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10 Worthwhile Splurges for Your Next Disney Cruise Vacation

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 Imagine elevating your Disney sea adventure with just the right touch of luxury.

A little splurge here and there can take your cruise from “That was fun!” to “Wow, that was epic!”

Let’s dive into the top ten splurges that’ll make your cruise even more magical!


Upgrade to a Balcony

One of the most rewarding splurges on a cruise is upgrading to a balcony cabin.

There is nothing quite like enjoying the peaceful sunset view from your own private balcony.

The additional space and privacy are invaluable, providing a personal sanctuary where you can relax and unwind away from the hustle and bustle of the ship. Whether you’re savoring a quiet moment with a book or enjoying a peaceful nap, a balcony cabin offers a serene retreat.

It may even cost less than you think.

The uninterrupted ocean views from a balcony cabin are simply breathtaking. Imagine waking up to the sight of the sun rising over the horizon or enjoying a romantic sunset with your loved one. These experiences are unique to balcony cabins and can make your cruise truly special.

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Specialty Dining

Specialty dining options on Disney cruises offer an elevated culinary experience that goes beyond the main dining restaurants.

Here are the options that each of the ships offers for adult-exclusive dining:

  • Disney Magic – Palo
  • Disney Wonder Palo
  • Disney Dream – Palo and Remy
  • Disney Fantasy – Palo and Remy
  • Disney Wish – Palo Steakhouse and Enchante
  • Disney Treasure – Palo Steakhouse and Enchante

Dining at specialty restaurants can create special moments with your family or significant other. Celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or simply enjoying a luxurious meal together can become one of the highlights of your cruise.

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Shore Excursions

Organized shore excursions offer exclusive and enriching activities that you might not experience otherwise. From snorkeling in crystal-clear waters to exploring ancient ruins, these excursions provide a deeper connection to your destination.

Participating in shore excursions allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture and attractions. Guided tours, local cuisine tastings, and cultural performances can offer insights and experiences that enrich your understanding of the places you visit.

Many Disney shore excursions are designed with families in mind, offering fun and educational experiences for children. From wildlife encounters to interactive tours, these activities can create unforgettable family adventures.

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Spa Treatments

Indulging in spa treatments during your cruise can significantly enhance your relaxation and well-being. Massages, facials, and wellness therapies are just a few of the services available to help you unwind and rejuvenate.

Whether you are looking to relax, detox, or simply pamper yourself, there’s a treatment to suit your needs.

disney cruise upgrades

Couples can indulge in one of the Spa Villa Treatments that are offered in elegant treatment rooms with open-air verandahs.

On a Disney Cruise, even the teens can have a spa treatment!

The Chill Spa is exclusively for teens aged 13 to 17 and they can choose from a range of options including facials, hair care, wraps, manicures, and pedicures. A parent or guardian has to be present for all treatments

You can even sign up for a Mother/Daughter Paradise Massage or the Father/Son Chill Out Massage.

Indulge in The Rainforest

If you are looking for some serious indulgence and relaxation on your Disney cruise you must head to the Rainforest Room.

The Disney Cruise Rainforest is a limited-access, adults-only area where you will find steam rooms, showers, cold rooms, jacuzzis, and stone lounge chairs – the perfect space for a relaxing getaway location! 

The Rainforest on Disney Wish

Think soothing music, essential oils, and peace and quiet while you drift into serenity.

It is not included in the standard cruise fare and is an optional additional extra for those looking to splurge on their relaxation experience. 

A Stress-Free Arrival

Some people are tempted to arrive the day that your cruise leaves the port.

However, unless you live close to the port, it really is best to arrive at least one day before the cruise departs. Sometimes planes get delayed and you don’t want to be stuck at an airport miles away when your ship leaves port.

On a cruise I sailed on last year I spoke with a lady who was part of a large group of people who had not made it to the cruise on time. They had to travel to meet the cruise at the next port of call.

To save yourself from this stress the solution is to book a pre-cruise hotel. Many guests sailing on a Disney cruise from Port Canaveral choose to combine this with a Disney resort stay. You can even book Disney transportation from the resort to the hotel.

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Specialty Drinks and Food

Unlike many other cruise lines, Disney offers a wide range of soda, coffee, and tea on the pool deck and in the restaurants for free.

However, for a truly magical experience, consider splurging on a drink at one of Disney’s fantastically themed bars. Sip a cocktail in the Star Wars-inspired Hyperspace Lounge on Disney Wish or enjoy a specialty coffee.

You can even snag a Dole Whip or one of Princess Tiana’s famous beignets!

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Upgrade to Concierge

If you want to enjoy the ultimate in service and want to treat yourself to the ultimate splurge then book a Concierge Stateroom on a Disney Cruise. Here are the main benefits:

  • Personalized Service: Concierge guests receive personalized attention from the concierge team, who assist with planning and cater to guests’ needs throughout the cruise.
  • Priority Boarding: Concierge guests have the privilege of boarding the ship before other passengers, allowing for a more relaxed and comfortable start to the cruise.
  • Exclusive Access to Areas: There are special areas on the ship that are only accessible to concierge guests, such as private lounges and sun decks, offering a quieter and more exclusive experience.
  • In-Room Amenities: Concierge staterooms come with extra amenities, such as upgraded toiletries, bedding, and sometimes complimentary alcohol or other welcome gifts.
  • Dedicated Entertainment Seating: Concierge guests often have early access to seating at shows and entertainment venues.
  • Special Opportunities for Reservations: The concierge team can help guests with dining reservations, shore excursions, and other onboard activities, often with priority over other guests.
  • Assistance with Special Requests: Whether it’s arranging a special in-room celebration or handling dietary restrictions, the concierge team is there to assist with various special requests.
  • Enhanced Room Features: Concierge staterooms may offer more space and premium locations on the ship, contributing to a more comfortable and luxurious cruising experience.
  • Priority Debarkation: At the end of the cruise, concierge guests often benefit from priority debarkation, making the process smoother and quicker.

Themed Activities and Events

Participating in themed activities and events can add a unique and entertaining dimension to your cruise. Most of theser activities such as the shows and character greetings are free, but you might want to think about booking one of the limited upgraded events.

The Royal Court Royal Tea is an exclusive event offered on Disney Cruise Line that provides a memorable experience for children and their families. Exclusively for children aged 3 to 12 and their parent or supervising adult this offers:

  • Character Experience: Children get to interact with Disney Princesses such as Cinderella, Belle, Tiana, and others during the tea party. The characters visit each table, pose for photos, and sign autographs.
  • Entertainment: The event includes storytelling, singing, and other interactive entertainment.
  • Themed Food and Beverages: Guests are served a selection of tea party fare, which may include tea (or apple juice for younger children), finger sandwiches, pastries, and other delicacies presented.
  • Gifts: As part of the Royal Court Royal Tea experience, children typically receive a selection of keepsake gifts such as a doll or plush toy, a tiara or sword, a bracelet or necklace, and an autograph book.
  • Dress-Up Opportunity: The event is a chance for children to dress up in their favorite princess or prince attire.

Maybe your little one would enjoy a royal makeover.

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique on a Disney Cruise is a magical beauty salon where children aged 3 to 12 can receive a princess or knight makeover. This enchanted salon is where the Fairy Godmothers-in-Training give children a royal transformation. Here’s what the experience typically includes:

  • Makeovers: Children can choose from various makeover packages that may include hairstyling, makeup, nail polish, costumes, and accessories. The packages are themed after Disney princesses or characters, such as Cinderella, Belle, or Captain Jack Sparrow.
  • Costumes: Depending on the package selected, a child might receive a full princess gown or a pirate costume to complete their transformation.
  • Accessories: To add to the magical experience, children may also receive accessories like tiaras, wands, and swords depending on the chosen package.
  • Special Packages: The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique sometimes offers special packages during themed cruises, such as Pirate Night, where children can get a pirate makeover.

Beverage Tastings

Beverage Tasting Seminars on Disney Cruises are a very popular activity for adults.

Disney Cruise Tastings are offered on all of the Disney ships and pretty much always sell out.

Here is a selection of what is offered:

  1. Champagne Tasting: This tasting focuses on different types of champagne and sparkling wines, discussing the production process and flavor profiles.
  2. Beer Tasting: Participants explore a selection of beers, including craft and international varieties, and learn about brewing techniques.
  3. Whiskey Tasting: A range of whiskeys, including Scotch, bourbon, and others, are presented for tasting and discussion.
  4. Rum Tasting: Guests discover the world of rum, sampling different styles from light to dark and learning about their origins and uses.
  5. Tequila and Margarita Tasting: This tasting explores the history and production of tequila and includes sampling of margaritas.
  6. Mixology Class: Participants learn how to mix cocktails under the guidance of an expert and get to sample their creations.
  7. Martini Tasting: A selection of classic and contemporary martinis are prepared for guests to taste.
  8. Cognac Tasting: This more specialized tasting involves sampling and learning about fine cognacs.
  9. Stem-to-Stern Wine Tasting: A comprehensive wine tasting that may include wines from several different regions and grape varieties.

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Final Thoughts

Splurging wisely on certain amenities and experiences can significantly elevate your cruise experience. From the privacy of a balcony cabin to the luxury of spa treatments, these enhancements can make your voyage unforgettable. For families, adults, and Disney enthusiasts, these splurges offer added comfort, convenience, and memorable moments.

What do you think is worth the splurge?