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Disney nuiMOs Cosplay February 2021

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The new Disney nuiMOs Cosplay Collection is now here for February 2021.

Which of these adorable new nuiMOs clothes and outfits are you going to add to your collection?

Disney nuiMOs Cosplay Collection

With this new nuiMOs collection your adorable plush can join in with the Cosplay culture.

Designed by Ashely Eckstein and Wes Jenkins these new nuiMOs.

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Disney nuiMOs Clothes February 2021 Collection

disney nuimos cosplay

This nuiMOs Cosplay Rapunzel Outfit is inspired by Disney’s Tangled Movie. Set includes knitted bobble hat, sweater, overalls, and shoes. Who can resist this??

Your Minnie Mouse nuMOs Plush is ready for a date with this Red Valentine’s Day Dress with Bag. This cute red dress features organza top layer and sequined bag. This nuiMO outfit has a useful heart shaped purse included.

Mickey is shown modeling these fabulous new clothes from the nuiMOs Cosplay collection – but remember that all outfits will fit any nuiMOs plush that you have. Perhaps you think Stitch would look great as Woody from Toy Story?

Here are the links to see more details about these nuiMOs clothes and outfits:

NuiMOs Woody Cosplay Clothes

Cheshire Car NuiMOs Cosplay Outfit

Queen of Hearts Cosplay Set for NuiMOs

Daisy Duck is modeling the Alice in Wonderland Blue Dress Cosplay Outfit. No wardrobe would be complete without a Star Wars Cosplay Outfit.

Which of these Cosplay nuiMOs outfits are your favorites?

Oogie Boogie Cosplay Set for nuiMOs

Cinderella Cosplay Set for NuiMO Plush

Bo Peep Cosplay Set

More nuiMOs Clothes and Outfits

Here are just some of the outfits for your nuiMOs plush which are available from shop Disney.

You can see more details about these at Disney nuiMOs January Clothes Collection.

Disney NuiMOs March Collection


New NuiMOs clothes collection are released on the first day of every month. So watch out for the new collection of outfits to be released on March 1st, 2021.

Which are your favorite Disney nuiMOs Cosplay Clothes?