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Disney Dream Verandah Stateroom

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Disney Dream Staterooms With Verandah


Want to know more about Disney Dream Staterooms With Verandah? Here is your complete guide which explains what to expect from a Verandah stateroom on the Disney Dream.

It includes photos, videos, and tips of which stateroom locations may be the best choice for you.

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The Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy are sister ships. Therefore, for everything you read here about the Disney Dream, it applies to the Disney Fantasy as well.

For a complete guide to all the staterooms on these ships go to Disney Fantasy and Dream Stateroom Guide

Features of Disney Dream Verandah Staterooms


What will you actually find in your Disney Dream Verandah Stateroom?

Every Disney Cruise stateroom has a Queen Bed. Some used to be convertible to a twin, but now that is not an option on any of the Disney ships.

Most people find the Disney cruise beds exceptionally comfortable. I am very much a fan! I often have trouble sleeping, but sleep like a baby on a Disney Cruise.

The bedding is exceptionally high-quality Frette 100% Egyptian Cotton linen.

You will also find a Beverage Cooler in your Disney Dream stateroom. It is small but is enough to cool soda and fits a couple of bottles of wine.

It probably won’t get your white wine or other beverages quite cool enough, so be sure to ask your Room Steward for an ice bucket.

There is a Coffee Table in your stateroom. This is useful for when you order Room Service.

There is also a good-sized Desk and Chair. I know that no one wants to work on vacation, but it is very useful if you have to!


You will notice that there are some power points at the side of the desk. Unfortunately, there never seem to be enough!

I always pack a Multiple USB Wall Charger

. Remember not to take the advice of some other online sources which tell you. Extension cords and surge protectors are prohibited items on Disney cruises.

If you bring a Prohibited Item onboard it will be confiscated and you don’t want to risk that! Here is an article which explains more about Things You Must Not Take on a Disney Cruise. 

You will also find 2 Wavephones in your Disney Cruise Verandah stateroom. These are useful for keeping in touch on the ship, but they have their limitations. Technology dates quickly and this design is now showing it’s age.

The Waverphone is pretty bulky to carry around and some of its features are very dated. It is much easier to use the text feature on the Disney Navigator App if all your party has downloaded that.

The desk has plenty of drawers, cupboards, and shelves to store items in too.

I am a huge fan of Packing Cubes. Not only do they help you to pack much more easily, but you can also easily unpack them and put them in the storage space in your stateroom.

Another nice touch is that you will find postcards, a pen and some stationery in the desk drawer. These can make a nice souvenir.

There is a Hair Dryer in the drawer. It is functional, but not the best. I always pack my own.


The Sleeper Sofa is found in the living area of all Disney Dream staterooms. It is comfortable as a sofa and pretty good when it is converted into a bed.

Some Disney Cruise Verandah staterooms have a pull-down bed above this. When a stateroom has this it can sleep up to 4 guests.

A very nice feature of the Verandah Stateroom is that the living and sleeping area can be separated by a heavy privacy curtain.

Of course, you will find a television in your room. It is a 22″ Flat Screen Television which is mounted on a tilting arm. This means you can angle it to watch in either the sleeping or the living area.

The staterooms televisions on the Disney Fantasy and Dream feature on-demand Disney movies. If you want to catch up on your Disney movie watching, this is your chance!

Unfortunately, the Classic Ships the Disney Wonder and the Disney Fantasy do not have on-demand programming.

Disney cruise stateroom storage

There is a lot of storage space in the closet. Hangers are provided although I usually bring some of my own as well as there never seem to be enough, If you forget to bring your own you can ask your Room Steward for more.

There is an Electronic Safe in every Disney cruise stateroom. It is located in the closet in the hallway of your stateroom. It is very easy to operate. Just remember to check is and take everything with you on Disembarkation Day.

Disney Dream Verandah Stateroom Bathroom

Disney dream verandah stateroom bathroom

All Disney Dream Verandah Staterooms have the Split Bathroom feature. What this means is that there is a toilet and sink in one room and a bath with shower and an additional sink in the second bathroom. This is particularly useful for larger families when everyone is fighting in the morning for the shower.

Disney Cruise Split Bathroom

All the bathrooms have a good supply of H2O Toiletries which include shampoo, conditioner, soap and body lotion. We really like this brand and of course, it is available at the store on the ship as well!

Another way to buy these H2O products is online. I always use this H2O+ Beauty Eucalyptus and Aloe Revitalizing Shampoo,

Understanding the Different Categories and Types of Disney Dream Verandah Staterooms


Now we know exactly what you will find in a Verandah stateroom on the Disney Dream, it’s time to start understanding more about the different types of Verandah stateroom.

All staterooms on the Disney ships are referred to by Category numbers and letters. The Categories for the Verandah Staterooms on the Disney Dream are either Category 7,6,5 or 4.

Each of those numbered categories also has a letter ranging from A to

We will go through all the different types. It’s really easy once you know what you are looking for!

Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Navigator’s Verandah – Category 7

This is a bit of a confusing title if you are familiar with the Navigator’s Verandah on the Disney Classic Ships, the Wonder and the Magic. On those ships, the Navigator’s Verandah is a very distinctive enclosed verandah.

This type of enclosed verandah is not available on the Disney Dream or Fantasy.

Instead, the description ‘Navigator’s Verandah” is used to categorize the Verandah staterooms with a smaller balcony than average or with an obstructed view. For this reason, this category is usually the lowest price of all the Disney Dream verandah staterooms.

Even within this Category, the staterooms vary a lot in their desirability, so you need to look careful at which you are choosing.

Here is a video which shows the Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Navigator’s Verandah.

The Navigator’s Verandah on the Disney Dream can be a good chance to snag a balcony stateroom on the ship at a lower price than other balcony cabins. Of course, the balcony may not be the best on the ship, but at least you will be getting some outside space to enjoy.

These balcony staterooms are located on Decks 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah Category 6


This is the usual 246 square feet configuration, but the total size is 268 square feet with the verandah.

This is probably one of my favorite choices for a verandah stateroom on the Disney Dream. They are usually offered for a decent amount less than the h higher and usually more expensive Category 5.

Why? Because they have a solid white wall verandah. All other Disney Dream verandah staterooms have a clear perspex balcony wall.

What this means is that when you are sitting down on your balcony you can see the ocean and the scenery. If you choose a white wall verandah you cannot see the view when you are sitting down. Well, you can see the sky and a snippet of the ocean, but you don’t get the full view that a clear balcony will give you.

Some guests really don’t like them for this reason. I think this tends to be when they don’t realize what they have booked. If you know what you are going in for and realize the difference is getting you a discount, then it can be a good option for some guests.

Category 6A are located on Decks 8 and 9.
Category 6B are located on Decks 5,6 and 7.

How do you decide if a Disney cruise white wall verandah is a good option for you? I think a sensible way is to compare the price of a category 6 with a category 5 and see if the price difference makes it worth it for you.

Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah Category 5A to 5D

These are identical to the Category 6 Staterooms except they have the clear perspex Verandah wall. They are a total of 268 square feet including the Verandah and they all have the split bath.

They all sleep either 3 or 4 guests. The ones for 4 guests have the extra pull-down bunk bed over the sofa bed.

Category 5A are located on Decks 9 and 10
Category 5B are located on Deck 8
Category 5C are located on Deck 7
Category 5D are located on Deck 6

Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Oversized Verandah Category 5E

These are identical to the other Category 5 staterooms, but they have a larger balcony.

These are located on Decks 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Note that some of the balconies in this category have a white wall, but they are larger than average.

This Category includes the sought after aft balcony staterooms which we think are some of the best. I have sailed many times in an aft balcony and it really is a fabulous choice. The view over the wake of the ship really is something.

Aft balconies do have their disadvantages though. You will feel a lot more movement back there than in many other areas of the ship. If you are prone to seasickness you may want to make a different choice.

You do have to be aware that there will be more vibration at the back of the ship. You will also feel more movement. If you are <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>prone to seasickness</a> you may want to avoid these staterooms.

Some guests have reported that the flag on the back of the ship can be an annoying obstruction if you are on Deck 6 in a Category 5E.

Disney Dream 6192 is the stateroom where the flag pole is attached at the back of the verandah. This does impact your view and it can also be noisy if it is windy. However, the flag only flies when the Disney Dream is in port.

For me, the advantage of the aft balconies outweighs this disadvantage, but others don’t necessarily feel the same way.

Deluxe Oceanview Family Stateroom with Verandah Category 4A, 4B, 4C and 4D

Disney Fantasy Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom Review

I have often stayed in this category of stateroom when I regularly sailed with 5 people. Now the kids are older and we don’t always travel together, we don’t tend to sail in these larger verandah staterooms as they are higher priced.

You can read our review at Disney Family Stateroom with Verandah

These are the largest non concierge staterooms on the Disney Fantasy. They have 299 square feet of space and sleep up to 5 guests.

They have a Queen bed, a sofa bed with a pull-down bunk and an additional pull-down Murphy bed  This extra Murphy bed pulls out by the balcony door.

The only problem with this is that it does obstruct your access to the balcony when it is pulled down. You have to climb over the bed to open the door.

If your budget is flexible, go for one of these verandah staterooms as they do give you some extra space. They are also a great option if you have a family of 5.

Category 4A are located on Decks 9 and 10
Category 4B are located on Deck 8
Category 4C are located on Deck 7
Category 4D are located on Deck 6

There is usually not that much of a price difference between each of these Category 4 staterooms. The usual rule is that the higher the deck the higher the rate.

I tend to prefer Deck 10, just because of it’s proximity to the pool deck. It’s a short walk up and down the stairs.

Some people don’t like that deck as it is directly under the pool deck so that you get some noise from above. We have never really been troubled by noise on Deck 10. Deck 9 is a good compromise if you are concerned about noise.

Deluxe Oceanview Family Stateroom with Oversized Verandah Category 4E

These have larger balconies and are located only on Deck 5. They are exactly the same size and configuration as all of the Deluxe Oceanview Family Staterooms on the Disney Fantasy except these only sleep 3 or 4 guests. They do not have the extra Murphy Bed.

The location on Deck 5 is a good one for the Kid’s Clubs and the Buena Vista Theatre. It is also very easy to walk down the stairs to Deck 3 for all the restaurants and bars.

Which Disney Dream verandah stateroom will you choose?

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