Disney Transatlantic Cruise


Are you wondering if a Disney Transatlantic Cruise is a good option for you and your family?

The Disney Magic sails on two repositioning cruises each year from the US to Europe. These Disney Repositioning cruises are a great option for some, but for others, they may not be the best choice.


disney transatlantic cruise tips and secrets

Here we have everything you need to know about a Disney Transatlantic Cruise.

Disney Transatlantic Cruise



Disney Transatlantic Cruise Dates

What are the dates of the Disney Transatlantic repositioning cruises?

There are two Disney Cruise Transatlantic sailings every year. For 2019 there are 2 sailings which are currently available:

Disney Transatlantic Cruise 13 Night Eastbound May 2019


The sail date is May 12, 2019, with the following itinerary from Miami Fl to Barcelona Spain.

  • Day 1  Miami Fl
  • At Sea
  • At Sea
  • At Sea
  • At Sea
  • At Sea
  • At Sea
  • Ponta Delgada Azores
  • At Sea
  • Lisbon
  • Cadiz
  • Malaga
  • Cartagena Spain
  • Barcelona

Disney Transatlantic Cruise 10 Night Westbound 



The sail date is September 15, 2019, from Dover, England to New York, New York.

  • Dover England
  • Portland (Stonehenge) England
  • Cobh (Cork) Ireland
  • Day at Sea
  • Day at Sea
  • Day at Sea
  • Day at Sea
  • Sydney (Nova Scotia) Canada
  • Halifax (Nova Scotia) Canada
  • Day at Sea
  • New York, New York

Disney Transatlantic Sailing 2020

At the moment there is one Disney Transatlantic repositioning cruise available for 2020. We will let you know as soon the Fall 2020 transatlantic crossing is announced.

Disney Transatlantic Cruise 12 Night Eastbound 


This sails on May 11, 2020, from Miami to Barcelona

  • Miami Fl
  • At Sea
  • At Sea
  • At Sea
  • At Sea
  • At Sea
  • At Sea
  • Ponta Delgada (Azores), Portugal
  • Day at Sea
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Cadiz Spain
  • Day at Sea
  • Barcelona Spain

The Disney Magic


You will cruise on the Disney Magic for your repositioning transatlantic cruise.

The Disney Magic was the very first Disney Cruise Ship to be launched. Although she was launched in 1998 Disney has kept her in amazing shape. With their constant innovation and frequent dry dock refurbishments, she seems like a new ship!

The Disney Magic is known as one of the Classic Ships. In these days of huge cruise ships carrying many thousands of passengers, I think that the Disney Magic is a refreshing change.

Big enough so that there is plenty to do and experience. But not so large that you have to share your experience with the crowds.


The Disney Magic is 964 feet long, 106 feet wide, with 11 passenger decks. There are 950 crew members to look after a maximum of  2,713 passengers in 877 staterooms.

That 2,713 passenger figure is an absolute maximum which is only hit if every single stateroom on the Disney Magic is full to capacity. That is rarely going to happen. Particularly on the Disney Transatlantic cruises. These typically have around 2,000 passengers.

You will also find that on any of the longer Disney Cruises there will be fewer children on board than on the usual sailings. They are usually in school time and many people do not want to or aren’t able to take the kids out of school for that long.

Typically there are also more repeat Disney cruisers on the Transatlantic sailings. There are some first time Disney cruisers, but most will already have sailed at least once.

Disney Magic Staterooms


Your choice of a stateroom is very important so it is always useful to know as much as you possibly can about the different types of cabin available on the Disney Magic.

The cost of your Disney Transatlantic Cruise is going to largely depend upon your choice of stateroom.

Usually, the lowest cost staterooms are Inside Staterooms. These are the smallest staterooms on the Disney Magic and they do not have a window. 


For some, this is a brilliant choice. An Inside Stateroom on a Disney Transatlantic Cruise is a great choice for those guests who don’t mind not having a view onto the outside.

Most people do not spend much time inside their stateroom, so why pay more for an outside view?

For others, an Inside Stateroom really isn’t going to work. 

Having stayed in all categories of stateroom on a Disney Cruise I am just as happy with an Inside as with a Balcony Stateroom.


Of course, it is great to have a Verandah, but all of the other aspects of the cruise are exactly the same whichever category of stateroom you choose.

The savings that you make on an Inside Stateroom over a balcony can be considerable.

Here is a video to show you exactly what a Standard Inside Stateroom is like on the Disney Magic and Wonder. This is the smallest stateroom on the ship:

Another advantage I think of an Inside Stateroom is that they are very dark at night. Pitch black. If you have difficulties sleeping, an Inside stateroom can be great for insomnia! 

A good choice for some guests is to have an Outside Stateroom. You will get this at a lower cost than a Balcony stateroom, but you will still have an outside view.

For a comprehensive guide to choosing a stateroom on the Disney Magic and which ones to avoid CLICK HERE.

Disney Magic Restaurants and Food



One thing which you can definitely be sure about is that you will never go hungry on a Disney Cruise. 

Disney has a very unique approach to the main dining restaurants on its cruise ships. They each have three dining rooms with very specific themes. 

Disney cruise lines is the only cruise line which has Rotational Dining. This is where all guests will dine in each of the restaurants on the cruise – they will rotate from one to the other. 

When you get your Key To the World Card when you check in at the port you will see that your dinner time, table and restaurant rotation will be on your card. 


The great thing about Rotational Dining is, not only do you get to experience three different restaurants but that your Servers will be with you in each restaurant.

This gives you a great opportunity to get to know your Servers and for them to know exactly what your dining preferences are. We have had some wonderful Servers on Disney Cruises. When you go back it feels as though you are seeing old friends!

On the Disney Magic, the three restaurants are Animators Palate, Lumiere’s and Rapunzel’s Royal Table.

All of the Disney ships have the restaurant Animator’s Palate. This brilliantly themed restaurant celebrates the art of animation. I don’t want to give too much away, but make sure that you watch the walls closely as the meal goes on. You might even get a surprise visit from a beloved character or get the chance to have your own drawing come to life.

Rapunzel’s Royal Table is the newest of the Disney Magic restaurants. Themed around the Disney movie Tangled, here you will find Rapunzel, Flynn Ryder and the Snuggly Duckling Thugs. This fabulous restaurant really is Disney at its creative best. All ages will enjoy this celebration of Princess Rapunzel.


The most elegant of the restaurants on the Disney Dream is Lumiere’s.  The inspiration for this opulently decorated restaurant is Beauty and the Beast. The French-themed cuisine has one of the best menus on the cruise. Escargot anyone?

Lumiere’s also serves breakfast and lunch. If you want an alternative to Cabanas Buffet it is nice to have a sit-down meal in Lumiere’s. Particularly on a longer cruise like the repositioning cruises, where it makes a nice change from the usual buffet experience.

If you are looking for something extra special then you should consider booking Palo. This is an adult only restaurant on all of the Disney ships. It offers Palo Brunch and Dinner. 


There is an upcharge of $40 each to dine in Palo. We think that the standard of the food is excellent and that Palo is well worth the extra charge.

Palo Brunch is offered on each Sea Day. This means that on the Disney Transatlantic Cruises there are more chances to enjoy Brunch than on the typical sailings. Another reason to indulge on this longer Disney Cruise!

If you want to read more about Disney Palo we have our complete guide with lots of photos here.


You will also find yourself spending lots of time in the Cabanas Buffet. This is located on Deck 9 aft of the Disney Magic. It serves food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You will also find lots o food choices on the pool deck. Whether you want pizza, burgers, salad, fruit or a quick sandwich there is something for everyone here. 

They even serve Dole Whip on the Disney Magic. Unfortunately, this is one of the things which is an extra charge!

For a complete guide about the food on a Disney Cruise, you should read this.


Disney Magic Activities


You will never be wondering what to do to keep entertained on a Disney Cruise. There is so much to do no matter what your age. 

Deck 9 on the Disney Magic is the pool deck which includes the AquaLab for young children as well as the Goofy Pool. Watch a Disney movie on the giant Funnel Vision screen while you enjoy time in the sun.

Unique to the Disney Magic is the AcqaDunk. This is a vertical drop out water slide which is definitely for the thrill-seekers!


Of course, the younger ones are going to want to spend a lot of their time in the excellent Disney Kids Clubs. The Oceanear Club even has their favorite Marvel Heros and a chance to take the helm of the Millennium Falcon. The Edge is for tweens and the Vibe is for the teenagers. 

Adults have there very own space where no one under 18 is allowed. Yes, they most definitely do check. If anyone looks as though they may not be 18 they will be asked for their Key To The World Card to prove their age!

The Quiet Cove is the exclusively adult space on the Disney Magic. There is a pool, a couple of hot tubs and lots of pool loungers. 

The Cove Cafe is also exclusively for the grown-ups. This is a great place to purchase a specialty coffee or enjoy one of the free pastries or cakes.

Disney Magic Entertainment


Another area in which Disney cruise line excels is in the entertainment it provides. I have sailed on other cruise lines and nothing really comes close to the quality of the entertainment on a Disney ship.

The Walt Disney Theater is the place where you can go every night to experience Broadway-quality shows and entertainment.

Each of the Disney ships has their own Broadway-style shows. On the Disney Magic Transatlantic cruise, you will see Twice Charmed: An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story and  Disney Dreams: An Enchanted Classic.

Many think that the best show on the Disney Magic is Tangled: The Musical. Of course, it fits perfectly with Rapunzel’s Royal Table.

There will be a show every night in the Walt Disney Theater. On the longer cruises, such as the Transatlantic Cruises, you will find more variety type acts such as magicians, jugglers, and comedians.

Often a feature of the longer cruises is to have a Disney special guest who will give talks on the cruise. We have sailed with Pixar directors, Leslie Iwerks, and Ducky Williams.  

The Buena Vista Theatre also shows Disney movies. As Disney now seems to own pretty much every movie franchise you will certainly find something that you are going to enjoy. If there is a Disney movie release during your cruise you will be treated to seeing the movie at midnight when it is released.

There are lots of events happening around the ship all day. From Jack Jack’s Diaper Dash (yes it’s a baby race) to animation class, to trivia to towel animal folding, you will find something to keep you occupied.

You will find plenty of character greetings every day. Most of the characters are out and about in the Disney Magic atrium. Times will be posted in the Navigators and on the digital signs in the atrium.

How Much Does a Disney Transatlantic Cruise Cost?


A Disney Transatlantic cruise is one of the very best values of any Disney Cruise. The cost per person per night is usually lower than other Disney Cruises.

Why is this? A simple case of supply and demand. The Transatlantic cruises are longer and not everyone can take that much time off. 

Also, consider that you do need to add the cost of flights and transportation on to the basic cost of the Disney Transatlantic Cruise. Flying into one airport and out of another usually incurs an extra cost.

How much does a Disney Transatlantic Cruise Cost? The answer depends upon how many guests, type of stateroom and when you book. Usually, the earlier that you book the lower the cost.

If we look at the rate for September 15, 2019, Westbound Transatlantic Cruise you can get an idea of the rates. These rates are correct as at May 2019 and will vary according to availability. 

All rates shown are for 2 adults and include port taxes and fees. Gratuities are not included.

  • A Standard Inside Stateroom starts at $3,513.74
  • A Deluxe Inside Stateroom starts at $3,773.74
  • A Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Two Small Portholes starts at $4,113.74
  • A Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom ranges from $4,213.74 to $5,013.74
  • A Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Navigator’s Verandah starts at $5,513.74
  • A Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with White Wall Verandah starts at $5,573.74
  • A Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah ranges from $5,953.74 to $6,413.74
  • A Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with White Wall Verandah is $6,813.74
  • A Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah ranges from  $6,913.74 to $7,213.74

Concierge is completely booked for this sailing.


If we compare the rate for May 11, 2020, from Miami to Barcelona Eastern Transatlantic Cruise here is what the rates are today.

Again these will change and these figures here are the ones available at the date this article was published in May 2019.

  • A Standard Inside Stateroom starts at $3,928.30
  • A Deluxe Inside Stateroom starts at $4,144.30
  • A Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Two Small Portholes starts at $4,336.30
  • A Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom ranges from $4,408.30 to $5,368.30
  • A Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Navigator’s Verandah starts at $5,800.30
  • A Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with White Wall Verandah starts at $5,872.30
  • A Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah ranges from $6,304.30 to $6,568.30
  • A Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with White Wall Verandah is $7,048.30
  • A Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah ranges from  $7,216.30 to $7,336.34
  • A Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah starts at $12,088.30
  • A Concierge 1-Bedroom Suite with Verandah starts at $16,168.30
  • A Concierge 2-Bedroom Suite with Verandah $26,968.30
  • A Concierge Royal Suite with Verandah $31,168.30

These prices are higher than for the Westbound Transatlantic Disney Cruise, but remember that this cruise is 12 nights long and the Eastbound is 10. So the per night right is lower for this Disney Cruise.


Who Should Not Sail on a Disney Transatlantic Cruise?



A Disney Cruise is not for everyone. Whilst we would rather be sailing on a Disney Cruise, we appreciate this really isn’t a cruise which all cruisers will enjoy. 

Do you have to love the Mouse to enjoy a Disney Cruise? We really do not think so. If you actively dislike Disney (are there such people?) clearly this is not the one for you.

However, I really think that even if you start a cruise knowing nothing about Disney and thinking that breakfast with Goofy is not on your bucket list, you should be prepared for a major shift in thinking. 


If you decide that a Disney cruise is for you, then we still would suggest caution if you have never cruised before. A Transatlantic Cruise, whichever cruise line you choose, is just a very different experience.

For starters, a Transatlantic Cruise is longer than most cruises. You are looking at around 10 to 14 days of cruise vacation time.

Plus when you reach your destination do you really want to fly straight home? If you have just taken 10 days to sail to Barcelona you probably want to take some extra time to explore.

So a Transatlantic Cruise is a serious time committment. 


The good news is that on a per night basis it is one of the best value Disney Cruises available. Not everyone has that much time to spend on vacation and not everyone wants to fly into and out of a different port to start and end their vacation. 

I really don’t think that if you have never sailed on a cruise before that a Transatlantic Cruise is the way to start. Why? Most people love cruises and once they have taken one they are hooked.

However, what if you are one of the people that discovers this is not for you? Much better to discover this on a short cruise on the Disney Dream 

If you wait until you are on a Disney Transatlantic cruise to find out that you don’t like that kind of vacation, or you experience seak sickness, you may truly regret your decision. We are fortunate and have never experienced seasickness, although we have certainly encountered rough seas, it is a real thing and a long voyage is not the place to find out!

Which Disney Transatlantic Cruise is Best?


Should you choose the Western or the Eastern Disney Transatlantic Cruise?

A lot is going to depend upon your own personal circumstances as to which Disney Transatlantic Cruise you choose to book. Whether you take vacation time in the Spring or Fall is probably going to be a big factor in this decision. 

You also have to consider which is more convenient for you and which is the best price? Flying first to Europe and coming back to the US or the other way around? There are going to be a lot of variations in flight prices and itineraries which will be a factor.

For me, one of the things which you probably don’t think about until you go on your first Disney Transatlantic Cruise is the time changes which you will experience. 

You are sailing from Europe to the East Coast of the US or vice versa. There is a 5 hour time difference between Europe and the US. These hours are going to be either lost or gained on your Disney Repositioning Transatlantic Cruise.

I have sailed many months on Disney Cruises. And experienced many time changes. Even the Disney Mexican Riviera Cruises have four time changes in 7 days. 


Time changes are best of course if they are giving you extra time back. This is what happens with a Western Transatlantic cruise.

You will get a notice on your stateroom bed 5 times in a Disney Transatlantic Cruise that you need to turn back time. This means 2 am becomes 1 am and you get an extra hour of sleep. Five times!

However, think about it the other way. If you take an Eastern Disney Transatlantic Cruise you are going to be making up 5 hours.

So the note on your pillow will be that you put your clock forward. Five times. 2 am becomes 3 am. 

But the time change is gradual and you won’t experience the jet lag that you do on a Transatlantic Flight. I have done that a lot as well and that is not easy.

However, it’s something that most Transatlantic Cruisers do not think about on their first crossing, so I wanted you to have a heads up! Just consider the time change if you are sailing on an Eastern Transatlantic Cruise.

Will you be sailing on a Disney Transatlantic Cruise?