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Disney Villains Quiz – How Much Do You Know?


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How much do you know about Disney villains? Find out in our Disney Villains Quiz.


disney villains quiz

1. What's The Name Of Jafar's Parrot Henchman?
2. What Game Does The Queen Of Hearts Play With Alice On Her Castle Grounds?
3. Prince Hans Is The Prince Of Which Kingdom?
4. Jeremy Irons Provided The Voice For Which Disney Villain?
5. What's Syndrome's Real Name?
6. How Many Days Does Ursula Give Ariel To Try And Make Prince Eric Fall In Love With Her?
7. In The Original "Sleeping Beauty," Why Does Maleficent Put A Curse On Aurora?
8. In Which "Toy Story" Sequel Does Sid, The Primary Antagonist Of The First Movie, Make A Cameo Appearance As A Garbageman?
9. What Animal Does Yzma Turn Into At The End Of "The Emperor's New Groove?"
10. In Hercules, What Allows Hades To Release The Titans From Their Cages?
11. Dr. Facilier Is An Antagonist In Which Disney Movie?
12. Who Was The First Disney Villain To Appear In A Disney Movie?
13. What Does Rapunzel Ask Mother Gothel To Get For Her Eighteenth Birthday, Trying To Get Her To Go Away From The Tower So She Can Question Flynn Rider?
14. Which Is The Only Disney Villain Based On A Real Person?
15. What Do Lady Tremaine, Maleficent, And Madame Leota All Have In Common?
16. All Of Cruella De Vil's Animations Were Done By One Person. Who Was It?
17. Captain Hook Has A Hook On Which Hand?
18. What's The Name Of The Main Villain In "The Black Cauldron?"
19. Vincent Price, Who Provides The Voice For Ratigan in "The Great Mouse Detective," Also Provides The Voice For Which Character At The Disney Parks?
20. In Fantasia, Chernabog Is Featured In Which Segment?

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