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Disney nuiMOs Loungefly Backpack – The Must Have Accessory for your nuiMOs Plush

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Have you seen the adorable new nuiMOs now available at shop Disney? This fabulous collection of Disney plush characters and their endless wardrobe combinations have now hit the stores.

The January 2021 collection of accessories includes the fabulous Disney nuiMOs Loungefly Backpack range.

Right now you can choose from Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Stitch and Angel, and Daisy and Donald Duck. We hear that there will be more coming soon.

Disney nuiMOs Plush

To see more about these adorable new characters go to Disney nuiMos January Collection.

Once you have your nuiMO plush character you are going to start to want to make them unique with the cute clothes and accessories available.

On the first Monday of every month a whole new collection will be launched. So you will never run out of new ideas to dress and accessorize your Disney nuiMO plush.

Find Disney nuiMos Charachters

Disney nuiMOs Clothes and Outfits

The real fun is to mix and match all the outfits that you collect for you nuiMos. Each month a new collection will be released. The Disney nuiMos release date will be the first Monday of every month. So the release date is February 1st 2021.

Pictured above is just a selection of the nuiMO clothes from the January 2021 collection. If you want to see the compete January range of Disney nuiMO clothes click on the link below.

Find Disney nuiMO Clothes

Disney nuiMO Loungefly Backpack

All the best dressed nuiMOs need a backpack! We all know and love the Disney Loungefly Backpack range. Now you nuiMO can have their very own Loungefly back pack!

Two Loungefly Backpacks were introduced with the first North American nuiMo collection in January 2021.

How cute is this? This Polka Dot Loungefly Backpack is perfect for your Minnie Mouse nuiMO.

The detailing on this bag is just like the full size Loungefly Disney Backpacks. It has an opening zipper, a bold Minnie Mouse inspired design, and the signature Loungefly logo.

Large enough to carry a spare sweater or shirt for your nuiMO.

Disney nuiMos Loungefly Rose Gold Backpack

Every one needs a Rose Gold Backpack. Now your nuiMO can have this Loungefly Rose Gold Backpack.

Perhaps you can team this up with a nuiMO Rose Gold Spirit Jersey! The choices are endless.

Which Disney nuiMos Loungefly Backpack will you choose?

Disney nuiMOs Price

The cost of the Disney nuiMOs plush is $17.99. The clothes (excluding the spirit jerseys) are 12.99 and the backpacks are $19.99

The nuiMOs spirit jerseys are also $19.99. I am not sure why these are higher priced than the clothes and other outfits, but then come to think about it, the spirit jerseys for humans are also higher priced than some other similar items!

Disney nuiMOs February Collection

Look out for the new collection which will be released on February 1st 2021. Which outfit will you choose?

Which Disney nuiMos do you want to collect? Which Disney nuiMO Loungefly Backpack will you by buying?