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Disney nuiMOs Arrive at Shop Disney

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nuimos at shop disney

Look what just arrived at shop Disney! These adorable new Disney nuiMOs!

Never heard of nuiMOs? Well these cute must have new Disney friends were first launched in Japan where they were instantly an overwhelming success.

And you are going to be hearing a lot more about them here! These adorable Disney nuiMO plush figures can be dressed in a range of clothes and outfits. They even have their own accessories range.

Thankfully they are now available in the US and Europe. NuiMOs are now available on the shop Disney website as well as various Disney parks and stores.

What Does nuiMO Mean in English?

Mickey Mouse nuimos

Why the name? What is the meaning in English of nuiMo?

It is a combination of the Japanese word for plush (nuigurumi) and model (moderu)

Choose a Disney NuiMO Plush

Right now you can choose from any of these 6 Disney NuiMOs which have just been released. The choice is quite a difficult one! So maybe I need more than one…..

Priced at just $17.99 for each character it is definitely tempting to build a collection with all your favorites.

They are all just over 6 inches tall so you can easily take them to the Disney parks or even on a Disney Cruise with you. In fact they are so cute you may be taking them everywhere with you!

They are fully posable and can even hold hands with each other.

There will be different nuiMO characters released soon as there are many different ones available in Japan. However, for now we have Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Stitch and Angel.

Which Disney nuiMO plush are you going to choose?

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Disney nuiMOs Mickey Mouse

Disney Mickey Mouse NuiMO
Disney Mickey Mouse NuiMO

The classic Mickey Mouse NuiMO is now available. Mickey would be a great choice to start your plush collection.

Disney nuiMOs Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse NuiMO
Minnie Mouse NuiMO

This Minnie Mouse nuiMO is a definite must have for your collection. Just like the other characters she is fully posable. Minnie includes her very own detachable polka dot dress.

Disney nuiMOs Stitch

Stich NuiMO
Stich NuiMO

Who can resist this Disney Stitch nuiMO? Who would have thought that Experiment 626 would be such a great fashion model?

Disney nuiMOs Angel Plush

Disney Angel NuiMO
Disney Angel NuiMO

Of course if you have Stitch then you really need to buy the Angel nuiMO too…

Just like the other characters available Angel has magnets in her hands so she can hold hands with her plush friends.

nuiMOs Donald Duck Plush

Donald Duck NuiMO
Donald Duck NuiMO

Maybe Donald Duck will be your favorite?

nuiMOs Daisy Duck Plush

Daisy Duck NuiMO
Daisy Duck NuiMO

And if you have Donald of course he has to have Daisy Duck by his side!

Disney NuiMO Clothes and Outfits

Disney NuiMo Clothes for January 2021

The next thing that you will want to do is to personalize your nuiMO and start your wardrobe collection! This is where things are going to get so much more fun.

You can mix and match any outfit for any of your nuiMO collection. It’s up to you to decide your individual nuiMO style.

There are so many very cute nuiMO clothes to pick. Disney has released the first collection in January – there will be many more to come.

It is going to be very easy to get carried away and collect lots of clothes for your nuiMo.

Here are some of the nuiMO clothes which are available in the January 2021 collection. The nuiMOs will have their very own celebrity stylist each month.

The January collection was launched in collaboration with celebrity stylist Maeve Reilly. There is a very definite LA vibe to this first North American nuiMO collection.

Here are some of the adorable outfits – remember you can style any nuiMO is any of these fabulous clothes. The cost of these NuiMO clothes is $12.99 each.

This means you can have a nuiMO and one of these outfits for just under $30 plus tax.

Mickey nuiMO
Mickey Mouse NuiMO in Varsity Jacket

This Varsity Jacket Set is sure to be one of the most popular outfits for your NuiMO. This set includes jacket, pants, and sneakers. The jacket is embroidered with an “M” initial.


Mickie looks so good in this Flannel Hoodie and Jeans Set. It also includes a cozy sweater.

nuiMO Minnie Cowgirl Outfit
nuiMO Minnie in her Cowgirl Outfit

This Cowgirl Dress and Boots set is one of my favorites. Just because of those boots!!

Minnie Mouse in her Chinese New Year Dress

Your nuiMo can celebrate Chinese New Year with this Chinese Dress,

I just love the detail on this – it reminds me of those amazing clothes you can buy in the China Pavilion in Disney World Epcot.

Mickey Mouse nuiMO working out in his gym clothes

Here you can see just how you can mix and match the different nuiMO clothes. Mickey is working out in his sneakers and pants from the Hooded Jacket and Sneakers Set.

Mickey has paired this with a white t shirt, but Donald is wearing the whole outfit which includes a hooded jacket and sweater.

donal duch nuiMo oufit
Minnie Mouse nuiMO deciding on her outfit for the day

Here we can see Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck wearing the same mix and match outfit.

Daisy looks amazing in this Animal Print Outfit. The set includes a jacket, pants, cap, and a sweater.

Daisy and Donald Duck on the Amalfi Coast in Italy

The huge appeal of nuiMOs is not only can you personalize them as you would like.

They are the perfect size to take with you anywhere! Donald and Daisy nuiMO pictured here in Amalfi Italy. Well, maybe it is photoshopped, but you get the idea!

Daisy looks adorable in this Jumpsuit and Hat Set

This is one of my favorite looks from the collection. nuiMO Stitch looks so distinguished in this Woven Coat Pants and Scarf Set.

It’s a difficult choice though as Stitch also looks so good in this more casual Denim Jacket and Knitted Hat Set

disney nuimos stich outfit and clothes

This nuiMO College Set is also a must have! It even includes a backpack as well as the plaid jacket, denim jeans, and baseball cap

Or maybe you will choose this Varsity Jacket and Hat Set.

disney nuimos angel plush clothes

nuiMO Angel looks cute in her Denim Jacket and Pants Set. This would be a good choice for Minnie too.

This Pink and Purple Pant Suit Set is perfect for your Angel nuiMO.

Or maybe you will choose this Sweater Skirt and Headband Set

Disney nuiMO Accessories

These nuiMO backpacks are difficult to resist! Now your nuiMO can have their very own Loungefly backpack. They have zipped openings, amazing detailing and the Loungefly label – just like the real thing.

Just like the clothes, new accessories will be released on the first Monday of every month. They are priced at $19.99

disney nuiMOs loungefly backpack

This Polka Dot Loungefly Backpack is perfect for your Minnie Mouse nuiMO.

disney nuimos loungefly rose gold backpack

This Rose Gold Backpack is this months’ must have accessory!

Disney nuiMO Spirit Jerseys

Love your Disney Spirit Jersey? Now you can get one for your nuiMO! They are priced at $19.99.

Your nuiMO can now have their very own Disneyland Spirit Jersey

disney nuiMOs disneyland spirit jersey

disney nuiMOs spirit jersey rose gold

There is even a Rose Gold Spirit Jersey for your nuiMO.

Disney nuiMO February 2021 Collection

There will be new items of clothing and accessories for your nuiMO launched on the first Monday of every month. Here is a sneak peak of the February Collection.

Which of the Disney nuiMO January Collection are you going to buy?