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Rainforest Room on Disney Cruises: Is It Worth the Price Tag?

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Step into the Disney Cruise Rainforest Room, where you can relax and let your worries drift away.

It’s an ideal spot for adults to unwind and recharge during their Disney cruise.

But is it worth the extra cost?

The Rainforest on Disney Wish

I’ve experienced the Rainforest Room on all the Disney ships and they do vary a lot between the different classes of ship.

In this guide, I will tell you everything you need to know about the Disney Cruise Rainforest Room. From its cool features to tips on how to enjoy it the most, I’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re a cruise pro or planning your first Disney cruise, this article will help you make the most of your visit.

What is the Disney Cruise Rainforest Room?

The Disney Cruise Rainforest Room is a special place for adults on Disney’s cruise ships. It’s part of the spa area and is designed to help you relax and feel refreshed.

The Rainforest Room has many features like steam rooms, showers, cold rooms, and jacuzzis. It’s the perfect spot to unwind and recharge during your cruise.

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Features of the Rainforest Room

Steam Rooms

The steam rooms are one of the main attractions in the Rainforest Room. These rooms are warm and humid, which helps relax your muscles and improve your circulation. The steam rooms also have essential oils, making the experience even more soothing.


The Rainforest Room has different types of showers. You can enjoy tropical rain showers or invigorating cold showers. These showers are designed to refresh and rejuvenate your body.

Cold Rooms

Disney Wish is the only one of the ships to have a cold room. It is likely that Disney Treasure will also have this feature when she is launched in December 2024.

Disney Wish Rainforest Cold Room

These rooms are cool and help improve your circulation. They provide a nice contrast to the warm steam rooms.


The jacuzzis in the Rainforest Room are perfect for relaxing. The warm, bubbling water and soothing jets help relieve stress and tension.

The classic ships, Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, do not have jacuzzis in the Rainforest Room.

Stone Lounge Chairs

One unique feature of the Rainforest Room is the stone lounge chairs. These heated chairs are very comfortable and provide a great place to rest.

On Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy you can enjoy panoramic views of the ocean while lounging on the stone chairs.

Rainforest Rooms on Every Disney Cruise Ship

The Rainforest Room is available on all Disney cruise ships, including Disney Wonder, Disney Magic, Disney Fantasy, Disney Dream and Disney Wish.

Each ship’s Rainforest Room offers a unique experience with different features and amenities.

Disney Wonder and Disney Magic

The Rainforest Rooms on the Disney Wonder and Disney Magic are completely indoors. They provide a cozy and intimate environment with two steam rooms, showers, and stone lounge chairs.

Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream

The Rainforest Rooms on the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream offer a more luxurious experience.

They have panoramic windows and are located at the front of the ship, providing stunning ocean views. These rooms also have three steam rooms.

The sauna has an oceanview.

Disney Wish

This is very different than the other Disney ships as there is an indoor and outdoor space. The exterior space is open to the air from above.

Some people feel that this outdoor area is too overlooked as other guests can look down from Deck 6 to the spae below.

However, I feel that this is not an issue. I have spent many hours in that outdoor area and love it’s large space with a variety of lounge seating and two hot tubs. That area of Deck 6 above is not a highly trafficked area and I have never had the sense that being overlooked is a problem.

Disney Treasure will most likely have a very similar Rainforest Room to Disney Wish.

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Unique Aspects of Each Ship’s Rainforest Room

Each Disney cruise ship has its own unique Rainforest Room features and amenities. Indoor vs. Panoramic Views

The Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream have panoramic views from their Rainforest Rooms, offering a serene and tranquil environment.

Disney Fantasy Rainforest Room

The Disney Wonder and Disney Magic have indoor Rainforest Rooms with no outside view.

Disney Wish has both an inside space and a large outdoor area.

Number of Steam Rooms

The Disney Wonder and Disney Magic have two steam rooms, while the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream have three steam rooms with ocean view windows. This gives guests more options for relaxation.

The Best Disney Cruise Rainforest Room

Many people feel that the best Rainforest Room experience can be found on the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream.

These ships offer a more luxurious environment with stunning ocean views and additional amenities. The extra steam room and panoramic windows make these Rainforest Rooms the ultimate retreat for relaxation.

The Disney Wish Rainforest has very mixed views. Some, including me, love it.

However, the outside space of the Disney Wish Rainforest Room is a miss for many guests due to it being open for above. I really don’t find this a problem, but some do.

The Rainforest on Disney Wish

I have visited the Rainforest on the Classic Disney ships, the Magic and Wonder many times. And they do have their good points, most notably the stone chairs.

However, I do not pay the extra anymore on Disney Wonder and Disney Dream. They are too small, with not enough stone chairs, the showers are not a particularly great experience, and for me, it just isn’t worth the cost.

How to Book the Rainforest Room

Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward answer to this as the policy varies,

You can sometimes book your visit through the Disney Cruise Line website. If this is an available option you will see it appear when you have paid in full and can select your activities on your Navigator App.

However, this isn’t often an option. If you can’t book in advance make sure that you go to the Senses Spa as soon as possible after you board the ship. Passes do sell out so it is a good idea to get there early.

Sometimes day passes are available, but usually, you have to buy a length of cruise pass.

It used to be that a couples pass would give you a discount. However, this seems to have been discontinued some time ago.

How Much Does it Cost?

The one question everyone wants to ask: what’s the price for a Rainforest pass? 

Unfortunately, there is no standard price that is clearly displayed, and prices do seem to vary from ship to ship depending on the size and the features of the boat. 

Prices start from roughly $29 USD for a day pass.

However, a day pass if often not available so you will need to buy a length of cruise pass. Couples passes, which used to save you money. don’t seem to be offered anymore.

You will be offered the option to add on a scrub. These are nice but very highly priced. I bring my own now so that I don’t pay the huge upcharge.

When is the Best Time to Visit?

The Rainforest is usually open from 8 am and this is a good time to visit. Also after 5pm is quieter as everyone is at dinner or viewing the shows – so exactly the time when you probably want to be doing this too!

Port days are also quieter, so if you do not want to get off the ship this can be a good time to go to the Rainforest Room.

Peak Times

Peak times for the Rainforest Room are usually during the day from 10 am and until late afternoon. Sea Days are also busy. During these times, the room can be busier with more guests.

What to Wear to the Rainforest Room

When visiting the Rainforest Room, wear a swimsuit. Robes and flip-flops are provided in the locker rooms.

The lockers in the changing room on the Disney Wonder

What to Bring

I usually bring a book or more likely a Kindle. It is so relaxing to lie on the stone chairs and read.

Lockers are provided so you can leave any valuables you want in there.

Final Thoughts

The Disney Cruise Rainforest Room is a hidden gem that even repeat Disney cruisers sometimes don’t know exists.

With its peaceful environment. and different amenities if you are looking for an indulgent experience then The Rainforest Room is deal.

However, not all Rainforest Rooms on the Disney ships are created equal. The general opinion seems to be that Disney Fantasy and Dream are the best.

Many are put off by the open-air space on Disney Wish – although I think this is my favorite area of any of the Disney ships.

The Rainforest on Disney Wonder and Disney Magic is a lot smaller and more dated. As with any of these areas, visit before you decide whether it is worth the cost for you, but particularly do this on the classic ships as you may be disappointed.