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Disney Frozen Dual Vanity Playset

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disney frozen dual vanity playset

Are you thinking of buying a Disney Frozen Dual Vanity Playset? If you have a young princess in your house you will probably already have been thinking about whether the Disney Frozen Dual Vanity Playset is a good buy.

Disney Frozen Dual Vanity Playset

This is a great toy for any Frozen fan, and will give many hours of happy play time. The Disney Frozen Dual Vanity Playset

is a case which contains clothes and accessories for the Anna and Elsa dolls. The dolls are not included with the package, but there is plenty to get excited about with this popular toy.

As the Disney Frozen Dual Vanity set has small parts it is only recommended for children aged 3 and up.


The Frozen Vanity set has two different colored closets. Blue for Elsa and deep pink for Anna. The carrying case opens up to reveal both sides. When the case is closed you can clip the Anna and Elsa dolls to the side.

Inside the vanity case you will find a skirt for Anna and one for Elsa. These skirts compliment the existing outfits of the Frozen dolls very nicely. The skirts also clip to the inside of the vanity case.

Also inside is a vanity. There is only one, so somehow Anna and Elsa have to work out how to share! You will also find lots of accessories such as shoes and necklaces for Anna and Elsa.

The clothes and accessories also fit Barbie dolls, but really you do need to have the right Anna and Elsa dolls as there aren’t complete outfits included with the set. As with all doll shoes of this type, they are pretty easy to lose – so make sure that your daughter knows to clean up and put them away in the vanity set! Usually shoes go missing pretty quickly in sets like this.


!important; margin: 0px !important;” src=”” alt=”” width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ />. For the amount of hours of play that your little one will most likely get out of this, it is an excellent buy.

Disney Frozen Dual Vanity Playset

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