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Disney Cruise AquaDunk – What You Must Know

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What is the Disney Cruise Aquadunk? Only found on the Disney Magic Cruise Ships this innovative water feature is a whole lot of fun – if you dare!

What is the Disney Cruise AquaDunk?

disney cruise aquadunk

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The Disney AquaDunk is the only one of its kind. The Disney Magic did not have the AquaDunk when she was built. It was added during one of her times in dry dock.

It is located on Deck 13 Forward, just in front of the smokestack. There you will see the steps up to the entrance to the ride. Just follow Dewey Ducks footsteps up the 63 stairs.

disney magic cruise aquadunk

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The AquaDunk is a drop water slide. First you enter the clear loading capsule. You stand on the platform with your arms crossed over your chest. A Cast Member is on the platform to help you.

The anticipation is quite intense – particularly the first time you do this. At this point you are nearly 37 feet above the deck! Dewey Duck will count you down to prepare you for the plunge!

The floor then disappears from under your feet – and you drop into the slide! You plummet 212 feet through a see through tube.

The slide goes over the edge of the ship on a 20 foot curvature. You aren’t really aware of where you are in the tube. It’s just a lot of fun and then all too soon you are at the end.

You have to be at least 48″ tall to ride the Disney Cruise AquaDunk.

This is going to mean that the younger kids can’t ride this- so just prepare them for this so they aren’t disappointed when they get on board and find out it isn’t an option. The Cast Members are, quite rightly, not going to make exceptions no matter how much you plead with them.

Here is a great video which shows you exactly how it is to ride the AquaDunk

As you can see from the video and pictures of the AquaDunk, mosts of the line is outside with no shade. You can be waiting in line for over 90 minutes if the queue starts at the bottom of the stairs. Remember to always wear a good sunscreen.

The AquaDunk Back Story

Most Disney rides have a back story and the Disney Magic AquaDunk is no exception.

This one centers around Donald Duck and his mischievous nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie. As soon as Donald’s nephews heard that the Disney Magic was going to get a new water feature, they insisted that they been involoved in the design.

Now all design processes go through many stages, with initial ideas often ending up on the cutting room floor.

disney cruise aquadunk slide

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One idea didn’t get past the prototype phase as it had too much bounce. Another prototype was too long. Finally they hit on the perfect design for the AquaDunk.

Huey, Dewey and Louie wanted the design process to be remembered in pictures. Therefore they hit upon the idea of having the blueprints painted onto the side of the water slide. You can view these as you are waiting for the ride.

Do All Disney Cruise Ships Have Water Slides?

do all the disney cruise ships have water slides
The Mickey Water Slide on the Disney Wonder

Yes, all of the Disney Ships have a water slide.

In addition to the Disney Cruise AquaDunk the Magic has the Twist ‘n’ Spout water slide. Located on Deck 9, in the Aqua Lab area of the ship, this is a double looping water slide.

The Twist ‘n’ Spout is 250 feet long and twists in one direction and then another. Guest must be at least 38″ tall to ride.

You can also find the Twist ‘n’ Spout water slide can also be found on the Disney Wonder

The Twist ‘n Spout on the Classic Disney ships replaced the original Mickey Slide.

Guests on the Disney Dream and Fantasy can enjoy the thrilling water coaster the AquaDuck.

Guests ride on rafts, which can hold up to two people at a time, around this 785 water coaster.

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At one point the tube even extends over the side of the ship! The AquaDuck is a lot of fun It is highly likely that the new ship, the Disney Wish will have the AquaDuck too.

As well as the AquaDuck, the Disney Dream and Fantasy have the Mickey slide. This is located at the side of the Mickey Pool on Deck 11.

 The Mickey Slide is intended for Guests ages 4 to 14 years. They must be between 38″ and 64″ tall to use the Mickey slide.

Castaway Cay Water Slides
Pelican Plunge Castaway Cay

Even Disney’s Private Island, Castaway Cay has a water slide. Pelican Plunge is located on the family beach at Castaway Cay. There are two water slides to choose from. One is covered and the other is open.

You do have to swim out to get to Pelican Plunge so you have to be a reasonably good swimmer to get out there.

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