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Disney Transatlantic Cruise – Is it For You?

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Are you wondering if a Disney Transatlantic Cruise is a good option for you and your family?

The Disney Magic sails on two repositioning cruises each year from the US to Europe. These Disney Repositioning cruises are a great option for some, but for others, they may not be the best choice.

Is a Disney Transatlantic Cruise right for you and your family?


disney transatlantic cruise tips and secrets
Disney Transatlantic Cruise Dates

What are the dates of the Disney Transatlantic repositioning cruises?

There are usually two Disney Cruise Transatlantic sailings every year. For 2021 there were originally 2 sailings available

However, with the current guidelines cruising to US or from US ports is not permitted if they itinerary is more than 7 nights. This meant that Disney canceled the 5/9/21 cruise from Miami to Barcelona.

The Disney Magic is currently in Europe therefore it doesn’t need to sail there for the summer European itineraries.

There is still one Disney Transatlantic Cruise scheduled for September 18, 2021

Disney Transatlantic Cruise 11 Night Westbound


The sail date is September 18, 2021, with the following itinerary from

Barcelona to New York.



Transatlantic Sailing Disney Cruise 2022

At the moment there is no Disney Transatlantic repositioning cruise available for 2022. We will let you know as soon the Spring 2022 transatlantic crossing is announced.


    The Disney Magic You will cruise on the Disney Magic for your repositioning transatlantic cruise. The Disney Magic was the very first Disney Cruise Ship to be launched. Although she was launched in 1998 Disney has kept her in amazing shape. With their constant innovation and frequent dry dock refurbishments, she seems like a new ship! The Disney Magic is known as one of the Classic Ships. In these days of huge cruise ships carrying many thousands of passengers, I think that the Disney Magic is a refreshing change. Big enough so that there is plenty to do and experience. But not so large that you have to share your experience with the crowds. disneywondercruiselobby The Disney Magic is 964 feet long, 106 feet wide, with 11 passenger decks. There are 950 crew members to look after a maximum of  2,713 passengers in 877 staterooms. That 2,713 passenger figure is an absolute maximum which is only hit if every single stateroom on the Disney Magic is full to capacity. That is rarely going to happen. Particularly on the Disney Transatlantic cruises. These typically have around 2,000 passengers. You will also find that on any of the longer Disney Cruises there will be fewer children on board than on the usual sailings. They are usually in school time and many people do not want to or aren’t able to take the kids out of school for that long. Typically there are also more repeat Disney cruisers on the Transatlantic sailings. There are some first time Disney cruisers, but most will already have sailed at least once. Disney Magic Staterooms disneymagicinsidestateroom,jpg Your choice of a stateroom is very important so it is always useful to know as much as you possibly can about the different types of cabins

available on the Disney Magic.

The cost of your Disney Transatlantic Cruise is going to largely depend upon your choice of stateroom.

Usually, the lowest cost staterooms are Inside Staterooms. These are the smallest staterooms on the Disney Magic and they do not have a window. 


For some, this is a brilliant choice. An Inside Stateroom on a Disney Transatlantic Cruise is a great choice for those guests who don’t mind not having a view onto the outside.

Most people do not spend much time inside their stateroom, so why pay more for an outside view?

For others, an Inside Stateroom really isn’t going to work. 

Having stayed in all categories of stateroom on a Disney Cruise I am just as happy with an Inside as with a Balcony Stateroom.


Of course, it is great to have a Verandah, but all of the other aspects of the cruise are exactly the same whichever category of stateroom you choose.

The savings that you make on an Inside Stateroom over a balcony can be considerable.

Here is a video to show you exactly what a Standard Inside Stateroom is like on the Disney Magic and Wonder. This is the smallest stateroom on the ship:

How To Save Money On A Disney Cruise - EverythingMouse Guide To Disney

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