I wasn’t prepared for was the small amount of champagne he actually poured into my glass!


I had been looking forward to this for a year so I was pretty disappointed when I literally got the dregs of the bottle.

I thought he was going back to the bar to open a new bottle, but no such luck! Most of the stuff in the glass is ice, mint, and cherries. I should have said something, but my Britishness took over so I just complained to DH!

After getting over my disappointment we decided to go and spend some more time on the balcony. It was just so peaceful out there.

I realized that it was now late afternoon and we had missed lunch again. So we decided to order an All Hands on Deck from Room Service again.


Disney Wonder Frozen


I had really been looking forward to the Frozen show. I had seen it before and really enjoy it every time. DH hadn’t seen the show on the Disney Wonder before. Whilst he doesn’t share my passion for “Let It Go” he has seen the show at Disneyland many times. So was keen to see how it played out on the Disney Wonder.

I was determined that we were going to get a good seat so insisted on leaving early. We arrived about 30 minutes before the show started.

We got a great seat about eight rows from the front and pretty much in the middle. Having early seating helps. Early dinner is more popular on a Disney Cruise, particularly as there are so many young children who sail. Parents usually want early dining as 8.15 just gets too late for the kids to eat. So being in the opposite show to the majority of the families with small children is an advantage when it comes to show seating.

We only went to two shows, Frozen, and Golden Mickeys but the Walt Disney Theatre was never completely full. There aren’t any really bad seats, but some are better than others. The middle is always the best. However, there are some shows where some of the performers are in the aisles. So right at the edge can be good too.

Frozen did not disappoint. The way they have adapted Frozen for the Disney Wonder stage is really impressive. The quality of the performers is top-notch.

The costumes are gorgeous. Of course, my favorite part is “Let It Go”. Great costume trick to watch out for there. I wonder if it ever fails…..

The Disney Wonder performance of Frozen is so magical you even get your own furry of snow. It’s impressive, but whatever they use to produce the effect makes me sneeze! It’s still a magical moment though.

I really cannot say enough about the high quality of Disney cruise full productions. If I ever sail on another cruise line the stage shows are largely disappointing. Disney cruise lines really are the best at stage entertainment.

Disney Wonder Triton’s Restaurant

I was looking forward to dining at Triton’s. It can probably be described as the most subtly themed of all the Disney Wonder restaurants. The theme is supposed to be that you are in the underwater world of Ariel The Little Mermaid.

The mosaic at the edge of the room is spectacular.


The lighting is very subtle and there is this beautiful feature in the center of the room.


Triton’s also has the most comfortable chairs in any Disney Wonder restaurant!


The attention to detail is, as always, brilliant. Just look at these cute light fixtures.


Remember the wine that we got on Day 1 and didn’t like. It appeared again today! We just asked our server to replace it with the wine that we had left from Palo yesterday.


Triton’s is supposed to have a French influence to the menu.




I know from past cruises that I really enjoy the Iced Lobster and Jumbo Shrimp so I ordered that.


DH ordered Gaston’s Escargot and really enjoyed it.


I also ordered the Breaded and Deep Fried Brie with an Orange and Cranberry Chutney. This is another one of my favorites. It tasted really good, but the presentation was probably the worst I have seen the whole cruise!

DH had the Farmhouse Salad. It didn’t look very exciting and he said that it was just OK.



For the entree, I was torn between the Conchiglie Pasta and the Oven Baked Salmon Royale. I chose the salmon as it is served with Sauteed Swiss Chard, Truffled Cauliflower Puree and White Wine Beurre Blanc.


I really enjoyed the salmon. DH said that the Roasted Rack of Lamb was very good.


Now it was time for the dessert menu.



Triton’s has one of my favorite desserts, The Grand Marnier Souffle. It did not disappoint! I think this is one of the very best desserts on any of the Disney cruise menus.


DH chose the Tahitian Vanilla Creme Brulee. He said it was better than the one that we both had the other night.


After dinner, we went for our now nightly walk around Deck 4. We also ventured up to Deck 10 as I realized that DH hadn’t even seen the sports deck yet!

When we got back to our stateroom this was waiting for us.


I think this was my favorite one of the whole cruise. It just summed up how relaxed we were at this point!

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