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Star Wars Hotel Price – Fact and Fiction!


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We can’t wait for the Star Wars Hotel to open at Walt Disney World Orlando. But what will the Star Wars Hotel price be?

At this point anything that you see about how much the Star Wars Hotel will cost is purely speculation. There has not been any official announcement from Disney – but we will update you as soon as there is.

However, even though there is no official word about the rates at the Star Wars Hotel, there are most definitely a lot of rumors and alleged “leaks” of information about it. What do you think the Disney Star Wars Hotel price per night will be?

Disney Star Wars Hotel


 Every great Disney park attraction and hotel has a back story and concept and of course the Star Wars Hotel is no exception.

It is being designed as a ship named the Halcyon. This is part of the Candrila Star Liner Fleet. So the concept is more like a ship than an hotel which is also why the rooms are called cabins.

Right now the Hotel is under construction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando. I am sure that the concept will ultimately be extended to other Disney parks around the world once it has been truly tried and tested in Florida.

Maybe other hotels will be named differently but still be part of the same Fleet. I am sure that once the Disney Star Wars Hotel has proved to be a success in Walt Disney World, the concept will be heading to Disneyland as well.

What Will the Hotel Cabins Be Like?


Because the concept of the Star Wars Hotel is that it is a ship, the rooms are called cabins.

From what we have seen, it looks as though a cabin will sleep up to 5 guests. It looks as though there is one adult sized bed and bunk beds with perhaps an additional pull down. Just like the concept of a Deluxe Family Verandah Stateroom on one of the Disney Ships.

Another thing which it seems that the Star Wars Hotel will borrow from the cruise ships is the virtual porthole technology. This can be used to create the effect that you are looking out into space.

We can see the blueprints of the cabins, but it still isn’t clear if the hotel will have one or even two levels. It seems that there are 32 cabins on each floor with 2 of those being larger “executive cabins” or suites. Therefore there may be either 32 or 64 cabins.

It does seem clear that the 1st Class Cabins are quite a lot larger than the standard cabins.

Some sources say there will be a total of 64 rooms on the ship, while others say 32, so we’re not sure about that one yet. The blueprints show 32 rooms, but it isn’t clear if that will be over one or two floors – so that’s why we don’t know if there are up to 64.

But we do know that there will be two “executive” rooms, or suites. Not much is known about those either. You can see from the plan above though that the 1st Class Cabins are a lot larger than the standard cabins.

If each Star Wars hotel cabin sleeps up to 5, the maximum guest count would be either 160 or 320. That is at full occupancy, but as we know from cruise ship capacity, usually they sail with much less than a maximum guest count.

It seems from the blueprint that the standard cabins are all pretty much the same size, although perhaps 1001 and 1002 seem larger on this plan.

Star Wars Hotel Price


We really don’t know the accurate answer to this – but there have certainly been a lot of rumors as to how much the Star Wars hotel will cost.

I would guess that pricing will be like cruise pricing, rather than hotel pricing. In other words it won’t be a price per room, it will be a per person price.

Cruise pricing generally has a higher rate for the first 2 people in the cabin and then the additional guests are at a lower price.

You can also compare the hotel to a cruise ship as there is a set start date and leaving date. Just as you embark a cruise ship on a certain day and debark on another, this is what you will do in the Star Wars Hotel.

Guests will stay for a 3 day 2 night experience. Most of the cabins look to be of a standard size. We do know that there are at least two First Class Cabins as well.

What will the Star Wars Hotel actually cost? Rumors range from $1,400 to $3,300 per person per night.

If we take the lower of this range this means that a cabin is likely to be at least $2,800 for 2 nights.

If it it is at the higher range that would be a staggeringly high $6,600 for 2 people for the experience. Perhaps this would be for the First Class Cabin. It will be interesting to see what more these offer as it would definitely have to have more perks than simply being larger.


It is likely that the pricing will work the same as Disney Cruise line – if you just have one person in a cabin you still have to pay for 2.

Other rumors have suggested that the cost of the Star Wars Hotel will be $7,200 for a cabin for 2 nights with an occupancy up to 5 guests. This is a more palatable $1,440 per person for the experience.

Also, we have no idea what we will included in this rate. We would expect that food would be included, just as it is with a cruise. But perhaps there would be opportunities to upgrade your food experience. Certainly we would expect that there would be a charge for alcoholic beverages for example.

As this is going to be a highly immersive experience you would expect that pretty much everything will be included. But I am sure that with a captive audience of guests who are already prepared to pay a very high rate per night, there will be at least some chances to spend more money!

Whatever Star Wars hotel rate turns out to be I am sure it will be incredibly difficult to get a reservation. Demand will most likely be higher than supply.

Particularly since hopefully by the time that the Star Wars Hotel opens in 2021 the world will be opening up again. There will be huge pent up demand, particularly for luxury travel offerings by then.

How much do you think the Disney Star Wars Hotel will cost? How much would you be prepared to pay? What do you think the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Hotel will cost?

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