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Disney nuiMOs Clothes and Outfits

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Have you discovered the latest Disney sensation? Disney nuiMOs have now been released in North America and they have quickly become the must have accessory for Disney fans.

There is a whole new world to discover – and so many different nuiMO clothes and outfits.

What is a Disney nuiMO?

These adorable Disney nuiMOs were first released in Japan.

Why are they called nuiMO? It is a combination of the Japanese word for plush (nuigurumi) and model (moderu).

Right now six different nuiMOs plush are available here. You can choose from Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck and Donald Duck, Stitch and Angel.

Once you have chosen your nuiMO Plush you can start the really fun part – dressing them up with different clothes, outfits and even different accessories.

How Do You Say NuiMO?


Minnie, Mickey and Stitch spell it out! You say nuiMOs – New Eee Moes.

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Disney nuiMOs Clothes


Every month a new range of Disney nuiMOs clothes will be released. Look out for the new Disney nuiMOs clothes collection on the first Monday of every month.

You can mix and match any of the clothes and dress whichever Disney NuiMOs plush that you have. This is a huge part of the appeal – you can create your own look for your nuiMO.

Each nuiMO Plush is 6 1/3” high. They are fully posable. They can even hold hands with each other!

Disney nuiMo Clothes January 2020 Collection

disney nuimos at shop disney

The clothes launch has been incredibly popular, so grab your favorite NuiMOs outfit before they sell out.

The January collection was launched in collaboration with celebrity stylist Maeve Reilly.

There is a very definite LA vibe to this first North American nuiMO collection. It includes several outfits. You an even buy a Loungefly Backpack for your nuiMO!

Which outfit is your favorite?

disney nuiMOs outfits

Angel Demin Jacket Jeans and Sweater Set

disney nuimos clothes

Disney nuiMOs clothes Varsity Jacket, Jeans and Sneakers

Choose from these adorable nuiMO outfits:

Disney nuiMOs College Set

Varsity Set for NuiMOs

Woven Coat and Pants Set

You can even buy Spirit Jerseys for your NuiMO!

Minnie Mouse goes from casual cowboy boots to her Chinese New Year dress up. And you can even buy a nuiMO Loungefly Backpack!

Chinese New Year Dress nuiMO

Loungefly Backpack for nuiMOs

nuiMO Cowgirl Outfit

Disney nuiMOs Clothes February Collection

Watch out for the new nuiMOs Clothes and Outfits February Collection. It launched on 1st February 2021.

Which of these adorable outfits will you choose for your nuiMOs?

Which Disney nuiMOs clothes and outfits are your favorites?