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Disney Star Wars Hotel Rooms

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Wondering what the new Disney Star Wars Hotel Rooms are going to look like? We got a step closer to knowing what the design of the new Star Wars Hotel Rooms will look like with the release of this concept art which shows more details.

Disney Star Wars Hotel Room Concept Art

All Concept Art By Disney

The exclusive Star Wars Hotel is located in Disney World and will be a part of the Galaxys Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

We know that two types of rooms or Cabins will be offered in the new Star Wars Hotel. Most of them will be regular cabins which will sleep up to 4 guests. There are also a limited number of Captain’s Quarter’s Cabins.

The new concept art shows the standard cabins. They remind us a lot of a Disney Cruise Cabin.

There is a Queen Sized Bed and two twin Bunk Beds. The design looks both pratical and a whole lot of fun. I admit I hadn’t ever given much thought to what a cabin on a space ship might look like. However, these innovative designs combine futuristic design with comfort and what seems like some pretty innovative features.

To go back to the idea that they seem a lot like staterooms on a Disney Cruise each cabin has a view of space. The first time Disney used this kind of technology was when they launched the Virtual Portholes on the Disney Dream in 2010.

My one reservation about this design is that it is like an inside stateroom on a cruise. Whilst this can be a fabulous choice for a Disney Cruise, the main reason that guests choose an niside stateroom on a Disney cruise is that they are usually the least cost options on the cruise ship.

However, with the Star Wars Hotel guests are going to be paying a premium for the experience. Whilst it may be the same principle as a cruise ship, that you might not be spending much time in your cabin, other than to sleep when you are paying the prices which the Star Wars Hotel is expected to command, do you really want to feel like you are in an inside stateroom on a cruise?

Disney is known for their amazing design innovation and immersive experiences so I am sure that my concerns here are unwarranted and that somehow this experience is going to be a lot different.

Your Star Wars Hotel Room Has a View of Space

We can see from this picture above that there are two screens in the Star Wars Hotel Cabin. One is the Virtual Porthole view of space. I would guess that this is going to be a lot more sophisticated than the Virtual Portholes on the ship. The ones on a Disney Cruise give a view of the outside and sometimes Disney characters also appear on the screen.

Perhaps the view of space in the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Hotel will be a more interactive experience. We really don’t know very much about what the stay will incorporate, other than it will be immersive.

Maybe there will be storylines to participate in that tie into experiences around the ship. It would certainly be an amazing experience if this was tied into what you can see outside. It is so exciting to imagine just what amazing experiences Disney has in store for us here. I have absolute confidence that the Disney Imagineers are going to have something very special here.

Underneath the screen there seems to be a pull out table and 2 chairs.

As you an see, there is a second screen. The concept art suggests that this is a touch screen. Is this for gaming, ordering food and drinks, communicating with other guests, participating in experiences. Who knows but I am excited to learn the details when the Star Wars Hotel opens.

When will that be? No official word yet, but originally it was said that the Star Wars Hotel would start to take bookings at the end of 2020, for a 2021 opening. Obviousy that was before the world changed, but I am still hoping for a 2021 opening date.

If you look under the television touch screen you can also see a panel. Any ideas as to what that may be? I really have no idea. It could be nothing. Is it for storage? Any ideas?

Star Wars Hotel Room Has A Queen Bed and Two Twin Bunks

A nice touch is the underbed light is a nice touch. I have been in hotel rooms and cruise staterooms where they have this and it is combined with a motion sensor so it you get up in the night you can actually see without disturbing anyone else.

There also seem to be buttons on the bottom of the bed. Perhaps these are decorative?

Ok I admit it. I can’t wait to see what a bathroom is like in a cabin in space. However, it does seem like we are going to have to wait, as the concept art doesn’t cover it here!

What is does seem to show is that there is only one bathroom door. Why do I even mention this? If you have never been on a Disney Cruise you won’t know about the concept about the split bathroom, which is a uniquely Disney Cruise stateroom thing. It is where you have two separate bathrooms so that it is easier for a family to all get ready at the same time. You have a toilet and a sink in one room and the bath, shower and a sink in the other.

Will there be a bath tub? Again, this is unchartered teriitory as we have no idea what a bathroom in space is like. Famously George Lucas told Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia that there was no underwear in space – but he didn’t ever mention the bathroom design as far as I know.

It seems as though this concept art is of the limited availability Captain’s Cabins in the Disney Star Wars Hotel. There will only be four of these cabins available – two on each floor.

The differences in this concept art are in the screens. The virtual porthole has the same features, but there is an extra panel to the right. It isn’t clear what this actually is though – it could just be a more detailed decoration.

The other television type screen also has a panel to the left and a smaller one to the right. Again, there are no clues as to what these are for and they could just be decoration.

Whilst the first look at the Star Wars Hotel Cabins with this concept art is very exciting, I can’t wait to see an actual completed room. I admit I am a bit concerned about the potential claustrophobia potential here. I am absolutely fine with an inside stateroom on a cruise, as are many other guests. However, some people may be put off by these rooms.

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What do you think of the new concept art for the Disney Star Wars Hotel Room?

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